Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sipping coffee, playing Keno in the casino. Want a lucky number, ask Mike Dino.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Can't f'n wait for a Texans/playoff Dynamo Sunday.

--So uhhh, yeah, that show Homeland. It’s pretty good, huh? I think we can go ahead and Fed Ex the Emmys to Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. A terrific emotionally charged interrogation where you didn’t know what would be said next.
Carrie – “You broke my heart you know?”  I mean DAMN!!!!
We’ll see what happens with Dana and the VP’s son. Maybe it’ll be part of something that’ll have some pay off or maybe it will be the show’s Landry’s murder moment.  Minus 10 points for using that song from Neon Trees from whatever annoying commercial that aired during every NCAA Tournament commercial break.

--In retrospect eating a top off a Snickers fun size for every point James Harden scored on Halloween was not a good idea.  But at the time it seemed perfectly normal.  This Comcast provider bullish** is breaking me.

--I liked seeing Merle back on Walking Dead and glad he didn’t go all season one Merle at the sight of a  non-white person. Nice little wrinkle from the books that we knew was coming eventually. And if you didn’t know they made sure to jam that season one scene in the “Previously” part which sort of ruins any possible surprise. Hate that stuff.
As for the new Governor. I don’t know. I do know I got tired of Andrea making fu** me eyes at him the whole time. This is a Governor that is definitely more television-friendly.
Absolutely love Dallas Roberts from Rubicon as the Governor’s right hand nerd.  Stupid no more Rubicon.

--Very early on in what is a loooooong book, but totally into 11/22/63. Best (and only) Stephen King book I’ve read since The Shining. Then again it involves time travel and JFK so it was going to have be pretty terrible for me not to love it..

--What the hell NBC?! Community won’t premiere until after the Texans win the Super Bowl?!

--The Brothers Thompson appear to be back in arms. Eli has been really strong this season. I’m going to assume Steve Buscemi already knew how to juggle, but either way that was one impressive act. I wonder how many takes and how many kids he hit with eggs?
Momma Darmody is a special kind of crazy. Can you imagine the hell spawn her and Gyp could have had together?
Television character most easy to root for continues to be Richard Harrow. Terrific picture.

--Ray Stevenson v. Dexter Morgan is gonna be fun.

--Aw man Astros, WTH?! How ya gonna fire the man, the myth, the Stretch Suba?! I remember being a kid with my sweet free giveaway Astros visor hanging out by the bullpen railing and getting my first big league autograph. It was awesome and then my grandparents had to buy me a program so I could see what position “Stretch Suba” played. Still my favorite autograph, well after Diamond Dallas Page of course.

--Those Lakers are scary, huh?

--Seventy Chicago public schools are going to give out $25 Walgreen’s gift cards to parents who pick up their kids report cards and attend parent-teacher conferences. Incentivized parenting. I guess it’s good that it probably will make a difference, but the fact that it will make a difference, SMH.  No, wait, yes.  SMDH.  

--Youth football betting is just practice for professional football betting and the more practice you get the better I’ve always heard. But nooooo, the man has to come in and say youth football betting is wrong or against some law or such and such. In Florida, I’ll pause to let the shock wear off, nine coaches or associates were arrested as part of an 18-month! investigation. It’s not there were $100,000 bets on youth football championship games. “And up to $100,000 would be bet on the youth leagues’ championship games of the season.” Oh. Gotta love coaches making bets on the sidelines then telling their players how much they put on them. Seriously though how do you get $20,000 to bet on youth football? Crazy. Lines two-dozen deep to get into the barbershop/gambling parlor? Crazy. Separate betting windows for betting denominations complete with printed betting tickets? Crazy. Betting against the Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes? Crazy.

--C’mon Happy Endings you’re better than this. Although like Alex I’m still not sure “hesitant” is actually a word.

--Anyone NOT in favor of replacing T-Dog on Walking Dead with Ron Artest?

--Or maybe we can get Artest as part of Pope’s crew. They really are going with over the top warpath Jax aren’t they? I’m glad they didn’t stretch out the Clay cover-up for Gemma angle. I’m not so happy that we’re going to get a long con with Gemma over Clay. Yeah, it’ll be satisfying, but someone needs to tell me again why Jax – The President – can’t just take out Clay or let Roosevelt do it? I mean the entire club knows that Clay was behind the break-ins and is just a straight up liar. They’re going to have a problem with killing Clay at this point?!
Nero, you’re speaking logically to SAMCRO. You better cut that out.
Hated to see Opie’s old woman get shot. She’s a keeper, except for that whole porn thing.

--A third season of lovable, huggable Wilfred is officially on the way. Cannot wait to see where we go on a plane with no pilot.  Loved seeing Wilfred out for Halloween at Cottonwood.

--Maybe, MAYBE scorpion vodka, but you can throw the snake juice and three lizard liquor directly into the trash. Buzzfeed with 10 of the weirdest alcoholic beverages.
Zero chance.

--"Atwood told officers that he and Crisp manufacture the drug [meth] in the room and were going to produce another batch later today after Crisp's court appearance for a previous charge related to manufacturing meth." I assume he then paused and added, “Is that wrong?”

--I’m sure I learned something useful in junior high. I just can’t think of it right now. I guarantee you I would have answered immediately if I had a class on zombie survival like these lucky little junior high bastards at John Deere Middle School in Minnesota.

Questions, comments or if you never felt bad about a trade until you traded Jamaal Charles to a friend two weeks ago...


  1. Yo-

    Homeland was great...only problem I have is ...isn't D.C. like wall to wall cameras on the street?? It won't be too hard to trace that accident.
    Walking Dead - Two things...Merle being docile...makes you wonder what The Governor did to him or he has seen him do to make him that way. Two - anytime you end an episode where you have a wall full of zombie heads floating in tanks is pretty intense.
    Not sure if you caught this past weeks 30 for 30 after the emotional one last week...but Ghost of Ole Miss....pretty telling about the situation during that time. Did you know Ole Miss didn't have its first black player until 1972..crazy..

  2. True on the cameras. Who knows how that'll play out.
    Yeah, but comic book Governor is crazy times 10 compared to the tv guy. At least so far.
    Haven't watched the 30 for 30 yet.

  3. I don't know who Ray Stevenson is but Dexter vs. Titus Pullo is going to be great.

    What I really want is a triple crossover where McNulty and Luther track down Dexter.


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