Thursday, January 20, 2011

You wanna know why - because I'm. October 31st - that is my date of birth.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I was in Vegas last weekend so my time was spent gambling, drinking, eating and not on The Golden Globes. But I imagine Ricky Gervais was great.
And who cares about this week’s Office? David Brent is on, albeit probably very briefly, next week’s episode!!!!!

--The eating part of Vegas included Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzeria & Cucina, Jose Andres’ ChinaPoblano, Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar, Todd English’s P.U.B. and Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Not a bad lineup and Mesa Grill crushed it more than it ever has before. The “dirty chips” at P.U.B. are a hangover helper complete with fried chicken livers.

The only subpar experience was at ChinaPoblano. I assume eventually Vegas will offer up African Lion tacos like they are in Tucson.

--I had thought the spot at Caesar’s where the Pussycat Dolls lounge, sportsbook and line for Pure all meet was as good as it could get. Then I stumbled out of ChinaPoblano in the Cosmopolitan on a Saturday night at 9 into the mass of skirts that couldn’t get any shorter or higher (despite 40 degree weather) in no resemblance of a line to get into Marquee nightclub. Hot chaos.

--Did I miss anything while I was gone? What's this headline on
“Harris Co. man, 67, charged with sexting granddaughter.”
Business as usual, I see.

--Parenthood continues to raid awesome shows for their talent. This time it’ll be Michael Emerson/Ben from Lost making an appearance.

--According to the always reliable Winona Ryder the sequel to Heathers has been put on hold for right now and here’s to “right now” turning into forever.

--Writing of “business as usual” – Minka Kelly still hot in GQ.

--When I’m out of pocket for several days I like catching up on what I missed by clicking WWTDD. From what I gather, Christina Aguilera gained 120 pounds and then Alicia Silverstone ate her.

--I define success this week as not seeing a picture of Al Davis. My eyes are deliriously happy for my successful week.

--About damn time we got some new Parks and Rec.

--Great line on Lights Out this week from a boxing writer to Lights: “You think boxing’s gone bad? Try writing about boxing – for a newspaper.”
In life imitates art news…Evander Holyfield fights someone named Sherman Williams this week…on pay-per-view. Who on earth would purchase this?
On the plus side, on the 29th of this month we get undefeateds Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander.

--Rob Thomas from Veronica Mars and Party Down has a pilot order from Fox for a show called Little in Common about three Little League families. You had me at Veronica Mars and Party Down.

--Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the next Batman movie AND an upcoming appearance on Glee? Well, I’ll see her in one of those. Probably the one whose format allows her to keep her streak of nude scenes alive.

--John Goodman as a “shady military contractor” on next season’s Damages? Very promising.

--Modern Family just isn’t doing it for me since coming back. Maybe it’s not enough storylines where the three branches intertwine, maybe Sofia Vergara isn’t stirring enough chocolate milk, maybe it’s because the dialogue/plot has seemed paint-by-numbers. I don’t know, but at least Phil Dunphy remains gold.
“Knock knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Someone who doesn’t want to see their parents having sex. That’s why I knocked.”

--Maybe my expectations were too high for The Town because of the comparisons I heard to Heat and Point Break. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, I just didn’t like it nearly as much as the aforementioned movies or the outstanding Gone Baby Gone. The bank heists were great. Pete Postlethwaite (may he RIP) and Chris Cooper were great. The romance? Eh. The FBI’s incompetence? Eh. Or maybe I just didn’t like Jon Hamm and thought Titus Welliver was wasted. I will say this. Five years ago if you had told me Ben Affleck was capable of movies like Gone Baby Gone and The Town I would have asked how high you were.

--Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Friday. Starz.

Welcome back.

--In offseason reading we have Lance with the type of Drayton/Astros suggestions that you care about including a little person in a 10 gallon hat.
Stephanie Stradley with promising Texans defense talk. Just kidding, it’s realistic Texans defense talk.

--I gave No Ordinary Family a look since it has so many people I like in it, but I don’t think I’ll be giving it a second look despite the always deserving of a second look Julie Benz. Having Tricia Helfer appear in an episode is also a plus, but just not enough of one.

--Top Chef All-Stars really needs to have Anthony Bourdain on the show every week from now until the winner is decided. He was blasting Marcel left and right with awesomeness like “Foam? Why now?” and describing his dessert as “the epitome of god awfulness”.

Questions, comments or if you hit on all four football games last weekend, but you still regret not throwing down a little something on 800-1 on Clippers to win the title…


  1. I was very disappointed in Lights Out this week. It may be one cliche over the line for me and I still hate Catherine McCormack as his wife.

    I have Modern Family on my bottom 5 this coming week. Let's just say I think I've seen Jack, Chrissy and Janet in that same episode before.

    We loved Bobby Flay's Bar Americain when we were in NYC. I could have eaten the hot potato chips w/ blue cheese sauce all day.

  2. I can see why a lot of people wouldn't stick with Lights Out and especially the wet blanket wife. But Holt is doing great with the Lights character.

    It's hard to believe I thought Modern Family was right up there with Community last season.

  3. Ricky Gervais was awesome, If he could put all those bits on one dvd id purchase it no doubt.Boxing is literally pissin me off with this bullshit Manny vs Mosley fight, i swear i will not pay a dime to see this bullshit, And no 24/7 wont make me buy it either FUCK YOU BOXING! Minka is so effin hott as ususal, and if you havent seen this already (Antoine Dodson) HIDE YO KIDS,HIDE YO WIFE,HIDE YO HUSBANDS!

  4. Seen that classic of a video.
    And completely agree on the fight. I can't believe I'm gonna miss a Pac fight but I'm gonna miss a Pac fight.


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