Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm gonna die gonna die one day. Cause I'm goin and goin and goin this way.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I know Game of Thrones is starting this week so it’s not like I need more television to watch on Sunday nights, but man I wish The Killing was two hours every Sunday. Nothing seems like a throwaway detail whether it was Mrs. Larsen’s comment about the cops last week or Holder’s phone conversation at the hospital this week. This is one of those crazy shows that you actually have to pay attention to while watching. What a novel idea. I'm glad Lena Headey will be back on my television. Seriously, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles was good stuff.

--I’m glad Thrones will be an 8 o’ clock tip time every week. And this week’s first offering is directed by that plagiarizing, bastard reporter from The Wire, Tom McCarthy? Wired with a look at much of The Wire cast and their geeky ways or at least what the hell they've done lately. I didn’t notice in the trailers I’ve seen, but apparently Carcetti is in Thrones.

--Michael Shannon (Boardwalk’s psychotic Agent Van Alden) as General Zod? Perfect. Do not follow Zod to a lake.

--Keeping with the HBO Sunday theme, Treme is back in two weeks. I really want to like this, but found myself generally bored with it last season. Although this season John Goodman is dead so I have that going for me.

--Nice piece on the Chron on Vidor native Joseph Taylor who plays Doyle Bennett on Justified. The pics in the column look nothing like the bearded sheriff roaming around Kentucky. I’m glad he didn’t get the part of Dickie because I’m having a hard time picturing anyone doing as good in the role of Dickie as Jeremy Davies has been.

--Nick Diaz may be an ass, but he never fails to put on a show. He and Paul Daley put on a spectacular one-round show last Saturday night. Nick survived Daley’s big bombs to win. Gilbert Melendez dominated in winning his fight. And because it’s a combat sport we had to have an incredibly awful decision. That was the “draw” between Keith Jardine and Gegard Mousasi. All you had to do was look at Jardine’s face to know the result or the judges could’ve, you know, watched the freakin’ fight. And they might rematch? Uh, no thanks.

--Props to Erik Morales who I gave no chance of lasting six rounds against Marcos Maidana, but El Terrible lasted all 12. He lost, but no shame in that. --If you’re not a fan of John Thompson, the person, the player, the coach and/or the broadcaster then this piece should make you very happy. This is putting someone on blast.

--Baseball helmet sundaes are nice, but baseball helmet nachos are where it’s at…

--Chicago Code has settled in and it’s obvious by now that it’s content with letting the Gibbons investigation be in the background to that particular episode’s conflicts. Best episode since the beginning, but just didn’t really care for the awkward scenes between the superintendent and her new driver/gopher/bullet taker, but that’s probably because I’m scared I’m going to have to add a /love interest to that. I already have zero interest in the other love story on the force.

--Juan? Juan Epstein? Is that you?

--$100,000 per episode per cast member for season four of Jersey Shore? Pretty sure that’s the ultimate SMH.

--Food Network Humor breaks down the next edition of The Next Food Network Star contestants. Looks like one horrific season. Can’t wait. I mean a “Vic Vegas” and a “Fit Chef”? Oh yeah, this is the break I need from Top Chef.

--“Finally, an answer to the question 'What if we scrape the breakfast dishes into the freezer instead of the garbage?”

--Fare thee well sweet Free Darko.

--Our Drunk of the Week is 15-month-old Dominic Dill-Reese. Yeah, 15-month-old. The family was at an Applebee’s and asked a waitress to fill little Dominic’s sippy cup with apple juice. Well apparently Dominic started being louder than normal baby in a restaurant standards and once he started hitting on the hostesses his mom checked his sippy cup and yeah, margarita not apple juice. No word on how Dominic got the hook up at the bar, but when taken to the hospital he did register a 1.0 blood-alcohol content. Impressive.

--Perry Jones going back to Baylor?! What’s the point of even having the NBA draft this year?

--The Big Lead has been all over Houston teams and for great reasons too! Like Gary Kubiak being ranked the worst head coach in the NFL! And Hunter Pence dating a hot Texans’ cheerleader! See people, Houston gets national run! You just can’t be picky!

--I have terrible handwriting. The type of handwriting that makes it pointless to take notes because I won’t be able to decipher them later anyway. So stop showing me up Nicholas Maxim of Maine! The fifth-grader’s penmanship is so exemplary he received a penman ship award actually named in his honor. Did I mention he has no hands? Showoff.

--Benicio del Toro got Kimberly Stewart preggers?! Now I can't get Rod's "Forever Young" out of my head.

--Regardless of when games will actually be played it is a very good thing that Mike Mayock is supposed to be joining the broadcast booth for NFL Network’s Thursday games. If we’re really lucky they’ll get rid of both Matt Millen and Joe Theismann. Congratulations to Matt Millen for somehow being the lesser of two evils in this situation.

Questions, concerns or if you really need to get your ass and more specifically your stomach to Xuco Xicana...

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