Friday, December 14, 2012

Hit 'em with the rhyme and the rhyme don't stop. Pick up the beat and the beat don't drop.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts 

--Words like "latest" shouldn't be followed by "school shooting," but this latest school shooting has just left me numb.

--Monday seems like five days ago so no need to think about it any longer.  Let's just watch a video and not think about the Texans getting Eric Roberts'd...

--It’s only a couple of episodes, but I’m not sure what Homeland is doing beyond getting sloppy. “These men always work in pairs.” Of course that’s followed by one of the men with an unarmed Carrie with the radios happening to go out while all the other men decided to take a cigarette break. These highly trained ex-military men with the latest in technology who couldn’t find a fake wall and hidden room.
Hated the Galvez scene and Carrie’s, “Well, he is a Muslim.” Such a weak scene and for that to be the apparent pay off scene for his inexplicable early return from his death bed. Um, no. And Galvez simply couldn’t get re-stitched there by someone from the medical team?! He had to leave without telling anyone?!
Did like the overdue Brody and Jessica talk.
Does the CIA not think it a little odd that Brody was with the VP all alone when the heart attack happened?
How weak did Carrie think Roya was? And how did she just waltz in to interrogate her?
Carrie doesn’t have to really explain how she got away or get any kind of debriefing? This was Abu f’n Nazir, right? Maybe that will come next week. I think next week Estes goes down for the drone attack, but other than that I can’t even venture a guess. Well I can guess Dana will do something annoying. And Brody. Well, he’s got to die, right?

--Things that should be televised – “Florida launching python prize hunt.”
Grand prize of $1,500 for whoever kills the most pythons and $1,000 to whoever kills the biggest. Apparently pythons are wrecking the ecosystem of the Everglades.

--Why would you order or want to make a drink with whale skin infused whiskey in it anyway?!

--Why wasn’t I informed there was a 3-disc nWo set out?  Good times...

--Overkill thy name is parents who hire drug sniffing dogs to search their kids’ rooms.

--The AV Club lists its best albums of 2012. I see names like Leonard Cohen, Divine Fits, Jack White, and Frank Ocean at the top so obviously I like this list.

--Deb – “I don’t want Harrison to grow up without a father.” Umm, Deb when you’re telling Dexter that as you’re both off to the side while Harrison is with his nanny about to take a picture with Santa? What exactly do you consider growing up without a father?
So glad we finally got a scene with just Batista and LaGuerta.

--Why do local sports talk shows take calls? Seriously.

--I love it when my fast money ideas get tested out so I can get a feel if they’d work or not. Like Jennifer Herring of Myrtle Beach. Police tried to pull her over so the light bulb went on over her head and she called 911 with the Quote of the Week.
"Are you ready to pay me $300,000?  If you want to pay the 300 grand, I'll pull over for you. That is my offer and I'm asking you to accept it."
The police are firm negotiators though when all they want to do is arrest you without paying you. And that’s what happened to Jennifer. Back to the drawing board.

--Which is it? “The Mayan A-cock-aclypse” or “The Mayan A-cock-and-lips”?
Highlight of the entire week is Deion Sanders rolling up to the set and Rafi delivering the way only Rafi can, “I don’t know who you are, but you’re about to get chlamydia.”
A close second was Andre’s marriage proposal beginning with, “Adam Levine once tweeted…”
I hope that’s not the last we see of Brooklyn Decker. Good stuff all around. Unlike Sunny because that was one of the worst Sunnys I can remember.

--Gene from Bob’s Burgers has the right attitude as he gets ready for puberty.
Gene - “Seriously, if I shut my eyes and cover my ears I feel like I maybe could spend the rest of my life with her.”
Tina – “Awwww. I mean, oh.”

--I like the Perfect Couples/New Girl thing we have working now. I still think we need an episode or two dedicated to Olivia Munn at her workplace because I think there’s spin-off potential for her there. Though it cannot be doubted that Schmidt has better lap dance moves than her.
I could watch Jess run into glass walls all door.

Schmidt – “I don’t celebrate Christmas or as I like to call it, ‘White-Anglo-Saxon Winter Privilege Night.”

--Finally did some catching up on Parenthood and there is no show that pulls the heartstrings like it does so when it airs a Christmas episode, well damn.

--The Golden Globes like most awards are jokes. This is not new. But when Mad Men isn’t considered one of the five best dramas and The Newsroom is, well, c’mon. And maybe someday I’ll actually find someone who watches Episodes.
On the plus side Schmidt (Max Greenfield) got a nod.

--Mental Floss with a look at 12 Toys From The 80’s That Didn’t Take Off. I don’t remember any of these though I’m quite sure I need the Police Academy toys. Speaking of The Gutt, I saw someone tweet last week that Steve Guttenberg is now older than Wilford Brimley was when Cocoon was filmed. Ho-ly…

--Remember when Arizona was 4-0?

--Love that the Eatsie Boys finally have their café up and running at 4100 Montrose. They did a great job with the space although I’d probably say that about any place that has Beastie Boys albums on the walls. I can’t wait until it warms up enough to get some of that Shipley’s Glazed and Confused Ice Cream.

--Guy Fieri in Rock of Ages. Of course, Guy Fieri in Rock of Ages.

--How do you know when you should bacdafuckup? When you say something and Stephen A. Smith follows it with, “First of all, let me say this: I’m uncomfortable with where we just went.” Why people watch First Take is beyond me, but people do.

--The Big Ten is expanding and you just yawned, right?! Me too. I’m not even tired, but I typed Big Ten and THERE IT IS AGAIN?! Cool trick. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, they’re going over some really cool division name options to replace the already awesome Leaders and Legends. Cool options like Inner and Outer. No, really.

--I’m gonna miss you Larry Merchant.  Going out on a solid card Saturday night though.

--The inspiration for Omar from a little show called The Wire passed away.

--Our Florida Story of the Week comes to us from, well, uh, Florida. Richard Watson settled in next to his wife to watch the 12/12/12 Sandy concert. Wifey made a pizza. Richard or Dick for short (ha, has anyone ever thought of that?) thought the crust was raw and hoped it would cook by flinging it and the plate it was on to the floor. His wife did the same. That’s when Dick decided to end the marriage. Not through a divorce like most people. He had not time for that bullsh**. He had to drown his wife, but filling up the tub would take forever so opted for the dog’s water bowl. Fortunately police arrived soon thereafter and she suffered no major injuries, but unfortunately she lives in Florida so major injuries will eventually happen.

Questions, comments or if you know you’re in a small town when there’s a Little Caesar’s inside a True Value Hardware Store…

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