Thursday, December 02, 2010

I got gold, I got funky. I got the new dance they call the Brass Monkey.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--"The Nuño and Raheel Morning Show at Night" had a truly epic night last Wednesday that I was fortunate to be part of. If you were unaware after every Rockets home game @Shrekxican and @Willinthe713 work their asses off to get the guys players for post-game interviews. It’s a hurried process because you don’t want to hold up the players so normally it goes reporter asks player who then tells @TheProducerMatt which player it is before handing cell phone to said player. Lots of room for miscommunication especially in a noisy locker room and if you have an accent like Shrekxican. So Matt hears “Luis Scola” and tells us in our ears it’s “Luis Scola.” We think it’s Luis Scola. Raheel introduces him as Luis Scola.
And now you click here to hear.
I didn’t even ask a question I just thought it was a prank Shrekxican or someone else was playing. Plus hearing the words “Chuckwagon” and “freeballing” together your mind tends to shut down. Well played Ron Artest, well played.

--The Sons of Anarchy finale was so damn good it made up for a lot of what I didn’t care for this season. This episode was all about the club in Charming, its machinations and finally exacting some permanent revenge on Agent Stahl and Jimmy O with the ol’ quadruple-cross. Opie/Ryan Hurst crushed that scene with Stahl just like he did when he told her “the outlaw had mercy?” This time it was, “This is what she felt.” Then to see her brains literally blown out like that, well damn! I literally jumped off the couch that scene was so good and finally ding-dong the witch was dead!
Chibs slicing up Jimmy was pretty f’n sweet as well though I’ll miss Titus Welliver as Jimmy.

Poor Titus can’t find a show where people want him alive.
A lot of us SAMCROniacs were pretty sure those letters were coming back in the final 10 minutes of the show to set the stage for next season and the next stage of Jax vs. Clay and that’s what happened. This season Gemma took crazy up a notch a bit too far for me, summed up with the gun to the nun’s head, but maybe it was to plant the seed in the viewer that she’s capable of something as insane sounding as being part of a plan to kill Jax’s dad. One of the best scenes of this crazy episode was Gemma’s conversation with Stahl in the jail cell.
While Katey Sagal deserved to not only be nominated, but win an Emmy last year Charlie Hunnam deserves a nomination in my mind this year. Or maybe I’m just blown away that Jax is the same guy who was Lloyd in Undeclared.

I pray for next season for Tig to throw a fist in the air and shout “Wolverines!” before wasting some Russians who I have a feeling want their $2 million.
When did Robin Weigert/Sons lawyer (also Deadwood and Lost) get hot?
Nice to see the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, reprise his Big Otto role for this finale.
One good thing about Jimmy being gone is hopefully no more Irish accents except for Chibs. I couldn’t understand half of what was being said in Belfast, but thankfully people were maimed or killed so I got the gist of it.
Next Sons 90-minute finale though I’m recording because there are entirely too many commercial breaks that seem as long as the program’s segments.
Sons had its usual outstanding soundtrack all season long with a little Irish twist thrown in a few episodes, but the music in the finale was pitch perfect especially the closing song which was in my head through the morning. Battleme covering Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My.”
Thanks for a helluva finale Sons.

--I haven’t started in on this season, but apparently USA is moving forward on its Burn Notice movie with Bruce Campbell. Nice.

--Inception out on DVD next week. Looking forward to that. And how did I not know about Dora: Inception?

--Like JJ Abrams. Liked the two episodes of Lone Star. Liked Sarah Jones as Zobelle’s daughter in Sons. Like Jorge Garcia. Like Alcatraz. ght? So Fox’s Alcatraz is a sure thing, right?

Apparently Juice doesn't hold a grudge against Zobelle's daughter.

--Washington Post lists its Top Cookbooks of 2010. Robb Walsh’s “The Tex-Mex Grill and Backyard Barbacoa Cookbook” is included. I highly recommend it. Great history lesson as well as standard cookbook.

