Tuesday, November 06, 2012

We got a party on the left, a party on the right. We gonna party for the motherf'ing right to fight.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Nothing is as cool at Reliant as when a bald eagle does his little fly by during the National Anthem. The best. 

The worst? The close-up on the big scoreboard when the eagle’s handler put the blinders over him. Yeah, we didn’t need to see that.

--Finish ‘em off Dynamo. And please let one of these years MLS be smart enough to not schedule playoff games on NFL Sundays.

--Ronnie Killen. Ricky Craig. CK Steakhouse? Team America. Fu** Yeah!!

--Two shows I usually don’t put off are Homeland and Walking Dead. Two shows I feel dramatically different about being spoiled for me. If Homeland was spoiled I’d be pissed. Walking Dead? Eh. Yeah, I’ve read the comics, but still spoilers for that don’t bother me unlike Game of Thrones which I’ve read the books. 
Either way, RIP T-Do…no, not Lori too!!! Actually it was quite nice to see Lori not speak for five seconds. I think Carl has solidified himself as this season’s MVP. Probably not easy to have to put a bullet in your mom after she just gave birth to your sibling. Not to mention said sibling might hold it against you. It had to be done and Carl did it. I like this straying from Laurie’s demise in the comics, at least so far. T-Dog, well it’s not like we ever got anything from T-Dog. It seemed like course correcting a character they felt they needed early on for a token and then they found another black guy and zombie shows can’t have two black guys. I think it’s in the rules. Prison stuff was great. 
Woodbury, on the other hand, was terrible. We get it. Andrea hearts the Gov. Michonne doesn’t. Merle is apparently not ANYTHING like they wrote him in season one. Asking Andrea why they never hooked up about made me throw up.
And why doesn’t Michonne just leave Andrea and her puppy dog infatuation?
The show has done some things better than the comic books or things that are more intriguing. But the Governor and Michonne are not those things. Television is missing out on those two. At this point I wished they had called him the Mayor or the Senator or anything but the Governor.

--This is why Washington D.C. shouldn’t have decorative waterfalls!!!!! They screw up surveillance. Now my stabby boy Quinn might be dead!!!

--No!!! Not Billie Kent!!! After a couple meandering Boardwalks this week’s was very strong. Nucky and James Cromwell as Andrew Mellon. Nucky and crazy Gillian. Nucky and a sheik. But everything is turning up Nucky until a dinner reservation at Babette’s. Damn. Gyp and crazy Gillian are quite the dangerous duo. The Nucky angles were great. 
Everything was great. Johnny Torrio letting Al take over for the most part. Margaret and diaphragms, sure why not? And of course Van Alden/George Mueller the original crazy of the show. Damn that was fun. It’s like Michael Shannon had been in a strait jacket this entire season and now Shannon smash! I liked seeing his little crazy smile after he ironed out his differences with his co-workers. Get it? Ironed out. Because he ironed the guy’s face. Yeah, that was great because he had the worst co-workers in the world and I think we all wanted them to have iron scars. Now he has quality co-workers in O’Bannion’s crew where he also serves as the gang’s historian.

--What I say next may shock you so I hope you’re sitting down because Reuters Health is going to change your world forever. And I quote, “Eating in restaurants tied to higher calorie intake.” Let me repeat that because you need it to sink in, “Eating. In. Restaurants. Tied. To. Higher. Calorie. Intake.” And this “study” even included fast food places. Fast food places equal higher calorie intake? WTF?!

--Damn good League last week and it’s no coincidence there was a good dose of Rafi and even a Nadine Velasquez sighting. Breastalyzer is a thing? But seriously what fantasy football owner or football fan would think Jay Cutler’s milk would help their child? Elie, Elizabeth, who are Kevin and Jenny to question the wisdom of Julia Duffy?!
Rafi is a sick, twisted individual, but I felt bad for him that he had to say goodbye to his soulmate. I mean she would have let him put her in a cage AND he has a cage!
Taco in an adult relationship with a chicken tartare making George was fun. “We couldn’t get a sitter.” LMAO.

--I wasn’t sure what to expect from Louis CK on SNL, but a little stand-up at the beginning and a Lincoln as Louie skit were awesome. I didn’t make it past Weekend Update, but then I can’t remember the last SNL I’ve made it to Weekend Update.
“Los blancos amor Homeland.”

--It seems improbable that not one letter in the word “CHIEFS” is in the acronym “LOL.”

--Pregnant for 46 Years sounds like the type of show that doesn’t find its way onto many DVRs.

--The last rookie to rush for over 100 yards against the Ravens before Trent Richardson did it on Sunday? Fred Taylor.

--I love it when judges get creative with their sentencing. I mean how do you punish someone who is stupid enough to drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus that’s unloading children? A judge in Ohio is punishing this moron by making the woman wear a sign at an intersection for two days that says, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Well played judge. Well played.

--I like this La Times preview of this week’s Sons because it could be used for every episode of every season:
Sons of Anarchy: Jax gets closer to the truth but still faces obstacles in this new episode.”

--I think the last Mythbusters I actually watched was their Jaws special. I’ll definitely be watching the one on Breaking Bad especially with Aaron Paul making an appearance.

--I don’t wear cologne, but I’d wear the hell out of this sushi cologne.

--Man I hope that Ted Danson is right about this Bored to Death movie for HBO. We need that.

--Walmart is a multi-kajillion dollar operation. It knows what it’s doing. Don’t think you’re smarter than Walmart. Like don’t think that you’re going to replace a $228 TV barcode with one that’s $1.17 and you’re just going to walk through the self-checkout line like la di da.

--I think I’ll wait until they air it as a movie, but if you’re impatient then Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome starts its webisode run on YouTube on Friday.

--Spartacus: War of the Damned. January 25th. Can’t bloody wait. If I know my history I’m pretty sure Spartacus is victorious and he and Crixus start a period of 100 years of peace and democracy. Pretty sure that’s how that goes down.
RIP Andy Whitfield.

Questions, comments or if you’re still thinking about the fried green tomatoes at Brennan’s…


  1. I won't even mention that technically Jay Cutler had nothing to do with producing that milk. Although I'd be more excited about having a bottle of Cavilieri milk anyway.

  2. I don't have any kids so I'm not really sure how the production of milk works. I get a lot of sex ed from FX shows.


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