Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Incredible, Rhyme Animal

Nice Job Refs…You Suck…

Even without all of those horrible, no good, very bad calls the Steelers probably would have gotten by the Seahawks, I guess. I mean I can only assume because the referees did make all of those horrible, no good, very bad calls. You’ve seen the replays so I won’t go over them one by one. All I know is that I’ll never understand a flag on Matt Hasselbeck on a block below the knees on a tackle. Never seen it and never will again. I don’t know what the NFL can do, but this postseason was all about crappy officiating. Credit to the Steelers for overcoming it against the Colts and being the last team standing.

--I was happy to see Hines Ward get the MVP. You gotta love that guy. I was happier to see Joey Porter do jack.

--The NFC West is so bad that surely the Seahawks will snap the string of 5 straight Super Bowl losers not returning to the playoffs the following season.

The Spots and The Tunes

The commercials were far worse than the game. The car ads sucked as a whole. Special mention to the Toyota commercial where the dad and father had the following exchange:
Son to Dad: "Why did you buy a Toyota?"
Dad: "For your future son"
Son: "Why did you learn English Dad?"
Dad: "For your future Son"


And c’mon Toyota how ya gonna give Kermit a crap commercial like that. The frog deserves better. Also what was that H3 commercial with the monsters or robots or whatever? The Escalade in the water is beyond my feeble mind. I also didn’t get ESPN Mobile’s spot and am tired of their ceaseless promotion for it. Whopperettes?! Do Diet Pepsi commercials suck as bad as Diet Pepsi tastes? As usual the only solid spots involved Budweiser (except for that young Clydesdale bit) and chimpanzees. Chimps have been and always will be pure gold. The cell phone as a crime deterrent was pretty strong. I think my favorite, although I don’t really think of it as a Super Bowl commercial, was the Disney one where all the players rehearsed the “I’m going to Disneyworld” line.

--The best thing about Aaron Neville singing the anthem was that he was so quiet it was nearly inaudible. And since when do games start when the fat lady sings?

--What was Tom Brady wearing? I still can’t believe they had him do the coin toss. Just stupid.

--I’m sure the Rolling Stones appealed to those over the age of 50, but c’mon. After the last couple of years I’m thinking it would be nice to feature a halftime act for America’s biggest game that was actually born in America. Novel concept, I know. I’ve heard waaaay too much about how great Mick Jagger looks at the age of 62. When that’s the best thing you hear about a band, that’s not good.

Come and Get Some

If the Rockets are going to make a playoff push it had start this weekend and maybe, just maybe it has. It hasn’t been the prettiest 4-game winning streak ever, but the boys are getting healthier and taking care of business. Yao has looked better than I thought he would in these early games back. Three double-doubles in four games ain’t too shabby. Tracy has been Tracy although it’d be nice to see his shooting percentage start climbing. I think Rafer Alston is going to be a huge key for any kind of playoff push. Skip had a great January averaging 14 and nearly 7 assists while shooting 37% from beyond the arc. His assists have gone up in February and I think everything else will, as he gets more comfortable with Yao out there. Next up the Lakers, Jazz and Knicks all at home where, I guess, things can’t get any worse. Then the Clippers and Suns before the break.

--Yao has more double-doubles (13) than either Shaq (12) or LeBron (12).

--Only one player in the top 50 in scoring has a lower shooting percentage than Tracy McGrady’s 41.4%. That would be Baron Davis at 39.3.

--Juwan Howard turns 33 Tuesday.

--John Lucas III is back with the Tulsa 66ers in the D-League.

--Props to Shareef Abdur-Rahim for picking up a tech over the weekend. Hard to do since his jaw is wired shut.

--Larry Brown has now used 29 different starting lineups in just 46 games. His best lineup would involve someone else starting at the general manager spot.

--The Celtics are 1-6 since trading for Wally Szdfadoafsak.

--Steve Francis to the Nuggets?! Knicks?!

--Atlanta’s Tyronn Lue sprained a MCL and will 4-6 weeks. Inexplicably he continues to lead the NBA and WNBA in flagrant fouls with three.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--More incredibly shocking: Joe Pesci being questioned by police over an assault allegation or there was a disturbance with a paparazzo at Chris Penn’s funeral?

--If you had Grandpa Munster in the death poll you win. Al Lewis passed at the age of 95.

--It’s incredible how good 24’s president makes W look.

--Your dumbass Super Bowl revelers come to us from Denver. There deputies came across a car parked behind a gas station. The car’s roof was pushed up, the windows blown out, and the doors were bent. The cops got the home address of the owners from the license plate and went for a visit. So the cops knock on the door and the Freys answer. They said they filled a balloon with acetylene, which apparently is some explosive gas used in welding. The couple said they wanted to blow up the balloon at the Super Bowl party they were going to. Unfortunately as they were driving the balloon was rolling around the backseat picking up static electricity when boom goes the dyna…balloon. The couple was sent to the hospital to get checked out for shrapnel wounds and broken eardrums. Balloon shrapnel?!

--I checked out Rize the other night. It’s about clown dancing vs. krump dancing. Fairly entertaining.

--Vanity Fair’s cover with

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