Saturday, April 09, 2011

Peace is a word I've heard before. So move and move and move upon the dance floor.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I don’t know Linda Salinas. What I do know is a lot of people care about her and it’s just amazing how the Houston restaurant and bar industry has rallied around her after her scooter accident. Incredible.

--Revival Market is as close to foodie heaven as I think you can get in Houston. I just made my first stop there this morning (Saturday) and I'm glad I got there as early as I did because it was packed by 9:15. It has everything from coffee that I'm currently wired on to a ton of Slow Dough items including pretzel dinner rolls I'm currently dipping in something else I got there that is damn good even if I'm not sure what the hell it is. Not to mention all the cookies, cakes and treats from Rebecca Masson and Fluff Bake Bar.

--Ray Romano and James Spader in for the The Office season finale too?! I repeat, James Spader!

--Lights Out is in the books and Patrick Leary will go down in those television history books as the heavyweight champ. The fight itself with Death Row was very tough to watch. I know boxing scenes can’t be the easiest to shoot, but this fight, like the Morales fight, condensed so many things that happened singularly in real fights and threw them all into the ones we were shown in Lights. It just didn’t work for me at all. What did however was when Patrick stepped out of his dressing room and didn’t know where to go, saw his wife and then uttered the haunting, “Who won?” I think they could’ve ended it right there with a scene of them walking out to the press conference. Either way this show wasn’t what I hoped for, but that’s not to say I didn’t think a second season would’ve been better. I think the show found its legs as the season wore on and could’ve produced some intriguing storylines.

Oh and Paulie Malignaggi? I was hoping Lights would’ve found some way to slap him.

--I’m a sucker for a western especially if it involves the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. So I’m down for Wild Guns. Just please tell me Val Kilmer can still play Doc.

--Another week, another outstanding Justified. Though how could it not be when Mags is throwing a big whoop-de-doo! The best part? We still somehow have four episodes left this season. I thought Coover was going to go all Coover on Loretta once he found out how much Momma liked her. Instead it was Loretta’s firing of the wet blunt salvo that started events in motion that nearly led to Dickie’s death (I was fooled) and eventually led to Coover’s demise. On the bright side Coover is finally reunited with Charlie.

The meeting between Mags, Carol and the always thinking Boyd was played perfectly. I still wonder exactly how Boyd got Arlo or Helen to sign over that land. I was thinking Boyd was just straight bluffing, but I guess not. If Margo Martindale doesn’t get an Emmy nomination out of this all of the voters should just take a few years off and reacquaint themselves with television.

If you’re curious about the dedication at the end to U.S. Deputy Marshal John Perry and U.S. Deputy Marshal Derek Hotsinpiller you can read more about them by clicking their names. They were the first Marshals killed by gunfire in the line of duty since 1992.

--Oh joy, Glee’s Lady Gaga episode will be 90 minutes.

--Comedy Central On Demand has Aziz Ansari’s “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening” up. Adjust your weekend plans accordingly.

--I watched the first Top Chef Masters, but even a Top Chef-aholic like myself needs a break and I think it’s coming now.

--I flipped back and forth from the Astros losing to the Rockets losing at least 10 times before I decided to give Christian Slater and Breaking In a chance. Eight minutes and then I went back to the Astros. What can I say? They make me laugh and that’s more than I can say for Breaking In.

--Netflix is going to stream Mad Men? Nice, especially considering we’re likely to go the entire 2011 without seeing Don, Joan and company.

--You knew this was coming and it didn’t make it any less awesome when it happened.

Ralph’s partner in dance, Karina Smirnoff is supposed to be in May’s Playboy. I’m shocked it’s already April 8th and photos haven’t been leaked online yet.

--Good for 30 Rock if it’s really going to end after next season. I didn’t watch it from the beginning but burned through what I missed on Netflix and liked it a lot. The last couple of seasons have been okay, but it’s not appointment television on Thursdays like Parks, Community, Sunny and The League. 30 Rock is the Olive Garden of Thursday nights. The menu and food aren’t exciting and, by now, very familiar, but you still like the salad (Tina Fey), breadsticks (Alec Baldwin) and the salad dressing (Tracy Morgan) works fine with both. Everything else? Reasons not to go to Olive Garden.

