Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You gotta fight for your right to party

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Finally got around to watching The Social Network and if there’s one sure thing at the Oscars it’s that Trent Reznor is taking home some hardware for Social Network’s music. The movie itself was even stronger than I thought it was going to be and I had high expectations. And what do you know, my hate for Jesse Eisenberg lessened in the process. Miracles do happen. I like Justin Timberlake and I know he wasn’t playing a very likeable character, but I just didn’t like him, the actor, in that role. As a whole though great stuff as I get closer to breaking past Oscars ignorance level.

--I’m really liking The Chicago Code. The acting and dialogue aren’t quite on par with The Shield or Terriers, but Delroy Lindo would have fit like a glove on either of those other excellent Shawn Ryan shows. I've even almost stopped calling Wysocki's partner, Officer Luke Cafferty.


--Nonito Donaire is a bad, bad man.

--I don’t mean this in a insulting way, but by far the best sporting event to take a nap to is the Daytona 500.

--That dunk contest was ridiculous. Blake wasn’t going to lose even though he probably should have. Dunking over a car, eh. Choir? No thanks. Stuffed animals and child actors? Huh? Good luck to DeMar DeRozan in getting the props out of the dunk contest.

--My bachelor party was last weekend and I estimated the time from brownout to blackout to be approximately 1:45. Estimated time of getting rid of that stripper smell? Still waiting.

--Nice little summary from IGN about which shows are the chopping block and which aren’t. Their “Endangered Series” list includes Community which I just can’t imagine NBC cancelling with as much critical acclaim as it receives and as much competition as there is at 7 every Thursday night.

--Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison?! As long as we’re on Glee, Diana Agron and her guy/co-star in I Am Number Four are no more. In other news Finn is still a dick.

Not sure Lea had access to a mirror on this particular day.

--Lucy Lawless just crushed every scene in Spartacus last week. We all figured Lucretia would kill Titus and probably with poison, but her scenes still played great and that’s a credit to her. Her little poison speech was every bit as awesome as Mags’ was in Justified. Just one more episode left and then it’s wait until next year for our Roman fix. One more episode with John Hannah as Batiatus is bittersweet. Although I can’t wait to see him end Tulluis’ life.
TV Squad’s Maureen Ryan interviews Peter Mensah/Spartacus’ Doctore. Good read because you can never gain enough wisdom from Doctore. Maureen also writes that the actress who played Naieva will not be back in the next Spartacus season. Might I add: Good.

Good future times. Good future times.

--Well of course after that awesome video game trailer for Dead Island went viral someone now has the film rights.

--We’re #1! We’re #1! Not in basketball, football, baseball or even obesity (yet), but in speed-traps! We couldn’t have done it without the Big Man upstairs (pounds chest, points at sky).

--We can work on that obesity #1 ranking if as a city we start installing these baguette vending machines. A fresh-ish baguette in two minutes? Sold.

--Animal Planet. Hillbilly Handfishin’. I don’t further explanation is necessary.

Questions, comments or if you can’t think of a better honeymoon than seeing LCD Soundsystem in New York next month…


  1. I've had my dislike for Leah Michelle in the Power Rankings the past two weeks but ended up bumping her for something else. As long as she keeps showing up at awards shows she'll make the cut soon enough.

    Good luck on the honeymoon sounds awesome. Our honeymoon was booked for Seattle and a Ben Harper/Jack Johnson concert at the Gorge Theater. Then the wife got bit by a spider and developed a staph infection. We had to cancel the honeymoon. We went straight from the airplane back from vegas to the ER for her to have surgery on the infected area. That's how you kick off a marriage.

  2. That's terrible about the staph infection but kicking off a marriage in Vegas sounds great to me at this point.

  3. Bit of advice if you ever find yourself doing the wedding thing again in Vegas, it was my second, don't get up in the middle of the night after your wedding to go down and play blackjack. The new wife might get a little pissed.

  4. Nelson10:47 AM

    That ref shouldn't be employed. How could he let that fight continue after he did the sizzling bacon dance? Roy jr. saying that was a good thing that could continue was insane.

  5. You can't let that fight guy on when a guy loses control of his limbs like that. I don't care if he's a champ or what his reputation is, you step in and they can fight another day.

  6. Hows, Uverse working out for you? I am currently getting owned by comcast for interweb and Cable with Direct Tv, Thinking of making swith to Uverse more bang for my buck. Do you recommend?

  7. AT&T is so incompetent at times but I imagine the rest of them are as well. I like the layout of UVerse and having Internet bundled w/ it. I'd hesitantly recommend.

  8. I've been pretty happy with Uverse. I would like to have MLB network though. Unless I already do and haven't found it. I definitely like not losing my picture when it's raining out.


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