Friday, February 04, 2011

Listen To The Abstract Got It Going On. Listen To The Ladies Come On And Let Me Spawn.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I like Lights Out and I like how it portrays the current state of boxing, but I really wanted to love this show. The only things I love are the acting from Holt McAllany, Stacy Keach and Reg E. Cathey and that's enough to keep me watching.

--I had reservations about Community this week since it was Dungeons & Dragons-centric and I was never THAT much of a nerd so I thought I might not get everything. I got it. And it was good. For the first time in a long time Pierce's role was clearly defined to us and the rest of the study group. You can't get much meaner than, "I got some fat news for fat Neil." I don't know if he's going to be the antagonist forever, but it absolutely worked in this episode. Everything did. From the narration to Chang having to give up his character sheet to Britta The Needlessly Defiant to Annie/Hector The Well Endowed...

And holy crap, Troy gave us the new greatest insult ever when he sighed and told Britta, "You're the AT&T of people!"

--The biggest compliment I could give Perfect Couples after two episodes is that it wasn't terrible. But this week's episode was just straight up terrible.

--Pawnee: It's safe to be here now.
Pawnee: Welcome Vietnamese soldiers.
Pawnee: The Akron of southwest Indiana.
Pawnee: 1st in friendship. 4th in obesity.

Tom: "She broke up with me. Didn't really tell me why. Luckily when you're the guy you can just tell people she's crazy. 'Hey, Tom, I heard you and Lucy broke up.' 'Yeah, man. Turns out, she's crazy.' That's what they always do on Entourage."

Andy: "Dude, that is the coolest sentence I have ever heard somebody talk."

That about sums it up for Parks and Recreation. Typical great f'n episode.

--Quick, which active NBA players have the most games in which they score at least 10 two-point field goals and at least 5 three-pointers in the same game? Not Kobe (8). Not LeBron (7). Some guy named Tracy McGrady with 10.

--Damn Tre, if you can’t make risotto you can’t win Hell’s Kitchen much less Top Chef. I know you’ve done it before and you probably should’ve just done it the same way. Line of the night, not surprisingly, was from Anthony Bourdain about someone’s pasta dish: “Some poor bastard in witness protection is eating this right now.”
Every week it becomes more and more amazing that Angelo or Tiffany didn’t win last season.

--A co-worker handed the Super Bowl XLV Live Auction catalog off to me and if I was a millionaire I’d just buy the whole damn thing. He told me he gets it every year and every year he’s interested to see which player(s) are trying to take care of money problems by selling items. This year’s catalog has Louis Lipps’ personal collection with pretty much everything Louis Lipps has ever been awarded from game balls to trophies to his 1983 Blue-Gray participation plaque. Sad.
The only other person offering up his “personal collection” is Dick Enberg. You can buy a package of 30 Super Bowl pins, press passes and ticket stubs of Richard Enberg for a starting auction price of $500. One thing I would love are the storyboard sheets he used to call the Packers/Broncos Super Bowl that has his notes all over it.
There are a lot of game used jerseys up for auction including a Brady Quinn Broncos game used jersey. Yeah, ummm “game used” might be a stretch since he didn’t actually play in the game. Of course the bidding starts at $750.
I need one of these Spalding “Executioner” football helmets.

I DO NOT want a Red Grange football doll.

Hell naw, I’ve seen Magic.

--Milwaukee’s losing streak in Phoenix sits at 23 games after Wednesday night’s loss. It’s been since 1987 that the Bucks have left Arizona with a victory. Their leading scorer that game? John Lucas.

--You know it’s a bad season when the Pacers sweep the four-game season series against you. The Cavaliers are having a bad season.

--Sarah Shahi. Esquire. ‘Nuff said.

Sucks when you lose a contact lens.

--How can I possibly keep my fiancee from hearing about a new Real Housewives? This time it's Miami. Oh joy.

--I like some of the new Nike Cooperstown Heritage silhouette shirts, but that goatee needs some work if it's supposed to be Jeff Bagwell.

--The Walking Dead back in July and not October? Works for me.

Questions, comments or if you’re wondering if the 21-course, nearly 4 hour meal at Alinea in Chicago can possibly be worth the $195 per person price tag…

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