--Out of the shows on here I watch I complete agree with this TV Squad list of 11 characters who are bringing their shows down. Pierce and Ann Perkins rightly make the list as do some of the 30 Rock crew.

--Beastie Boys trailer for the short Fight For Your Right. It features everyone in Hollywood.

--As someone who spent hours and hours playing MicroLeague Baseball on his Commodore 64 it’s nice to hear the old boy is going to make a comeback. A new C64 will be out by the end of the month and it’ll look like the old one on the outside, but on the inside it’ll be a nice and updated. Can’t wait to see one of these.

--Pretty sure I’ll have a higher score filling The Name of the Year bracket out than I did my NCAA bracket. A well-deserved 2 seed for Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson. Over half of these people won’t have to change their name to star in porn. You have everything represented from Mercedes Bunz to Judy Graham Swallows to Dr. Loveday Conquest. When I see Quina Funderburk as a 5 seed I wonder if the committee knows the ball is round. Bilas’d.

--Drunk of the Week comes to us from Ohio. Ryan Stephens was leaving a bar when he came across a police car that only had a police dog in it. So you know how police dogs are always starting sh**? Yeah, this one was no different. So the cops hear their dog barking and come out and arrest the “highly intoxicated” Mr. Stephens for barking and hissing at the police dog. Mr. Stephens’ defense? “The dog started it.” Damn straight.

--I can’t keep up with who’s the sexiest for who’s magazine, but this one is Katrina Bowden for Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive.”

--A 21 Jump Street movie doesn’t do much for me with the exception of Rob Riggle as the lead bad guy.

--I’m glad to see Bob’s Burgers get renewed. It’s a solid show. When my wife is out of the house I usually have an H. Jon Benjamin hour with Bob and Archer. Her equivalent is a Kourtney and Kim hour. I don’t mind. I always look pretty good when compared to Scott. And don’t give me that “I’ve changed” crap, Scott. I’d sooner believe Kourtney is going to be a soap star.

--Congratulations to South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia for making it up to five suspensions. This one for showing up to an SEC mandated life skills event a little tipsy. Who would have thought it would turn out like this for a guy who keyed a professor’s car as a freshman?

Questions, concerns or if the first thing your wife officially did with your last name was take 3rd place in your office bracket pool while you finished some 80 or so spots behind…


  1. We went to Revival Market yesterday. Great Place. I want to go back when I have just one maniac kid with me and not two.

    You beat me to press on Top Chef Masters but I'll have something up hopefully later today on why this first episode was probably the last one I'll watch.

  2. Revival Market is going to be a permanent weekend morning hit for me. Doesnt get better for me than a coffee and pretzel breakfast.

    TC Masters just isn't gonna do it for me. Look forward to your post.

  3. Yo-

    Justified continues to impress. I like that even though Raylon is the proverbial bad ass on the show....he is still a regular guy and can get his ass handed to him by a guy like Coover. Because let's be honest..Coover was no small man and he was country solid. And he threw Raylon around like a ragdoll. Mags is going to rain some hurtin on Raylon for killing "her baby" and it will be interesting with 4 epsiodes left. By the way...can you or anyone please tell me what the HELL was in that bag that Ava blasted with the shotgun a couple episodes back?? Dude I'm serious..because whatever it was even Boyd was feeling a little iffy after that and Boyd isn't afraid of nothing. LOL
    Archer was funny as usual. Isis might want to make sure Sterling has NO assignments anywhere near a casino...3.2 million lost in 15 minutes...impressive. Oh and memo to Pam...that is not how one would go about funding a 401k...just for future references of course. Girl has got to do what a girls gotta do I guess.
    The Killing was on point. Not sure if you have seen the latest I won't say anything but the grieving of the parents is some of the best television I have seen. Their pain really resonates and at times uncomfortable to watch. Three days into this murder and I have not even a guess as to who killed this girl...writers are doing an excellent job of keeping us of balance....

  4. I liked not knowing what exactly Charlie was. Honey badger? I think Mags is more upset about Loretta was taken from her than Coover. Not that she needs any reason to stir up trouble.
    Missed Archer, but can't ever see postponing The Killing. Great stuff so far.


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