Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Never Let You Down With The Stereo Sound. So Mike, Get On The Mic And Turn It Out.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--After going to Sundance Cinemas this weekend I may have quadrupled my potential movie theater visits for the remainder of 2012. Damn good cinema and not just because it offers alcohol and coffee, okay mostly.  But it also seems the least likely to turn into Lord of the Teenage Flies on the weekends.
Safety Not Guaranteed was the call and it was an easy call because, well Aubrey Plaza for one. For two, time travel.  She was outstanding and was basically April. Jake Johnson (New Girl) and Mark Duplass (League and every independent movie over the last few years) were terrific as well. Their acting made up for the thin plot that even at just 85 minutes dragged a couple of times. Overall though I don’t think you’re going to get a cuter movie this year that will have you with a smile on your face the entire time. If you haven’t seen the trailer don’t blame me.

--If someone had just taken the time to tell me that Peter Scolari has a role in Girls I would’ve gotten around to watching it a lot sooner. 

--When you see that John Carter made $6 in rentals this year, well that’s on me. But what are you gonna do when your dad suggests John Carter on Father’s Day weekend? It wasn’t the worst movie ever made, but holy crap Taylor Kitsch was pretty bad. I had no idea the cast was so stacked with the likes of Bryan Cranston, McNulty (aka Dominic West, I guess), Caesar and Mark Antony from Rome, and the voices of Polly Walker and Willem Dafoe.

--The most promising part of Weeds having just one more season is it’s going back to playing “Little Boxes” in the opening credits.

--Is there a teaching rulebook or something because if teachers aren’t allowed the line up kindergarten classmates to slap the class bully then they need some more clearly defined guidelines. This was in San Antonio so I assume the bully rarely actually got slapped, but flopped to the floor writhing in pain just before physical contact was made.

--Chances are that if you read all of the Game of Thrones books you saw this link from i09.com that maps out everyone’s travels, but just in case you missed it. I wish I could highlight one character and only see that person’s travels because this is hard to track.

--A Community art exhibit next week in LA. Awesome. Mason Phillips with my personal favorite.

--I don’t know what qualifies as “a lot” of undercover prostitution arrests, but nine over a 2-hour period on a Thursday afternoon in Springfield, Massachusetts seems like a lot. Although Springfield is the home of the NBA Hall of Fame so maybe nine on a Thursday is actually a little low. The best part of this article is that we get the stories of what the guys were doing on a random afternoon before propositioning an undercover officer. Auto parts delivery guy pulls over, another guy offers a $50 tattoo for some lovin’, how about the back of my Fed-Ex truck seems like a winner line, and we can’t forget about the guy whose wife was with him that he only needed to drop off before he’d come back.

--R.A. Dickey Watch: R.A. became the only pitcher since 1900 to throw back-to-back complete game, one or no hitters while striking out at least 10 batters in each game. Last six starts: 6-0, 60 Ks, 2 runs allowed. I’ll be going out of my way to watch his next start, that is if I'm not all baseballed out after watching 27 innings between the Royals and Astros.

--Sometimes a Guy Fieri tweet can seems so Guy Fieri that you’d think even Guy Fieri wouldn’t tweet that but then you realize the only person who would, would be Guy Fieri. From the other day: “Cruisin’ down to Johnny Garlic’s San Jose today to say hey to tha team members & then checkin’ out @nickelback at HP Pavillion.”
I could break down each word or phrase, but I think pointing out “tha” and, of course, Nickelback sums it up.

--It doesn’t get better than a bomb pop.

Wait, it does. GQ with the Kate Upton photo shoot to end all Kate Upton photo shoots.

--I think I totally missed the second season of the new and improved Thundercats, but I’m liking Tron: Uprising more than I thought I would. I don’t even mind watching the commercials because kid’s commercials on Disney are awesome. That may also be because I’m not watching them with a kid who’s screaming “buy me that!” the entire time.

--I assume this is all one big mean practical joke making Arsenio Hall believe people want him to have a talk show again. Over the line if you ask me.

--I was raised right so I took my dad to Killen’s Steakhouse for Father’s Day. Ronnie Killen was right carrot cake >>>>>> bread pudding. Everyone gets the bread pudding there, but holy crap that carrot cake has ruined all other carrot cakes for me forever.

From the top - Shrimp Aguachiles at Concepcion and to the right its molletes, Killen's crabcake, its carrot cake and can't forget some Reef baked oysters. What I'm saying is I hope you enjoyed yourself dad...also can I borrow some money?

--Yeah, Jerry Sandusky’s attorney, Joe Amendola probably shouldn’t have ever uttered anything regarding the soap opera All My Children. But what do I know? I’m not an incompetent defense attorney nor am I a Penn State coach who showers with boys. I mean seriously, that’s your defense?!

--Death by malfunctioning walk-in cooler is in my top 10 of ways I’d like to avoid eternal sleep.

--I was just not thinking that what Houston needs was another 50 sandwich shops. Submarina California Subs.

--Larry David. Jon Hamm. Improv-based movie. I’m in.

--Vulture interviews Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) who relays this awesome story about Steve Buscemi’s mother.

Vulture: Did Steve Buscemi ever tease you about finally getting to shoot you? Considering when the two of you were in Delirious together, his character tried to shoot you and then couldn't.

Pitt: Yeah. [Chuckles.] Although it wasn't so much about the shooting as the stories he's been telling me about his mother. She keeps asking, "Did you see Jimmy at work?" because they're working on the third season, and he keeps going, "No, mom. He's dead. I killed him." And she's like, "He'll be back." "No, mom, he's not coming back." [Laughs.] I thought that was funny.

--Okay so Adidas has decided not to sell the shoes with shackles on them. Fine. But who the hell greenlighted that anyway?! Why would I buy shoes with silly looking shackles attached?! Because of Django Unchained? Really?!

Questions, comments or if you’re way more into EuroCup than you thought you’d be…

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