Saturday, July 07, 2012

He knows the time with the fresh Gucci watch. He's even more over than the mayor Ed Koch.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--How were there two teams willing to trade anything for Carlos Lee?! Jeff Luhnow is the new Daryl Morey. I wish the Rockets had a Daryl Morey.

90% chance that ball doesn't make it out of the infield.

--Solid Wilfred this week with more dog-centric jokes than in any episode in a while. Wilfred as the office dog panicking as he realized his balls are no longer a source of hilarity and he could be replaced by a foosball table was gold.
I will never get tired of Wilfred talking up some pigeons before launching into a raged “I’ll kill you all!”

--Jane – “Who didn’t let the gorilla into the ballet?” Awesome.
Louie and Melissa Leo and oral sex ethics. Awesomer. I can’t picture anyone playing that character more effectively than Melissa Leo and her clam shacks. Her random “Obama” as for why Louie wasn’t “strapping on the feedbag” was a nice touch.
The most consistent laugh on Louie this season will be anytime Louie is on the bike and in his leather motorcycle jacket.

--Dear Zachary is the best documentary I will absolutely never watch again. I can’t remember the last time a movie stayed with me for that long. Emotionally exhausting sums it up. If you haven’t had a good angry cry or sad cry then by all means hit it up on Netflix Instant. If you do watch then make sure you have a comedy lined up to watch afterwards because you don’t want to go to sleep with Dear Zachary still bouncing around in your head.

--I’ll take Andy Silva on Saturday night, but not Andy Murray on Sunday morning.

--My name is Danny Vara and I, I, (be strong Danny) I watch MTV. There I said it. Hell I spent four hours online at last weekend. Awkward will do that to you. That’s some quality high school life programming right there that’s kind of a cross between Easy A, Suburgatory, and Mean Girls. The mom looks like a young, buxom Erin Grey and that is certainly not a bad thing. It’s the weirdest love triangle I’ve ever seen in that there isn’t a bad guy. Team Matty. Team Jake. I mean sure Jack was down to DTR before Matty even thought about it so I guess there’s that in Jake’s favor. Either way Jenna wins, but now I’ve said too much.
Not as big a fan of the second season so maybe there's hope for me yet.

--MacKenzie on Newsroom can’t be that clueless about email, right? For someone who is supposed to be a well-respected, intelligent news producer they sure don’t make her look smart. Neither female lead comes off as seeming that they could actually be hired for their jobs. No one in that room knew what the University of Phoenix is?  This is taking place in 2010, right?
Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston are predictably crushing their roles.

--Weeds is back and uh yeah at least the old theme song is back. Although I think they go back to playing covers of it the rest of the season until I assume the series finale. other show I’m finally catching up on is Luther. Not breaking news, but damn Idris Elba can act. It’s a good role for the actor formerly known as Stringer Bell. The first season is only six episodes and is all on Netflix so I figured why not give Stringer with his native English accent a try. Ruth Wilson is the lovely antagonist. You may remember her from AMC’s The Prisoner remake, a show which hurt my feeble little brain. She is outstanding. The show is pretty strong though the finale has some problems, but I didn’t care because it was still tense fun.

--Not sure I’m down with Eastbound & Down coming back even though I thought last season was a big rebound from the second season.

--I was looking at a Redbox the other day when what to my wondrous eyes should appear, but P90’s Dreya Weber as in Dreya Weber: A Marine Story. Tagline: Every Fight is Personal. Fu** yeah! At first I thought Tony Horton was in for a world of hurt, but instead it's about Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  I searched IMDB, but no Pam the Blam cameo.
Wait, Dreya’s first acting credit was from a 1986 Masterpiece Theatre episode?!

--I had no idea there even was a Raging Bull II movie in the early stages. Either way MGM is suing the production company and Jake LaMotta himself over it. The movie would star William Forsythe and be based on Jake’s 1986 memoir which MGM argues it has right of first refusal on.

--Looking at Vegas hotel deals and I just don’t think I can take the chance on missing out on the Franklin & Bash Bashover VIP Package from the Luxor so I can “Do Vegas like Franklin & Bash!”

--Rot in jail Billy Omer. Leaving your dog in a hot car until it dies and you pose like that in your f’n mugshot?!

--Wait, there are lifeguard companies that actually prohibit their lifeguards from leaving their stations to save someone from drowning?! Maybe it’s just me, but if I hired one of these companies I’d kind of like it if they helped prevent someone from drowning on my property. I’m silly like that.

--Is there anyone who liked skinny Jonah Hill over fat Jonah Hill except for maybe, maybe Jonah Hill's doctor?

--How do you follow up tweets that were supposed to be DMs but either way were propositioning a porn star? Marcus Jordan of the Jordans says you follow it up by getting arrested outside of an Embassy Suites for loudly arguing with a couple of ladies. Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and obstructing. Well played Marcus.

--A little Bad Street USA because you can never give enough run to The Freebirds.

Questions, comments or if you used to cook for your family until they discovered El Real’s flauta pack for $20…


  1. I loved Dear Zachary. It's one of those movies that manages to hit every nerve. Similar to the way Waiting for Superman leaves you saddened for the subjects and incredibly pissed off at a dysfunctional system.

  2. Waiting for Superman left me just about hopeless, but angry. Dear Zachary just left me in tears.

  3. Steveo22815:02 PM

    Dude luther is edging fantastic and the chick is sneaky sexy/crazy. You need to start season 2. Gets nuts.

    1. Ruth Wilson is crazy hot and just plain crazy.


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