Friday, December 21, 2012

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Well, that’s one way to answer some of the more lingering questions of the last few weeks of Homeland. Abu Nazir’s plan makes more sense now that he got this public act of terror. Now Brody is off to find the one-armed valet who set him up by moving and putting explosives in his car? It was weird to me that happy Brody and happy Carrie had zero chemistry. Or maybe I’m basing my zero chemistry analysis on my zero interest in them in a relationship that isn’t full of lies and misdirection. Either way I hope we get a break from seeing Brody on the screen.
Quinn was a total bad ass. Curious if he leads the hunt or Carrie convinces him it wasn’t Brody responsible for the bomb. But IT WAS Brody who killed the Vice President. I still don’t understand why the CIA who knew Brody had terrorist leanings didn’t think it odd that the only person who was with Walden during the heart attack was Brody. That and the whole “explanation” of Carrie about getting away from the world’s most dangerous terrorist remain my two biggest questions. Also a little odd that before the blast Carrie was offered a station chief job because she’s kind of, you know, crazy. And how exactly did a bomb get through security and are there are not cameras everywhere to see who moved Brody’s car?
Saul was terrific and I assume we’ll get a lot more of the bearded one next season. I found it strange though that when told Carrie and Brody weren’t accounted for that he didn’t automatically jump to a conclusion beyond they’re dead.
So we’re done with the Brody family, right? I mean of course I’m invested in Chris’s rise in karate, but I’m trying to move on.

--Dexter’s finale involved LaGuerta dying. Clearly this was my favorite finale in some time. Like last season the last few minutes were the highlight with Deb finding her dark passenger. Why LaGuerta who had already been set up and trapped thought she didn’t need back up, well, whatever. That little cat and mouse game was fun. Everything else, was its usual eh. Hannah is suddenly a super villain. Whatever. Quinn and his stripper was just the biggest waste of time in the show’s history although maybe now Quinn will get back to his white Doakes self. It was great seeing Doakes in the flashbacks when the show was at its finest. Nice touch.
Harrison misses Hannah. You’re f’n joking, right Harrison?

--The Texans are 7-1 at home despite that terrible scoreboard and the worst graphic in the league. It’s for JJ Watt and the only explanation is that it came from a C student in a 1985 7th grade computer lit class. Embarrassing. And let’s not forget that the referee’s microphones don’t work more often than they do.  

--I’m telling you, one of these days some alien race is going to make us pay for tossing around the Miss Universe title so lightly.

--Adrian Peterson became the 5th player to have a pair 200-yard rushing games in the same month. 80% of Houston thinks he’ll probably make it three on Sunday. Anyway, the other players to have done it twice in the same month? OJ, Earl, Ricky Williams and I would’ve been here guessing a while, but ‘twas none other than Tiki Barber.

--I’m not sure what took so long to get a Game of Thrones beer, but it’s not much longer now. Ommegang is teaming up with HBO for Iron Throne Blonde Ale to be released upon the next season’s premiere date, March 31st. A few others are in the works.
Apparently the show will be somewhat extended with a few minutes tacked on to each episode more so than in the past and it adds up to almost an hour longer season. And this third book is going to need every additional minute.

--Santa Claus is Cumin to Town Burger.
The best two minutes of comedy for me all week was when mannequin turned human Chet told his love story to the tune of Love Story, “The new summer sports wear had just come in and so had Nadine. She didn’t have nipples and brother, she didn’t need them.”

--The League has come and gone and will come again next season as it’s just been renewed. Really strong closing kick with an hour of goodness from the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Bob Odenkirk, Brooklyn Decker, Mr. McGibblets and of course, Rafi.
PYS and PYH – Indeed. The best was Taco instituting a suicide scrot.
I wonder who is going to play Ted.
The most unrealistic thing the show has ever done, and for this show that’s saying something, is Pete sitting Adrian Peterson in the title game.
I hope they do fewer cameos next season although one has to be Arian.

--The Walking Dead was also renewed not that it’s any surprise. But Glen Mazzara stepping down as showrunner is. That might be a problem. Or it might not. Tough to predict the future, right Mayans?

--Jean-Ralphio is getting a twin sister on Parks? Sweet. Jenny Slate does look Jean-Ralphioish.
--Terrific, terrific story on Jon Kitna and what he’s done after football. You should read it, but I get it you’re busy. In summary Kitna went back to his old high school and wanted to teach math. The high school isn’t exactly in great shape and the students mostly live in poverty. He requested all the students the other teachers didn’t want. Then he went all Jaime Escalante on them and in short he’s making a HUGE difference. Now I’ll remember him for more than just winning me a fantasy championship with 5 TD passes.

--Christian Ponder may be the worst quarterback this side of whoever is wearing a Cardinals or Jets uniform, but marrying Samantha Steele was the play of the year. 

--Caught an old No Reservations the other day. I think it was the finale on Travel Channel. Anyway, Omar/Michael K. Williams was showing Bourdain around Brooklyn and what to his wandering eyes should appear, but Marlo. It was unplanned and out of the blue. Crazy cool.

--Favorite part of last week’s Top Chef with Chris Pratt and Anna Fariss was when they were about to go around tasting and judging and Andy, I mean Chris says okay I’m just gonna finish this (Red Hook IPA) and grab another. Oh Andy Chris.

--Penny to Dave the gift whisperer on Happy Endings, “Like when you said you were the Horse Whisperer whisperer and you couldn’t get the DVD to work?”
Elisha Cuthbert vs. Hip Hop Santa

--Wait, the eagle snatching baby video in Canada was fake? Somebody give these people their hockey already.

--Craigers has been M.I.A. for a while after his last talk show failed to produce anything in the few cities it was shown. However, Kilborn is swinging again with a news satire pilot for CNN. I’m thinking no, but I do miss Five Questions.

--Sting’s son signed to play football with Kentucky. Joe Montana’s son signed with Tulane. Now you know.

Questions, comments or if the best part about Christmas to you this year is that it means you’ll be four days away from your reservation at The Pass…


  1. That was the end for No Reservations. Too bad. One hour of that beats 24 hours of anything Food Network does not called Good Eats. I'm sure he's got something in the works though.

  2. I need to watch Elisha Cuthbert open many, many gifts.

    So I guess Langley wasn't put on lockdown after a bomb exploded. Carrie & Brody sure had an easy trip off campus.

  3. BTW I have that Earl Campbell Record Breaker card along with his rookie card.


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