Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 MC's and one DJ. We be getting down with no delay.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It’s damn good to have Wilfred back as we go deeper into Ryan’s psyche as he tries to think himself back to insanity. A really strange and great episode to set the stage for the fun and psychological games to come this season. It felt confident in the story it’s telling and I don’t think that was the case every episode last season. Let’s see if it continues.
Somehow I’ve gone through life without ever seeing Good Will Hunting so I didn’t get that reference, but I’ll never not be happy to see Robin Williams on the screen.
Wilfred – “Do you know why dogs dig holes?”
Ryan – “For bones?”
Wilfred – “For truth.”
Gotta love Wilfred buying My Morning Jacket tickets for himself and Bear.
Also gotta love that soon Thursdays will mean Louie and Wilfred together again.

--My personal favorite of the three Game of Thrones Super PAC ads from Mother Jones.  Wrong for Dragons.  Wrong for the Realm.

--’Tis the season for Netflix and I finally knocked out Brother’s Keeper about the Ward brothers and more specifically William’s death and Delbert’s subsequent trial. Really interesting doc. What a shit case for the prosecution, at least that’s the feeling I got every time I saw the prosecutor.

--You’re crazy Big Lead if you think I’m clicking “photos of a man with a 100-pound scrotum (safe for work)

--Burn in hell Jerry Sandusky.  And make some room for your enablers in State College.

--Move over ESPYs the NBA Social Media Awards are now the dumbest awards show going. Oh and LeBron James is a name to remember. Promising future there.

--I have got to play some catch-up on last season’s  Parenthood. The next season’s has Ray Romano joining the crew. Hopefully as his character from Men of a Certain Age. Damn I miss me some Men of a Certain Age. They also just have Andre Braugher use his MOACA character in this nuclear sub show that's going to be on ABC.

--A new Sesame Street movie? Can it possibly be better than Elmo’s Adventures in Grouchland? Doubtful, but hopefully Mandy Patinkin reprises his role.
Was there any doubt I'd purchase a Tom Haverford/Jean-Ralphio - Bert/Ernie Entertainment 720 shirt?

--I will never get tired of wrestler run-in stories on Deadspin. Getting stoned, drunk and playing Mortal Kombat with Road Dogg sounds about right.

--Damn you Bret Michaels. You know I can’t resist getting my dog something like your “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” water bowl from your "Pets Rock" collection.

--If you’re into reading weird, stupid lawsuits or stories about Mark Cuban sexing up Kardashians then this story is the one you’ve been waiting to read.
If you’re into watching Mark Cuban destroy Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless then this is your link.

--Really?! We’re just going to let apes conspire by Skype from zoo to zoo. It’s not like we’ll already have our hands full with the zombies or anything. SMDH.

--The pizza crawl we took my brother on last year for his birthday included Dolce Vita, ERA, and Bombay Pizza Company. Which is to say it was A++. Unfortunately Dolce Vita hasn’t re-opened after suffering a fire, ERA has long since closed and newish Pi Pizza Truck had a museum event on Friday so that left Bombay and a trip out west. Maybe it was because they were busy, but I don’t think I’m making that trek out to Pizaro’s again. It wasn’t anywhere near as good as Dough Pizzeria and was a distant third to Brothers Pizzeria and Bombay on this particular Friday. The potato and mushroom pizza was drowned in truffle oil and for all its boasting of pizzas in 90 seconds I think ours came out in 60 because there was hardly any black goodness on the crust. Brothers Pizzeria was a nice surprise. Bombay’s happy hour with $5 8-inch pizzas until 7 is one underrated happy hour.

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  1. Never seen Good WIll Hunting either. I'm okay with it.

    We were supposed to go to Dough Sunday, and once we found it was closed on Sundays, Lance made us drive back to Houston instead of spending the day in SA.


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