Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm the king of the classroom - coolin' in the back. My teacher had beef so I gave her a smack.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--We have a date! We have a date! July 17th! Breaking Bad is back for 13 assuredly fantastic episodes!

Good times...

--As you know I’ve been on the Aeros all season long. Well maybe not, but the important thing is I’m going to my first Aeros game since the days of Compaq Center. See ya there Saturday? What’s that? You’re not going? Why don’t you move to Dallas you commie! Aeros por vida!

--Saw this in a Richard Connelly post on Hairballs. High-f’n-larious.

--The Hangover Part II scoring about a 33% on! Wow, who would’ve guessed? Well besides everybody. I’d rather see Bridesmaids even though simply the sight of Maya Rudolph makes me violently ill.

--Sequel I am looking forward to? Zoolander.

--Tosh.0’s "Web Redemption" included the “Boom Goes The Dynamite” guy and an appearance from Gus Johnson. Needless to say, it was brilliant.

--IFC put together a list of five sports documentaries it wants to see. And since ESPN’s 30 for 30 who hasn’t had this conversation with friends? Anything wrestling-related I’m all in on. A Rosie Ruiz one on her brief Boston Marathon “win” might be the only track and field doc I’d buy into. Pete Rose? Yawn. USC and Reggie Bush scandal. Nah, it’s too soon. My favorite of their five would be a doc on Dock Ellis’ no-hitter on acid. Hell yeah. It could also include all the minor or major leaguers who, after hearing about Ellis, failed in their attempts to pitch on acid.

--Less than a month until the return of Louie, Louie, Louie, Louieeeee, Louie, Louie, Louie, Louu-aaaaaahhhh…

--I think Louie is getting paired up with Wilfred on FX come June 23rd. Still can’t tell whether or not Wilfred is going to be a keeper for me. put up the original Australian version online if you want to check that out.

--More testament to just how big the food popularity explosion has been. Somehow Sandra Lee got a five-book deal. She’s the absolute worst. Even watching Guy’s stupid Big Bite you may, MAY, learn something or get a useful tip. Zero chance with Sandra Lee unless you’re looking to learn how to tablescape a Cinco de Mayo party.

--If you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but always felt they’d taste better if they came out of a can then your prayers have been answered. The Candwich is finally up and selling. Sorry you still have to wait a bit until they’ll be selling BBQ chicken.

--Very much looking forward to Alan Sepinwall blogging the first season of Deadwood over the course of the summer. He did Firefly last summer and I watched it for the first time and it grew on me enough to get me to watch Castle every once in awhile simply because Nathan Fillion is all kinds of awesome. If tweets can be remembered I think Corey at will be taking a summer look at Firefly.
I’ll probably revisit Deadwood through HBO Go so I can play along with his reviews. I absolutely loved Deadwood during its run and can’t wait to get back to that motherf’n time and co**suckin' place. I loved it so much I didn’t want it to ever end and neither did my brother. So we never watched the finale. How dumb is that?

--Well done South Park. Well done.

--Looks like Battleship and Candy Land are going to battle it out for stupidest movie derived from a board game. Battleship does have Riggins so maybe it gets a pass and by the way Taylor Kitsch’s character name should always be Riggins.

--Abed in Cougartown. Nice.

--Now playing the role of Doakes (I presume) on Dexter will be Billy Brown. Maybe better known (or maybe not) as Death Row Reynolds from Lights Out. I wasn’t the biggest Doakes fan what with him trying to put away my favorite serial killer, but I always hated that Lila got the best of him.

--It is utterly ridiculous that a state with as much local pride as Texas will not allow Texas small craft brewers to allow people who pay money to tour their facilities to leave with a little alcoholic souvenir. Wineries can do it and breweries can’t? What sense does that make? House Bill 602 was going to allow breweries that option to let people take home some product with the price worked into the ticket purchase. Yeah, the bill never even got up for a vote in the state Senate. Apparently Anheuser-BuschInBev which I imagine isn’t hurting for money opposed this because it wouldn’t be allowed to give consumers their beers after tours. Don’t let the fact that they don’t even offer tours sway your thinking on this. Stupid common sense and logic almost got in the way of politics and money. Whew, close one.

--VH-1 is bringing back Pop-Up Video?!

--HBO reality series with Freddie Roach? Interesting. Peter Berg directing and executive producing? Oh hell yeah, I’m in. One of the cooler things I ever got to do on my boxing trips from yesteryear was meet Freddie Roach.

--I’ve got a good feeling about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

--If there’s a better way to start your day than a double espresso and a pack of Sugar In The Raw I haven’t come across it.

--It wouldn’t be a post without some sort of Parks and Recreation reference so you know you need to visit, right? Love the “What We Do.” Child star training.

--RIP Jeff Conaway.

Questions, comments or if you bought out Target’s entire stock of dill pickle flavored cashews…

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