Friday, February 24, 2006

Go Stacy Go!!!!!!

Thoughts and Prayers and Votes

A Win Is A Win Is A Win

Houston continues to rock and/or roll winning eight of its last ten including the first one out of the break. Yeah the competition hasn’t been great, but at this point it’s not who you beat just as long as you beat ‘em. It’s not going to be easy to make a strong second half push especially if Tracy McGrady’s personal problems cause him to miss more than just the Friday game against the Warriors. This team just needs to take it day by day and continue to take care of business. Rafer Alston needs to continue to push the tempo and get guys the ball where they’re most comfortable. Yao needs to continue to be a double-double man. Tracy needs to continue what he started in the All-Star Game.

--Five players are averaging more than 20 shots a game. Kobe, A.I., LeBron, Gilbert Arenas, and Tracy McGrady. Those first four names are the first four names at the top of the scoring average list. Tracy is down at number 9 with that 40% shooting.

--Skip is 11th in assist to turnover ratio. That’s better than Steve Nash who is 13th. Steve Blake it tops at 4.00. Chauncey is 2nd.

--One team has two teammates in the top 20 in scoring average…Sonics with Ray 11th (24.8) and Rashard 19th (21.1).

--Watch out for the Knickerbockers. With Steve Francis on board who knows how far this team can drop? Stephon Marbury knows what he wants to do, "I want to go up and down every single time I touch the ball. With this team, I don't think we should run any set plays. I think we should be pushing the ball every chance we get. We got so many athletic players on this team, so many guys who can make plays. I think we should play run and gun. He knows what we have in terms of personnel. The strengths are what you're supposed to play to. He knows we have two guards who can get up and down the court consistently. We have to put more pressure on the defense."
Good luck with that.

--When Steve starts on Friday night it’ll be the 33rd different starting lineup in New York’s 53 games.

--Carmelo is 7th at 26 making him the only non-all star in the top 10 in scoring.

--Three players are averaging double-digit free throw attempts…Iverson (11.0), Kobe (10.5), Dwyane (10.9). Tracy McGrady is 13th at 7.7.

--Dwight Howard leads the league in rebounding at 12.5 but not in offensive or defensive Ben Wallace and Kevin Garnett lead those categories.

--Out of all the players in the league on pace to play at least 70 games Ryan Bowen has committed the fewest turnovers with just 12. New Jersey’s Scott Padgett is 2nd with 17.

--Two teams shoot 47% or better, yeah the Rockets aren’t one of them, those teams are the Heat, Spurs and Suns. The Celtics are 4th while Raptors are 7th both better than the Pistons at 10. Rockets are 28th ahead of only the Jazz and Bobcats.

--The Heat and Lakers lead the league in technicals with 35 apiece. Grizzlies have the fewest at 11. The Rockets are 11th with 23. 12 of those are courtesy of the combination of Juwan and Dikembe who have 6 apiece.

--Adam Morrison has made at least one ‘3’ in every game this season. Can J.J. Redick say the same????? No, he can’t. The #1 scoring Blue Devil of all-time went 0-3 from beyond the arc in the season opener, a 64-47 win over Boston U. Eleven times this season Redick has attempted double-digit 3-point attempts, Morrison just once. In 16 of J.J.’s 26 games he was whistled for 1 or 0 fouls. Nine times for the ‘Stache.

--Your eBay item of the week: Adam Morrison’s gauze pad that was stuffed up his nose during Monday’s win over Pepperdine. Bidding is up to $7.50.

--West Virginia’s senior guard Mike Gansey shoots a very nice 58% from the field, but a very bad 66% from the line.

Go For It!!

One movie that I absolutely cannot turn off if I stumble upon it is Rocky V. What's not to like? Sage Stallone. Eric from Entourage. Paulie. Mick in black and white flashbacks. Great soundtrack (to be or not to be dope, that's the question.). And of course, Tommy Gunn. Tommy is now 37 and 10 years past his ring days, which ended when he found out he was HIV positive. Now Morrison wants to come back and is going to file a lawsuit against the Nevada State Athletic Commission to do so. Apparently he doesn't like James Toney, ""If God came down here today and told me that I could punch just one person in the mouth, it'd be James Toney. I can't stand him. He's a thug gangster. He's nothing more than a blown up light heavyweight."

