Monday, May 02, 2011

Butcher Me On The Court. Too Many Elbows To Report.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--My “Where Were You When…” - watching The Killing. Fitting. Of course I found out like I always find out news these days, Twitter.
I wouldn’t mind if Osama had taken a car ride with Stan Larsen. That seemed kind of scary. I did think it a little unlikely that a teacher who has been questioned multiple times by the police and told the police half-truths or lies would hang around Rosie’s funeral that long much less leave his cell phone behind. I was hoping this show was too good for a lost cell phone bit. Good episode though. I mentioned it before, but I’m thinking Belko may have some blood on his hands. And Mitch’s sister certainly doesn’t appear to be right in the head.

--Unusual final scene in Game of Thrones this week considering the big bangs it delivered the first two weeks, but I’m not complaining. It was a terrific, fun scene with Arya and her “dancing master” who basically channeled Inigo Montoya. As expected with a series like this there’s been a ton of exposition, but I definitely think business is about to pick up.

--The Office tugged at the heartstrings a lot during Michael’s proposal to Holly and then with the song to him two weeks ago so I was curious what direction they’d go in Michael’s finale and they just went with nice and simple. The bucket list of goodbyes was highlighted by Dwight, Jim and Pam’s moments. All were just pitch perfect closures to those relationships. I could also watch Michael try and hit that back to the basket bucket in the warehouse for a good hour without getting tired of it. Good stuff. However Gabe and Deangelo can die in a car wreck next week as far as I’m concerned. I can’t imagine this show without Michael and I hated that immediately after we said goodbye to him we couldn’t linger on that bittersweet feeling for a few seconds because immediately NBC ran its promo reminding viewers The Office isn’t over and there are still episodes left this season. But I think for a lot of people The Office ended last Thursday night when Michael Scott uttered his final, inaudible, “That’s what she said.”

Best Line of the Week:
Michael – “Hey will you guys let me know if this ever airs?”

--I need more Ben teaching Andy and April how to live like adults…assuming of course Ben can keep speaking to April in Spanish using the formal “usted.” Andy really does deserve his own fork.

--The Rock as Charley Pride?! The role he was born to play...well after the Tooth Fairy.

--I thought it was a joke when I first heard this, but apparently new Giant CB Prince Amaukmara’s siblings names actually are Princess, Precious, Promise, Peace and Passionate.

--Former Top Chef’er Angelo won the Greatest Burger in America competition. His burger included an egg, of course it won. Everything is better with a fried egg on top. Rule #1 at my soon to be unveiled Culinary Institute of America.

NOT the winning burger...or Angelo for that matter.

--If you’ve seen Future of Food or Food Inc. then you know how despicable some/most of the practices of Monsanto are. So the USDA passing off its responsibilities of environmental studies on genetically modified crops is ridiculous, right? How about passing off those responsibilities to Monsanto itself? Well yeah, what could go wrong with that logic?

--New York Times with an interesting article on tilapia. I don't think I've eaten it since Bryan Caswell told John Harris the best way to cook tilapia is to start by throwing it in the trash. I've never heard of it referred to as "aquatic chicken." "Americans ate 475 million pounds of tilapia last year, four times the amount a decade ago..."

--There’s going to be the equivalent of an Asian Chipotle? I guess it was simply a matter of time.

--UFC 129 delivered in a big, big way. I don’t even know where to start.
Ivan Menjivar’s short elbow that broke Charlie Valencia’s nose?
The spinning back first knockout from John Makdessi?
The new “man of a thousand suplexes” Rory MacDonald throwing around Nate Diaz like an older brother and younger brother in a moonwalk?
Ben Henderson’s off the charts energy?
The 20-second knockout courtesy of Vladimir Matyushenko?
Lyota Machida’s front kick that finished off Randy Couture’s legendary career?
Mark Hominick’s poor timing in starting to grow a horn out of his head during a five round war of attrition against Jose Aldo?
GSP? Well, that was just kind of boring and the same old, same old. But holy crap everything else on that card was very entertaining which I don't think is the word I'm going to use this time next week to describe Pacquiao/Mosley. with a great read - "An Oral History of the Beastie Boys." Never knew Adam dated Molly Ringwald or would have thought Molly could drink the boys under the table. I finally watched the Fight For Your Right: Revisited short film. It was even better than I expected what with everyone who is anyone in Hollywood in it. You need to watch it multiple times just to recognize all the faces and it also doesn’t hurt that the music is great and the direction entertaining. Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 is about to get some extended play.

