Saturday, February 19, 2011

Your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?" Aw, mom you're just jealous it's the Beastie Boys!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Radiohead. New album. Hell. Yes.

--Wonder Woman on NBC? Yawn. Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman? I’m in! Also in for pretty much anything JJ Abrams or Michael Emerson (Ben from Lost) do, so combining them for a CBS pilot sounds good to me…well except for the CBS part and the part where Emerson plays a billionaire solving crimes with an ex-CIA agent. Eh, nevermind.

Writing of the former Tyra Collette the guys at ApeDonkey were kind enough to let me weigh in on their Friday Night Lights series wrap-up.

--In bad actress and the role doesn’t help news we have Laura Prepon as Chelsea Handler in an NBC pilot.

--There’s nothing on after Modern Family and before Top Chef/Justified, but Mr. Sunshine can’t fulfill my already low expectations. Not even with Hurley in it.

--On the other hand I always have ridiculously high expectations for Community and they were surpassed this week. Outstanding episode from beginning to end and oh damn, that end. Levar Burton killed every scene, but nothing better than when Troy leaves and Levar gets off, “Oh well, more fish for Kunta.” The Reading Rainbow song never gets old.

There was a Firefly reference which is automatically 10 bonus points for any show. Actual character introspection that was as hilarious as it was revealing to each of Pierce’s bequeath-ees. Hopefully this is the moment we turn the chapter on evil Pierce.
The best 20 seconds of non-Troy/Abed Community this season has to be:
Britta: Hey, Hi I’m Jeff’s dad.
Jeff: Hi Jeff’s dad. I’m Britta’s dad.
Britta: What? Why?
Jeff: I dunno, got drunk, didn’t have a condom, and her mom gets freaky when she hears Oingo Boingo.
Britta: Oh God, I wish I could relate, but much like my son I’m a closet homosexual.
Jeff: Don’t apologize for that. You’re talking to the guy who banged Britta’s mom. I have no standards.
Britta: Well then, what do you say we take a tumble? I’ll put on a wig.
Jeff: That’s it, you’re under arrest. I’m an undercover cop.
Britta: It’s not illegal to be gay.
Jeff: It is here in Iran.
Britta: Not when we’re in the Green Zone.
Jeff: That’s Iraq, stupid.
Britta: Well what do I know? I’m Jeff Winger’s dumb gay dad.

And scene.

--I hope that’s not the last we see of Ira and The Douche on Parks and Rec. Nothing else to say about another solid Parks except: America, megaphone, Monday, butthole.

--Well done Office, well done. Everyone was great in their respective roles whether it was Goldenface, the bartender Billy, robot butler or simply the return of Rashida Jones for a bit.

--Even though we didn’t play too much with the other characters this week an episode with pretty much just Archer and Lana was really all you needed. That, Burt Reynolds references and a gator that ruins moments.
Lana: (Opens a cooler full of nothing but beer) - You’re shi***** me.
Archer: I know. A rainbow should shoot out every time you open it.

--Haunting video game trailer because you can never have enough zombie video games…

--Your “Do You Know Who I Am?” rankings 1. Miguel Cabrera 2. Legedu Naanee

--If you missed Tosh.0’s Crying Wrestling Fan Web Redemption this week you missed Tosh’s Ultimate Warrior impersonation along with superstars like Koko B. Ware, Sgt. Slaughter and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Yeah, f’n classic.

--I don’t want to do something like look up statistics and make a case, but seems to me that Reggie Miller should at the VERY least be a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame.

--Can you believe all these people going to see Justin Beiber’s movie right now? Suckers. The extended version of Justin Beiber: Never Say Never 2.0 comes out March 4th!

--LCD Soundsystem made its final televised appearance on Colbert. James Murphy knows how to put on a show.

--Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) on how to get a sitcom cancelled. Example:
Add a sprinkle of incest - They'll never admit it, but viewers love sex. In fact, they love any sort of titillation, with the exception of incest. So focus on that.

--The very long, but very entertaining The Complete Oral History of Party Down from Details. Not that you couldn't have guessed this but pot, Austin, Ricky Gervais and Galaxy Quest were essential in this show's development.

--Michael Madsen in almost 30 films this year? What year is this?

--Of course Mike D. occasionally reviews wines.

--Reason #421 why I love Twitter: No take-backs.
So when SD Padre outfielder Cameron Maybin tweets, “Never eat at panda express, sh*** had me feeling awful for 2 days…” only to find out later that Panda Express CEO Tom Davin also owns a minority stake in the Padres…well no take-backs.

--I assume everyone is sleeping with their partner on Dancing With The Stars so Cheryl Burke and Ocho Cinco having a “fling” is probably the least surprising news I’ll hear all week.

--I really hope that wasn’t the last we’ve seen of Addison’s Timlins on Californication.

--If you were wondering none of the Borders in the Houston area are among the 200 stores closing.

--Writing of haunting the first line from this Detroit News article pretty much says it all: A man charged with killing his blind girlfriend and keeping her plastic-wrapped body under his bed for weeks heard testimony Tuesday from a woman who said she had sex with the man in the same bed and complained about a strong odor.

--That’s the scary Detroit story, this other Detroit story that Jarrett brought to my attention is more along the lines of SMH. A one-year-old had a party at a Chuck E. Cheese. Isn’t that nice? Fifteen people were there to celebrate. Fifteen people waited until the hostess left their sight and then fifteen people took off without paying. And yes, they even took the birthday cake.

Questions, comments or if your bachelor party is tonight and all you really want to do is just take a nap...

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