--Emmanuel Steward summed up this upcoming weekend’s fight between Fernando Vargas and Shane Mosley best, “They’ve both deteriorated just enough to make it a very interesting fight.”

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The other day a 27-year-old League City woman dropped her daughter off at elementary school. That’s nice, well, except it was a Saturday. A cold, rainy Saturday at that. The little girl waited there for a few hours until someone called the cops and they took over. Yeah, the mother is in a bit of trouble.

--I went to both the All-Star Saturday night festivities and the game itself. Just about everywhere you looked there was a celebrity. The best was after the game when outside the West locker room Eva Longoria stood with Tony Almeida from 24. I hope Tony comes back this season perhaps he’ll be encouraged by the words of wisdom I passed onto him. By the way, Eva looks even better in person. In "Everybody Hates Danny" news I took a cell phone pic of Eva and her two Tonys leaving, but I accidentally erased it before I could at least send it to someone else.

Wake Up!!! The world is not yet safe!!!

--I’ve got to give it up to Jerry Rice for his freestyle dance Thursday night. It was better than Stacy Keibler’s, but there’s no way Jerry gets that finale spot over those legs. I might actually have to vote in this thing.

--Gotta love Donald Trump vs. Martha Stewart in the battle over why Martha’s Apprentice sucked. In an open letter Trump stated, “Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything a show needs for success. I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it and your low ratings bore me out. Between your daughter, with her one-word statements, your letter-writing and, most importantly your totally unconvincing demeanor, it never had a chance much as your daytime show isn’t exactly setting records.” Wow!! I think The Apprentice is moving to Mondays, but surely The Donald doesn’t think he’ll outperform The Jack.

--Writing of Jack you must check out The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help Jack Bauer.

--George Clooney and Renee Zellweger?! C’mon George you can do better than that.

--Stacy Keibler and Geoff Stults?! You probably remember him from Wedding Crashers. I remember him from 7th Heaven. He was one of the many boys who couldn't tame Mary/Jessica Biel.

--There’s going to be a Jurassic Park 4?!

Probably not in Jurassic Park 4.

--Kids will be kids, but you’d think even dumbass teenagers would know better than to go around tipping tombstones in a graveyard. A 16-year-old boy was a part of a group of hoodlums which knocked down about 40 tombstones in an Illinois graveyard. This particular idiot, though, had a 600-pound tombstone fall over on his leg. Justice. The boy had to wait until the police came to help him get out from underneath the stone. Dumbass.

--If you find yourself in the Czech Republic and you’re a little worried about the avian flu. Don’t worry you can now buy anti-bird flu bottled water. The manager of the producer of this magical ripoff err..water says, "The drink is a prevention against all viral-type infections, therefore against bird flu as well."

--Building 19 a discount store in Boston recently placed ads out for sleeveless white t-shirts, which they smartly advertised as “wife beaters.” Yeah, advocates for victims of domestic violence didn’t find the humor.

--People, when you get your name tattooed on your neck understand you can no longer try to lie to police about who you are. I cannot stress that enough. In Columbus, Indiana the other day a dumbass was pulled over and said his name was “Robert.” Really? ‘Cause “Cecil” is tattooed on your neck. Turns out Robert was his brother’s name and Cecil had equipment and materials ready to make meth in his car with him.

--Police arrested Packers corner Ahmad Carroll last week because a bouncer wouldn’t let Ahmad and his boys into a…piano bar. Piano bar?!

--Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met with Dr. Phil. Oh that's too good. Family Guy's rip into K-Fed last week was priceless.

--Eve and Teodorin Nguema Obiang?! He's the son of the Equatorial Guinea dictator who has been accused of torturing and unjustly imprisoning political opponents. The son apparently spent over $700,000 in trying to impress Eve enough to get a date.

--I don't know which is my more obscure recommendation of the week. That you listen to The Postal Service or that you watch Epitafios.

--If you’re having a bad day and need some inspiration here it is. Just a tremendously uplifting story about high school senior who has autism, but after years as the team manager he finally gets a chance to play ball.

Questions, comments, or if you’ve ever seen Rachael Ray go over 40$ a day.

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