--Florida is having a typical Florida week what with a fight between brothers over an argument of who’s going to “win” at Game of Thrones and now this from Tampa. Daughter of the Year candidate Pia Kirchberg wanted to do her 80-year-old father a solid so she decided to take him out on the town to let him select his own prostitute. Well as long as said prostitute would only cost her $20. Yeah, prostitutes hate when you low ball them and when your proposed prostitute is an undercover cop they usually arrest you. Father/daughter soliciting prostitution arrest sounds like a real bonding moment. Only in Florida.

--Another week, another outstanding Justified. It’s ridiculous how good this season has been and how good the season finale is going to be. I mean, there’s no doubt about that, right? Timothy Olyphant probably won’t get an Emmy nomination, but I can see where people said this episode would be his Emmy submission. He played everything perfectly and I can’t wait for the moment Dickie gets his and he’ll get his. We’ll just have to see if it’s quick or if he’s going to have time to cry about it beforehand. Hopefully Mags and Doyle get what’s coming to them as well though I’d be surprised at a full Bennett wipeout. What a great father figure Arlo continues to be trying to lay the guilt of Helen’s death at Raylan’s feet. Dick. That brief little snippet of Loretta would seem to make her a pawn in the season finale, no?

--I wasn’t sure what to expect from Four Lions, but I thought I would laugh more after reading reviews. Don’t get me wrong I laughed plenty, but I also found myself wishing I had subtitles on but it was on Watch Instantly so that wasn’t an option. It’s basically Idiocracy meets wanna be martyrs. Just about every time one of the guys was asked to explain his dumbassery it was gold.

--So uhhh, this is why the Rockets couldn’t catch the Grizzles?

--The Cardinals already have a ridiculous seven losses in games in which they’ve had the lead in the 7th or later. Some things never change, Puma.

Questions, concerns or if you’re ready for this…


  1. Yo-

    Ahh the best line of the week has to come from the Game of Thrones when Sean Bean says to the nanny that "War is easier than daughters". Enough said.
    Mentioning Game of Thrones... how about the disdain between the two families?? Ned's family and the Queen's family are not to fond of one another and I'm thinking there is going to be a few testy moments here in the new future.
    I really like the Killing...but the whole bit about a family member getting street information and then taking matters into their own hands is a bit over played. The police have been looking at and investigating a lot of people and they happen to come back to the school and talk to the teacher and "somehow" this is seen as he is a suspect by someone who "saw" the police talking to the teacher. Too much of a stretch for me. Seen it before. I don't like how all that came about. Its the same misinformation that was leaked at the debate and then used for politcal gain.
    Justified does continue to impress. Boyd's line about "10 in the clip and one in the chamber says so" was nice. I am not sure if it is Kentucky Law or what...but how Dickie was able to walk is beyond me. Whether the other party recanted or accessory is an accessory...right?? I agree about Arlo...once you think he can't get any lower....he goes even lower.

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    How about passing off those responsibilities to Monsanto itself?

    Wait, you mean "regulation" in this country is a joke of back room deals between the government and those being regulated for the purpose of getting over on the public and smaller competitors? Say it ain't so...

    Financial Meltdown

  3. Starks vs. Queen is about to be on. I just hope Tyrion wasn't involved in the assassination attempt on the boy. Like that little guy.

    I expected more out of The Killing considering the critical hype.

    I won't even try to figure out Kentucky law.

  4. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Lance is freaking KILLING it for the Cards

  5. Yeah he is. Good for him.

  6. Here is my take on The Killing:

    Bennet's wife most likely kocked Rosie out with hammer due to jealousy, Bennet gets there tries covering it up and maybe thinks shes dead wraps her up and they go to dump her but Rosie isnt dead wich leads to the running back in episode one. Another theory is that Richmond somehow is involved with Rosie and he gets to her thru Bennet maybe meet up at Bennets house etc. Because Richmond didnt want to blame Bennet, they are in this together somehow. But what happens the rest of the series is the question seems like the killer came out pretty quick but im glad it did. Game of Thrones is still bleeping good. Not feeling Will Ferell in the office at all, and no doubt a beef burger will always be better than a turkey burger.As for all this food stuff now tilapia i just feel like there is nothing that we can eat in this world that is considered healthy something always comes up about what we eat, So Eff it im going out Ron Swanson style. As always i recall telling myself no way im paying for that fight Pac-Man vs Mosley, but its Wednesday and im either going to order it or go watch it at a decent bar if i can find one, Damn It! I guess i can never give up on boxing as a fan. Anytime i can throw on my earphones and watch The Wire on my phone all over again its bleeping AWESOME! Thanks HBO GO.

  7. I like your first Killing scenario mire than your second. I don't see Richmond and Rosie having a thing at all. And I don't think the killer came out yet.

    I feel the same way about the fight this wknd. Getting sucked into it.


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