Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Butcher Me On The Court. Too Many Elbows To Report.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I was so looking forward to Hank’s questioning of Gus and it so delivered. You knew Gus would be calm, cool and collected. He was until Chile was brought up. And that look in the elevator leaving the police station was one of the best shots of the season. Whatever his Chilean thing was or who his family is gave him a reprieve from a bullet from Tio. Now Gus is making his last laugh against Tio a long, taunting one. Liked Steven Bauer as Don Eladio. Helluva flashback that you barely noticed was all in subtitles because it was just so gripping.
Walt is being all Walt again not trusting Jesse, which I can see. But you just know it’s going to end up with Walt doing something stupid that’s going to hurt one of them. I also have no idea why Walt thought Gus would be pleased if he didn’t slap that tracker on his car. Obviously Mike saw him so it’s not like Gus wouldn’t have known and just taken it off. I guess Walt wanted to ingratiate himself to Gus. Either way it allowed Gus to give us his trademark stoic Gus delivery in telling Walt to, “Do it.”
I’m pretty sure the entire viewing audience laughed or rolled their eyes when Walt told the other cancer patient to, “never give up control and live life on your own terms.”
Sad to hear about Saul’s 5th grade heartbreak.
Weird to see Marie not in purple.

--Best Breaking Bad/Curb Your Enthusiasm combo we’ve had this season. Curb was just straight brilliant in a season that has hit a couple of home runs. I mean the birth of “pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good” and Bill Buckner in the same episode?! And lo and behold Buckner is actually a decent enough actor. Classic stuff especially as Buckner let insult after insult roll off of him like you know he’s done thousands of times before. I loved how beyond camp that fake baby looked.

We can’t forget Leon who was making “stupid sense” with those glasses. If there was a half-hour program that was only a picture of Leon I would watch it. On the DVD extras I want to hear Leon’s conversations with the ticket taker and the doctor.
Having said all of that I hope I never have sit though Ana Gasteyer and Susie climaxing in Larry’s passenger seat. The camera panning from Susie to Larry and back again was uncomfortable gold.
Leon - “This chair is the other f’n man!”
Robert Smigel as Yari was a nice turn and reminds me that it seems like it’s been too long since I’ve seen Triumph visit anywhere.

--Good stuff with The AV Club interviewing J.B. Smoove. Great story on how he got Leon and the luck involved along with an oral history of “get in that ass.” And seriously SNL it was down to J.B., Keenan Thompson, and Finesse Mitchell and you picked Keenan and Finesse over J.B.?!

--It’s nice to have the boys back in Charming where they belong. I don’t even want them going to an Irish bar this season. Solid premiere that set up this season’s chessboard nicely enough. I’m loving Rockwood Dunbar as the new cop in town. He was great on Terriers and will be here. The Deadwood/Shield ties continue with Ray McKinnon who was the crazy Reverend H.W. Smith on Deadwood. He looks like he’s taken his crazy with him from Deadwood to Charming. David Rees Snell, Ronnie from The Shield also new this season. I’m looking forward to a Ronnie/Lem reunion. I find it odd that Kenny Johnson is still listed as a special guest star even though he’s now in the club. Lem has already had one tragic death, I hope this isn’t foreshadowing of another.
I’m not sure how the ladies liked Jax chopping off his hair, but they threw the girls a bone with a little Charlie Hunnam nekkid but-tocks.
Not enough Tig in this one for me though the little he did get may give us a clue where he and Clay’s relationship is going.
Silly Russians. Although the thunder Potter is likely to bring down on SAMCRO for the death of a federal agent may turn out to not have been worth it. But you knew SAMCRO wasn’t just going to forgive and forget the Russians stabbing Jax.
Nobody plays knocking on death’s door like Dayton Callie. I hope Unser gets to help out one last time before kicking it. I liked the “Wild Black Hickok” reference to Hickok’s best friend on Deadwood.
All in all a nice start with some strong new opposition.

--Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem?! Sweet.

--And your winner for Most Creative at the State Fair of Texas is “Fried Bubblegum.” “Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack” won Most Delicious. “Fried Salsa” was screwed.

--I am seriously addicted to Spotify and apparently Vitamin String Quartet. And thanks to @fidoz for s-l-o-w-l-y walking me through how to make my playlist public. So check out heydv on Spotify if you really enjoy artists like Slaughter, Ralph Tresvant, Kwame, Lords of Acid and musicians who helped me out with my Spanish grades in high school. You know, artists like Gerardo, Mellow Man Ace, and Kid Frost.

--Wilfred – “I swear the minute you take the di** out of bear’s mouth.”

--Nick DiPaolo with the best line from Louie last week: “You can’t talk to teenagers, especially girls. They're in a wilderness of hormones and bad ideas. All you can do is look at your watch and wait. And then around 16, they come out, and they either come out as people, or as whores.” It’ll be an interesting season finale as maybe Amy becomes a part of season three or not. Either way I’m sure it’ll be another great episode.

--Not much longer now until Community and Parks are back.

--We’re getting 7 and then 6 episodes of The Walking Dead as it splits its season. Hate that. Season premiere will be 90 minutes though. Like that.

--Gotta be tough to have a breast implant explode on you (in you?) during paintball.

--David Cross to Modern Family? Score.

--Texans, how ya gonna cut Dorin Dickerson the same week he tweet quotes Rocky V’s “Measure of Man”?!

--Quote of the Week (or last week if you want to be exact) is a pretty easy selection and comes courtesy of District Judge Kerry Russell who resides in Tyler. 17-year-old Corey Webb was appearing in front of the judge for shooting at a peace officer while he was escaping a juvenile detention center. Once the jury was taken out of the room Corey needed a bathroom break of his own. This shortly led to the judge telling Corey, “I don't know how you were raised, but peeing in a trash can in a state district courtroom is inappropriate behavior.”

--Remember when the Jaguars cut their presumed starting quarterback six days before their first game? Oh man, that was a good one.

Questions, comments or if you watched entirely too much U.S. Open over the weekend and actually find yourself pissed the bulk of the last two days have been rained out…

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