Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yes, here we go again give you more nothing lesser. Back on the mic is the anti-depresser.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I almost held out the full week before giving in and watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go. In a show where the last 10 seconds are almost always worthy of a “holy sh**!” The ending this week when Littlefinger held that knife to Ned’s throat made me scream a string of obscenities the likes of which probably had the neighbors thinking it must be Texans season already.

Why did you take your eyes off of him Ned?

We knew Littlefinger was playing the game 10 moves ahead of Ned and that he still wanted Ned’s wife, but I thought Littlefinger was going to string Ned along a little further before holding a f’n knife to his throat. Sonuvabitch! Ned really has only himself to blame for not heeding the warning signs and thinking anything in that place beyond himself would honor a piece of paper over pieces of coin. Of course we wouldn’t have had that ending if we didn’t have King Robert meeting a kingslayer boar. Damn. Mark Addy with a helluva performance as the King throughout this season.
We finally got back to The Wall where things are obviously heating up while simultaneously drastically cooling down. And best of all, look! A direwolf!
What looks like the latest in great casting – Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister. His scene butchering and lecturing Jaime was really good stuff.
A lot of pivotal moments on the Dothraki side of the world with Jorah Mormont showing his true colors and allegiance to Dany. And now Khal Drago wants that iron chair for his wife. He seems like someone who usually gets what he wants.
I don’t know where this is all going to go for these final three episodes, but I imagine it’s going to be epic.

--The Killing thankfully picked up the pace and gave us one of its best scenes since very early with the questioning of Belko. Last week I was wondering what sort of man would psychotically pound on a boulder while his friend beat someone else half to death just yards away. And this week we got that answer, a man like Belko. Yeah, he’s a different sort of cat. Since it became Belko-centric early on this episode I knew my original pick was now out of the “Who Killed Rosie?” pool.

--If you managed to avoid one SportsCenter piece over Memorial Day weekend I hope it was the “King of Dallas” segment by Jeremy Schaap. Bru-tal.

--I can barely fake being interested in who’s going to win between Dallas and Miami as the thought of either holding a trophy is depressing. What I don’t get are these 8 o’clock tip-offs. Oh well that should ensure I don’t have to see the championship celebration when the Heat win it in 5. Yay.

--Finally got around to watching The King’s Speech. Nice enough movie with some terrific acting, particularly from Colin Firth. Though I saw nothing that made me think Tom Hooper = Best Director.

--I also finished watching The Karate Kid remake which was entirely too long. Not as bad as I thought it’d be, but maybe that’s because I didn’t expect so many scenes to be lifted from the original. Reminiscing about the original during those times made this remake more palatable.
Wax on, wax off >>> jacket on, jacket off.
Crane >>> cobra.

--Matt Saracen is a lucky man.

Aimee Teegarden in Men’s Health.

--Very much falling into my not as bad as I thought it was going to be was Get Him To The Greek. It didn’t set a new bar for comedies or anything, but it was solid enough. Lots of good supporting roles for the likes of Rose Byrne and Elisabeth Moss and all too brief roles for Nick Kroll and Aziz Ansari. Somehow Russell Brand has yet to get close to the top of my annoying person list and I’m not sure how that’s happened.

Not much longer for a new season of Damages.

--I tried watching Greenberg, but got bored 30 minutes in and didn’t see much hope for that changing.

--Best movie I saw on what was apparently a movie weekend for me was How To Train Your Dragon.

--Why couldn’t I find Band of Brothers on any channels on Memorial Day? It’s as much a Memorial Day tradition as the NCAA men’s lacrosse championship and yet Winters, Speirs, Lipton, Buck, Bull, Malarkey, etc. were nowhere to be found. At least History had its traditional Pawn Stars marathon because nothing says Memorial Day and thank you armed services for your sacrifices than f’n Pawn Stars. Terrible.

Ol' Sobel. David Schwimmer was pretty damn good in that role.

--Incredible account of Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry who will become the second living Medal of Honor recipient from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

--Nick Diaz and GSP? Hell yeah. That is going to be so damn on!

--Let’s start with a name. India Couch. Now add the state Ms. Couch lives in. Florida. Yeah, she really had no chance to be anything other than crazy. At least she’s behind bars after beating her one-year-old because the toddler found her mom’s purse and ate some of the marijuana she had in it. For good measure India Couch also went after her roommate with a dumbbell because, you know, Florida.

--Quotes of the Week come to us from KPRC and The Houston Press or more specifically a trailer park not in Florida, but here in Texas. 30-year-old Brandi Fuller is accused of having relations with a 12-year-old boy a dozen times. The boy is or was her son’s friend. Police are currently looking for Brandi. Thankfully KPRC found Brandi’s sister so she could deliver this, “My sister has no problem getting a boyfriend. Why would she mess with a little kid?” Indeed.
I hope they can get a quote from the manager of the trailer park who is probably named Jimbo or something. Manager Jimbo (lucky guess) Cozad was asked if he was surprised, “No, not really. It really doesn’t surprise me because, like I said, I wouldn’t put anything past her.”

--Silk Road, huh? with perhaps the headline more people having been looking forward to than any other since the headline variations of Bin Laden is dead.
"The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable"

--If this DC Comics universe reboot is iPad friendly I may have to read my first comic book.

--I can’t tell whether Attorney General Eric Holder is doing a good job or bad job. But any Attorney General who wants another season of The Wire is bulletproof in my book.

--Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight separated?! Filed under: Things I Expected to Type in 2007.


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  1. Daniel8:12 PM

    As far as the last 3 eps of Game of Thrones is concerned, epic can't even do it justice. I have been trying to contain the hype for my friends that haven't read the books, but I'm not even sure I could hype it enough. Be sure to set aside plenty of reading time in a few weeks.

    Julie is all growed up, and I likey.

    How To Train You're Dragon is the beat animated flick in a while, and thats
    saying something cuz there have been some good ones lately.

    Speaking of dragons, you seen the trailer for Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet? The song they use is a cover of Zep's "Immigrant Song" done by Trent Reznor and Karen O. It's the balls.

  2. It will be no problem flying through those books. I'm about caught up to where the television show is at.

    Haven't seen the trailer because I want to see the original first, but now I want to hear that cover. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Truly an incredible story about Sgt. Petry, but after the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch scandals I find it hard to not be skeptical about claims the army makes and the Feds praise.

  4. Fair and sad point. Reminds me I need to watch The Tillman Story.


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