Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't stop won't stop no compromise. It's a house of cards built out of lies.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’d put something about all the changes here, but @MigM_ did it all for me. Thanks Miguel!
I will say it’s a shame the route 1560 has decided to go, but I guess it was inevitable. Chance and Frank made commercial breaks not only tolerable, but enjoyable and in the biggest of upsets, memorable. They worked and succeeded in giving listeners not only memorable commercials, but memorable events. That first year anniversary week was some of the best drunken debauchery I’ve ever witnessed. Hell I took days off from 610 just to be among these higher up the dial animals. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say they were the heart and soul of the station. Chank will be sorely missed there, but they will be appreciated by whoever is smart enough to hire them. C’mon Shake Weights give them a shot!

--Has Bob Bradley been fired yet? Why the hell not?

--True Blood is back and, um yeah, True Blood is back. The seasons have progressively gotten worse for me though I loved every one of Russell Edgington’s scenes last season. This season I’ve read some early positive buzz, but I don’t know. The cast is just so freaking huge right now and there are so many different storylines and Tara is still alive. I do think it was nice to push the story ahead a year so they could reboot the characters. I just wasn’t a fan of the explanation concerning the time and fairies and all that. Did I mention Tara is not only alive, but a lesbian MMA fighter? Yet I imagine that’ll be less annoying to follow than more of Jason and those freaks in Hot Shot or Andy’s “V” addiction or Sam and his shifty friends or the boring storyline with Jessica and Hoyt or whatever the hell is going on with Sam’s brother and Hoyt’s mother. I’d be much happier with this show if it turned into Eric and Pam going to New York and opening up a Fantasia there with Lafayette as the chef.

--Writing of shows that have sputtered as they’ve gone on. Weeds. Like True Blood, Weed decided to jump ahead in time. Three years to be exact with Nancy’s release from prison to a halfway house. The boys have been living their “Plan C” life in Amsterdam where Shane’s puppet marionette skills have blossomed. I’ve been so down on this show the last few seasons, but I’m somewhat intrigued by the premiere since Nancy seems to have some secrets she’d like to keep or at least keep away from her family.
Michelle Trachtenberg may or may not be giving Nancy some problems. Perhaps even clothing optional.

--I still haven’t watched The Office finale, but I do like the possibility of James Spader coming in and taking over Kathy Bates’ role.

--Jason Sudeikis and Eva Mendes?! January Jones is one thing, but Eva Mendes?!

--Color me whatever the color is for mildly shocked after Justin B. was eliminated on Food Network Star this week. It’s not like he was a threat to win, but he was getting better. I think, “Mmmmm, shitake that’s good” speaks for itself. If the other Justin didn’t have hipster glasses he would be gone by now. One guy has a look, the other actual food chops. It’s not Look Network Star it’s Food Network Star, but I guess glasses and a defeatist attitude can get you far on that show.

--Louis C.K. Daily Show. Nothing more to write.

--I assumed Tom Sizemore was dead, but he’s joining Hawaii Five-0 so he may, in fact, be alive.

--Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are already married?!

--I have a feeling the second season of Boardwalk Empire is going to take season one into an alley and beat the crap out of it.

--Are you as ecstatic as I am that The Marriage Ref is back!

--Emma Stone instead of Hayden Panettiere in Heroes would’ve been awesome. Damn that was a fun show until that first season finale.

--I’ve been waiting a long time for David Haye to take on a Klitschko because Haye has the personality the heavyweight division desperately needs even if he’s not a true heavyweight. So I’ll take Haye to beat Klitschko Saturday for no real reason other than I’m really, really rooting for him.

--Like this trailer for War Horse although somehow I’m crying right now.

--I’m really loving David Chang’s scenes with Kim Dickens on Treme. Now I need some of those shrimp and grits.

--Yeah, taking a sample of dog crap and sending it to DNA Pet World Registry in order to fine the owner of said dog seems a little extreme. Then again we are talking about Florida. The fine could be up to $1,000 or if you prefer they’ll put a lien on your condo. You may want to read the article because it contains sentences like this, “Feces identification is a booming business.”

--Kris Jenner has decided NOT to change her last name back to Kardashian. Carry on.

--I haven’t heard one person say anything good about Green Lantern so of course a sequel is getting the go ahead.

Questions, comments or if you’re off to New Orleans to eat your weight in seafood and then Atlanta to visit Richard Blais’ Flip Burger and maybe, hopefully Kevin Gillespie’s Woodfire Grill…


  1. As for Treme', I'm no longer able to couch what was once a mild annoyance with some of the acting in the series. I now have a raging hard-on full of indignation towards some of the scenes featuring locals who are non-actors. It's almost like David Simon is taking the piss out of me.

    Look, David, it worked on The Wire because you had some street-level hustlers playing.... street level hustlers. Outside of Antoine and the Kim Dickens story-line, I'm finding myself clicking the "30 seconds ahead" button more and more often.

  2. The show is ruining my memories of Lester Freamon. I just use it as a background noise except for the cooking scenes and, uh, well that's about it.

  3. Not sure if you're looking for New Orleans recs, but I'll throw one out anyway. If you're thinking fancy, skip all things Besh and check out Stella. I missed Misha and the guys doing some ridiculous, 10(?) course white truffle dinner there a couple years ago, but they were raving about it. Or maybe you had Scott Boswell on the show already and know what I'm talking about. If so, carry on.

    Any thoughts on Southbound going on hiatus? Can't say I listen to every minute of every show, but if I'm in the car on a Saturday morning it's a must listen. I'll even catch the podcasts if it's a chef I really like or want to hear from. I'm going to miss it.

    I know the breaks won't be as good without Chank, but how much did they contribute to the shows? Seems to me if I still like the hosts (and I do) that I'll continue listening to the station.

  4. Thanks for the recs. We had Boswell on so I was thinking Stella/Stanley so good to hear reassurance.
    Thanks for listening to Southbound. We had fun and I hope that came across.
    Frank and Chance laid the groundwork for the sound that distinguishes 1560 from the rest. The hosts are great and I'll continue to listen. I'm just fearful it's going too national and away from what made 1560, 1560. Their creativity was infectious. They'll be missed.

  5. medinatime5:06 PM

    Danny, what's going on at 1560? Are they becoming the corporate pile of dung that they so berated when they first came on the air? I love 1560 but 7 hrs of national talk has me going back to 610 more than I should. Nothing against Travis and Sean but their shows are almost the same. Im very interested to see what happens. Of all the talent they have why is Lance Z not going national? He is better than Travis, Sean and john Harris. Is the ship sinking?

  6. It's becoming CPODish. The hosts remain but, yeah CPOD. The ship may be taking on water but won't sink unless LZ leaves and then it will go down despite some very talented hosts. Brad and butter for any station is its morning show.


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