Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now you wanna get back when you had your shine. But you run the same thing every time when you rhyme.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Louie, Louie, Louie, Louieeeee
Louie, Louie, Louie, Louahhhh
Nice to have you back my hilariously depressing friend. A nice mommy is better speech from one of Louie’s little girls followed by a Louie middle finger to the back of little girl’s head and we begin another trip down Louie lane. I liked Louie’s cooking scene after his daughter told him she liked mommy’s cooking better. The next minute was like Louie crossed with a typical Food Network cooking montage. Then the whole fairness speech after Louie gives one daughter a mango pop and tries to explain to the other, “Right now she’s lucky, and you’re not.” However kids can argue forever so he eventually relents.
Nice to meet Louie’s neighbors.
“Brother, you do not want your sister to die from pain, or lose her baby, because you’re awkward with strangers.”
I hope we see some of them periodically or at least see the tough gay guy from Seinfeld hand Louie an AIDS ribbon at some point, but that’s just me.
Love this show even if the premiere led up to a fart joke.
Deleted scene from season one where Louie envisions life as a busboy...

--I think Wilfred and I are going to get along just fine and not just because I have conversations like that with my dog though I hope my dog didn’t hear the part about possum ass being a delicacy. Best part to me was when Wilfred was digging up Ryan’s backyard because he was uncertain of his owner’s return. I can see some episodes being really good and I can see some others where I’m just counting the minutes until Louie. Either way FX has a nice Thursday night hour thing with this running its course before we get Sunny and The League taking over those time slots.

--Holy crap, I hope he’s only going to be referred as Mac and Cheese from now on.

--First of all The Crow is in zero need of a remake. Second of all I can’t see Bradley Cooper as Eric Draven. Terrible. You might as well remake War Games. Oh Jesus.

--Sports Show with Norm Macdonald and Onion SportsDome are no more and I think that should about end this never successful experiment. If Onion and Norm Macdonald can’t do it then I’m not sure who or what format can.

--Natalie Dormer who was Anne Boleyn on The Tudors is joining Thrones. It was only a matter of time.

--Falling Skies seems entertaining enough although I came really close to switching to something else as soon as an underdog reference was made to the 2004 Red Sox against the Yankees.

--50 Cent is going to write an anti-bullying novel?! Sure, why not?

--Who would buy Schweddy Balls over this? put together a list of the best movie drug trips. At 11 we get Drugstore Cowboy which I thought could be higher. That’s one to revisit. Big Lebowski at 10 was a nice scene. Something called Altered States at 7 that seems like one weird ass movie. The Water of Life trip puts Dune at 6. Training Day at 5 seems over ranked. I’ve never heard of Liquid Sky which is 3rd. Love Easy Rider’s New Orleans acid trip at 2. At 1 is another acid trip. This one from some old Vincent Price movie called The Tingler.

--I’m gonna miss Alicia’s tears and overall insanity on Food Network Star. I can’t imagine Chris who refers to heads as “dome pieces” and wanted to use grocery money on beer for himself is going to last much longer either. It’ll be a shame when both of those crazy people are no longer there for Bobby Flay and company to kick around.

--Quick, fun read from a Village Voice interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff on what I think will forever by my summer anthem, Summertime. Most importantly we get answers to the questions we’ve always wanted to ask like, “What was The Plateau and why did everybody go there?”

--I stopped keeping track of how old I am years ago, but I must be pretty old if Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s daughter has a band, Big Nils, that just came out with an album.

--There’s going to be a Morton Downey Jr. documentary?! Hell yeah. I loved me some Morton Downey Jr. back in the day and will never forget the time he taped his show in Houston and my dad took me. My dad even got on TV during those segments people stepped to the podium and did the whole raise your voice and wave your hands thing. I gotta find that VHS or at the very least the souvenir shirt I got.

--I can’t wait for these two guys to get a full-blown restaurant in Houston. Pretty pictures here.

--We head to Iowa City where one Dominique Conway is compiling a pretty impressive arrest record. It seems Iowa City’s Pride Parade was the other day and Dominique got into an argument with an anti-gay man who I guess was lost or something. Anyway as officers walked towards this heated argument Dominique took things to another level and threw confetti in the guy’s face. Oh the horror! Confetti! Can you even imagine? It might even take seconds to get it all out of your hair. The guy told police he was offended by the contact of the confetti so police arrested Dominique. Last summer our boy Dominique was arrested after punching a guy in the face. Why? Because the guy wouldn’t hug him.

--Tom Hanks is the best. As is any female on Spanish television.

--I have a couple of pieces of the old Summit floor because, you know, championships happened on it. Why in the hell would anyone want a piece of the Astros bench?!

--Great quote from Aaron Franklin of Franklin’s Barbecue in Austin which was dubbed the best barbecue in Texas by Bon Appetit. Aaron told Eater, “On one hand, first of all, I think it's really weird to say something is the best. And I don't think it's a literal kind of thing. On the other hand, it scares the shit out of me.”

--Smart Fries are breaking me of my Pop Chips addiction.


--It’s HBO. It’s Mike Tyson. So why am I not excited about the news of this show Da Brick? Maybe it’s the “Entourage meets The Wire description.

--I assume this to be true because I saw it on the Internets and it makes sense. This was the first year since 1989 that the Big East Player of the Year went undrafted. If you can’t recall it was Ben Hansbrough this year.

--Full Metal Jousting. It’s like you’re just trying to piss me off History Channel.

Questions, comments or if you’re pissed Ron Artest took Metta World Peace before you could…


  1. OK I went in to the drug trip list saying if the Trainspotting dead baby trip isn't on here then it's BS. Fortunately and unfortunately it was.

    I really enjoyed Norm MacDonald's show. He struck out a bit but he was always swinging for the fences.

    I saw The Crow at a dollar movie and to this day that is the worst dollar I've ever spent.

  2. I like Norm but didn't really like the show though I gave it just parts of two episodes.

    My like of The Crow may be in part because of Sting.

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM


    Is it me or did anyone else have Game of Throne withdrawals this past Sunday?? Sunday seemed rather empty and sorry Falling Skies may not fill that gaping hole....Spring 2012 seems so far away....til least we have the Walking Dead to look forward to.....

  4. Major void on Sunday. Falling Skies is pleasant but an hour of it doesn't equal 3 minutes of Thrones. That's why I'm burning through the books.


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