Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She robbed us blind - she took all we owned. And the boys blamed me for bringing her home.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Texans free agent outlooks that are probably out of date by now considering this rush week. Bonus! If you read all of these you have a 75% better chance of spelling Nnamdi Asomugha the next time you type it.
From @LanceZierlein.
From @StephStradley.
From @BigRon281.
From @StephenNaron. - less of a free agent look than a Texans overview.
From @Zepp1978.

--Walter White had that ass kicking from Mike coming for being stupid and brash enough to hint at taking out Gus. Stupid play Walter. Mike was at least nice enough to thank him for the drink showing he’s not a complete jerk. It was interesting to see Mike as shook up as he was because he’d always given me the impression no matter the situation he was pretty unflappable. But I guess seeing a co-worker sliced open with a box cutter by your boss will do that to a guy.
Great scene when Walt got his Heisenberg on for a second culminating in putting on the infamous porkpie hat. And then a little phone call told him to go home and the Heisenberg persona left as quickly as it came. According to Vince Gilligan himself on Alan Sepinwall’s blog it was the new guy, Tyrus, who made that call to Walt.
Look Hank we’ve all had our problems with Marie in the past but lighten the F up.
Needs more Saul.
Damn I love the way this show is shot. Everything from the (DJ) Roomba cam to that perfect final shot of Jesse in front of the thumping speaker. Always so perfectly framed. And I’m ready to go ahead and give Aaron Paul another Emmy.

Jim Beaver/Ellsworth from Deadwood and Ray Campbell/Kleavon Gardner from The Shield. Nice.
I never noticed last season, but Andrea from Breaking Bad is also Epic from Friday Night Lights and Maria from Men of a Certain Age. Not a bad trio to have on your IMDB.

--Entourage asks you to suspend belief a lot, but never has it asked more than when it went from Turtle tossing out a roach to a full blown mansion fire in a matter of minutes. I mean seriously that was a little much. Terrible ending to a not very promising final season Entourage opener. I do like Ari’s little personal crisis or maybe he just shines brighter because he’s the only actor on the show. Do Turtle and Mrs. Ari have a bet on whose hunger strike can last longer? Oh and Mrs. Ari and Bobby Flay?!

--There’s stepping your game up and then there’s Community adding Michael K. Williams as a biology teacher. Awesome. Although adding John Goodman doesn’t do much for me. I’m sure it’ll work out, but man I hated his character so much on Treme.
Community Comic-Con's panel.

How in the hell have I never watched one second of Human Giant?

--Amir Khan looked damn good against Zab Judah and/or Zab looked really bad. Zab trying to lie after the fight about staying down thinking the ref was giving him a standing eight or whatever was pathetic.
HBO showed about 15 seconds of hot prospect Gary Russell Jr. and that would have been much more preferable to watch than Amir’s domination. At one point Russell unleashed a combination worthy of Street Fighter II. Last I saw HBO was working on getting him on a Boxing After Dark card in September or October. Can’t wait.

--Curb this week made me want to eat Palestinian chicken. LOL.
Best episode of the season and certainly best non-Leon episode in the past few seasons. Having said that I’m ready for the show to hit New York already.
Larry - “The penis doesn’t care about race, creed or color. The penis wants to get to its homeland.”

--The last 10 seconds of Weeds were very promising. It’s nice to have Heylia back for however long she’s in the picture. Silas has done a really good job carrying this season so far. I have no idea what the hell they’re doing with Andy.

--First we had the awesome episode by episode breakdown of Community’s season from creator Dan Harmon. Now AV Club gives us a Parks and Recreation breakdown from co-creator and executive producer Michael Schur.

--Maybe it’s because I don’t think I’ve ever not liked Matt Damon in anything, but Adjustment Bureau wasn’t bad. Not to say that it was good, but as far as “romantic adaptations” go you could do worse. Surprised that description isn’t on the DVD cover.
And is it just me or has this been a crap summer for DVD releases?

All it takes is a hat AND to turn the door knob clockwise and I think that's pretty much it.

--Jeff - “What’s better than five meats in a cupcake?” Uhhhh…and he’s a favorite just to let you know how this season of Food Network Star is going. Also in the final five is Mary Beth who was called out by Bobby Flay this week, “This is the problem. Food boggles her.” Yeah, that could be a problem since this is, or was at one point, The Food Network and all.

--Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari no more? I had a good feeling about those two.

--A new Bonnie & Clyde? In the right hands this could be awesome.

--I’m very much down for Knights of Badassdom.

--I don’t need to see a clip to know Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man will be far superior to Tobey Maguire's.

--The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret on IFC is worth finding. I mean Will Arnett and David Cross. What’s not to like? Jon Hamm will be joining the fun for a handful of episodes when the show comes back in January.

--Jurassic Park 4? Yay.

--AP with an article on crazy people and their crazy fast food worshipping. People like Ben Skelton whose best man at his wedding will be one of the Chik-fil-A cows. 23% of Americans eat fast food at least 20 times a month?! Chipotle is nice and all, but what on earth would possess someone to eat at all 71 locations in Colorado? Well besides marijuana?

--Awesome season one Lost scene from Comic-Con…Barry!

--The Houston Press has been all over this story for a while and it just boggles my mind that this guy is still in jail. I’d have gone insane if I was convicted of child rape and had to spend years and years in jail only to have said child later say she made the whole thing up. Oh but then I still can’t get out of jail?!

--Tweet of the Week from Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal: "Hot Food Trend: "Restaurants," which are like permanent food trucks with tables and chairs."

--If you have the time and we’re not quite into training camp yet so I think you do…TNT.com is still streaming all of the Men of a Certain Age episodes for two more weeks. Watch and then get pissed that there are no more.

Questions, comments or if you just took a sip, smacked your lips and followed with “ahhhh”…


  1. The Palestinian chicken episode reminded me of my first trip to Darband shish kabob on Hilcroft several years ago. I was pretty clearly the only Jew in the place. At the table next to me, a group of men were loudly discussing how Yasser Arafat was an Israeli stooge who betrayed his people. I felt a little uncomfortable, but that's a damn tasty kabob.

  2. Yeah good food can make irritating discussion tolerable. However, if they were verbal texting you would have been obligated to say something.

  3. medinatime6:54 AM

    Zab Juddah hasn't landed a good punch since he was in that street fight during a street dice game on you tube. He was an overhyped new York boxer like Shannon Briggs and Michael Grant who never really did anything. Hopefully he is done. Russell Jr looked very good in that short time span and can't wait to see more of him in the future.

  4. Zab was the first boxer I ever interviewed so I've always kind of liked him, but he's never come up big when the lights are brightest. Can't wait to see more of Russell.

  5. I hope for Joe's sake he didn't make a mind bet that they'd get picked up for a third season. RIP MOACA.

    Man I really thought that was Mike who called Walt.

  6. Just terrible that MOACA is over. I like Damages but I'd rather have MOACA rescued by DirecTV than Damages


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