Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Take a sip - you can do it - you get right to it. We had a case in the place and we went right through it.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’m just going to assume that most Texans regular season ticket holders didn’t want to be subjected to either the sun and/or the Jaguars offense so it was a bunch of first-timers that got a wave started last Sunday. Snipers should be allowed to take out anyone they see trying to start a wave. How has this never come up in the GOP debates?!

--Shane, Shane, Shane. You do what you gotta do when it comes to zombies, but damn.

--Sons of Anarchy is getting crazier, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting better. How dumb is Gemma to think Clay won’t touch Tara after she knows he already gunned down Piney with zero remorse? How dumb is Clay to insult Tara to Jax’s face while at the same time plotting her murder and how dumb is he to think Gemma is not going to suspect him should something happen to Tara or her grandkids? How dumb is Chibs to not question Joosh and the missing drugs? How dumb is Jax to think he’s just going to have a little sit down with the cartel and the IRA and everything will be so peachy that he’ll be allowed to leave? Through three and a half seasons I feel like we’ve gotten to know these characters well enough to know when they’re acting half under their IQ level and an occasional dip down there is fine, but they’ve been there throughout most of the season. Clay is such an over-the-top villain now and more and more people are realizing it that I think he absolutely has to be taken out or at the very least removed as President. I like Ron Perlman just as much as the next guy, but how much more can they squeeze out of the Clay/Jax lemon.
Oh you two crazy kids.

--Seems like this should have happened before, but Sunday was the first time two rookie quarterbacks started the same game and threw for over 200 yards without tossing a pick. Those rookies being Cam Newton and Christian Ponder.

--Not the most scintillating Boardwalk Empire this week, but that’s going to happen when you have Van Alden’s storyline taking up a lot of time. Then time gets devoted to Irish Furio who I like as a character, but not as Margaret’s secret lover. Nucky’s trial shenanigans don’t do much for me because I can’t see him actually going to jail unless it’s one of those short terms where he goes in jail in the finale and next season’s premiere he gets out. Obviously I liked the gangster babies outgrowing their diapers or at least getting the ball rolling in that direction. If you’re a double-crossing spy who is double-crossing a maniacal, blood-thirsty butcher wouldn’t you be a little more careful about being seen with the guy who should be your sworn enemy? It’s not like Philly and Atlantic City are on opposite sides of the coast and there’s no chance of anyone spotting you fraternizing with your supposed enemy.
Dominic Chianese killed in his scenes with Jimmy. And c’mon Jimmy’s mom, no more kissing on the lips in front of company.

--Homeland continues to knock it out of the park. Although Estes was a damn fool to give Brody that face-to-face with the prisoner and really no one is going to tell Saul or Carrie about that until Carrie found it on her own? I’m loving Saul and Carrie’s confrontations with Carrie going all emotionally expressive and Saul’s measured, but boiling underneath the surface responses. Great stuff.
I like that I have no idea what the hell is going on as far as if Brody has really been turned and that for five minutes I even questioned Saul. C’mon Homeland you know I’m going to spend 30 minutes hurting my head to think why show that little carpet scene in his office. The who is a spy, who isn’t may be only the second biggest mystery on the show. The major question mark is why in the hell Morena Baccarin cut her damn hair back to her V style?! Why? Why? Why?

Obviously this pictures doesn't show how awesome her hair is long, but I love me some Firefly.

--As much of a fan I was of Chris Herren and those Fresno State teams I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't watched the 30 for 30 this week.

--Genetically engineered mosquitoes that will pass on a lethal gene to their offspring killing them before they become adult mosquitoes? Make it happen. Seriously, what the fu** are you waiting for?

--Burt Reynolds to guest star on Archer. Thank you.

--Nice to have old Chuck back. Nice to see Craig Kilborn in the premiere as well although he contributed basically zero. I wish Craigers had done “Five Questions” with Sara.

--Hell on Wheels starts this Sunday and seeing as how stacked Sunday is it’ll probably be next Saturday before I get around to it.

--Rob Gronkowski’s younger brother, Glenn, going as Rob's infamous picture for Halloween is awesome in every way.

--Of course that pales in comparison to two of the Zierlein boys aka Walter and Jesse.

The one on the right is the one who knocks.

--When you even jokingly threaten to take Halloween candy from a 10-year-old kid you better be ready for the consequences. In South Carolina the consequences were getting a 9mm stuck in your face. No big deal though since the gun didn’t have a loaded clip, but make no mistake he had the loaded clip on him so by the time you bite into that first Snickers he’d make sure it was your last. And if his gun misfired his brother, also 10, was strapped (do people still say that?) too.

--Who the hell is eating all this candy corn?

--Didn’t like to see Brother Sam get shot, but I find Dexter searching for that shooter much more compelling than anything with the Doomsday (yawn) Killer or Killers. Dexter has pretty much been background noise while I’m cooking so I haven’t been paying close attention, but the Fight Club scenario with Travis makes sense. Although Colin Hanks is the worst actor to try and pull it off.

--Jonathan – “I’m good at platonic. It’s my default sexual setting…after nervous.” Not the best Bored to Death this week, but it had furries and Oliver Platt so it wasn’t bad by any stretch. Ray and Olympia Dukakis did nothing for me. I would’ve rather just watched Ray at the grocery store longer.

--Eva Longoria and Matt Barnes?! Maybe, but the point is I'm starting to miss basketball.

--Community has missed more times than hit for me this season, but this week’s episode is titled “Advanced Gay.” Promising.

--Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel no more?

--A 47-year-old Chicago man died after trying to remove his pacemaker. Who knew you could die from cutting your chest open to remove your pacemaker? More you know.

--It’s just f’n weird to see Gus as the mirror, mirror on the wall in Once Upon A Time.

Questions, comments or if you’re in over your head…

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