--I caught most of Glee for the first time in a long time and seems like I haven’t missed much this season. After the second half of last season the only episode I wanted to watch this season was Britney. I think that was a wise decision. I mean, of course there’s a tie in Sectionals. Beyond that the old people should have won for “The Living Years.” Who votes against old people who summon the energy to get up on a stage much less sing?

--Sugar Land went with "Skeeters" for its minor league baseball name? Wow, the other choices must have really sucked. Pun intended, point intended. But congratulations you got mentioned on Deadspin.
Also a local story making Deadspin is Dumbass of the Week Jeffrey Paul Siebert who kicked a police horse on his way out of Reliant last Sunday. Bravo.

--I know Evander has to be hurting for money, but how much can he possibly make as a 48-year-old fighting a 45-year-old Brian Nielsen?! Terrible. Too much of stuff like that and too little of stuff like last Saturday night with Juan Manuel Marquez and Michael Katsidis. I mean there was no way you could get those two in a ring and not have an awesome fight. If JMM wants another piece of Pacquiao then I’m down with that. At least JMM has done enough to earn a shot, much less another shot.

--A 37-year-old Texas woman and now convicted sex offender known as “Mama Bear.” Sometimes everything just falls perfectly into place.

--Lone Ranger remake? Eh. Johnny Depp? I’m in.

--Also in for A Tribe Called Quest documentary directed by Michael Rapaport. I'd post the trailer, but Rapaport don't play that.

--There’s a Grammy Nominations Concert now?!

--I’ve talked about how awesome IFC has been with showing Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. It continues to be the cooler younger brother or grandson of TV Land. In January it reruns The Larry Sanders Show (Hey Now!) three nights a week. Also we get the goodness of Mr. Show with Bob and David. And to a lesser extent The Ben Stiller Show and Action.

--The Walking Dead is pulling in sick ratings so why wouldn’t Frank Darabont fire the entire writing staff?! Makes perfect sense. Can't wait for the finale Sunday night.

--It's getting hard for me to take Days of Our Lives seriously anymore.
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--There are shockers and then there is Tom Brady endorsing Uggs for men.

--If you were wondering whatever happened to Antoine Walker. Well he’s in debt, playing in the D-League and his former fiancée is now engaged to Ochocinco. There, now you’re caught up.

--Man, they're still trying this "Riled" Up segment on ESPN?! Let it or him go already.

--If I put the words “masturbation,” “Wal-mart,” “children’s toy aisle,” and “SI Swimsuit Issue,” together what state first pops into your head? Yep, we’re going to Florida.
William Tyler Black (ever notice public masturbator go by 3 names) is the 28-year-old who couldn’t help himself. First off SI’s Swimsuit Issue?! They still make physical copies of that? Anyway, yeah was busted back in September and made a plea deal that bans him from Wal-Mart or “any store where children’s toys are sold.” He also received two years of community control. Wanna know how he cleaned up his mess? Didn’t think so. Star Wars lightsaber and his shoe. Wanna guess what job he has or I assume had? Yep, substitute teacher.

Questions, comments or if all you want for Christmas is to learn how to play Kanye’s “Runaway” on keyboards or maybe key-tar…


  1. Daniel4:03 PM

    Evidently Darabont had to rewrite all of the episodes because he wasn't happy with what the writers did. As long as he's in charge of the show, I'm not worried.

    Sons did indeed kick ass.

    I know you said you were going to go ahead and watch FNL and not wait till it airs on NBC. Thanks for not spoiling anything for those of us that are waiting, but I gotta say it's killing me. You don't have to get specific, but is it at least on par so far with what we've come to expect?

  2. I'm not worried about Dead. Just a crazy change considering the ratings.

    It's on par for me. Makes it better that we know this season is the last.

  3. The only negative thing I can say about the SOA finale is SAMCRO needs to work on their secret code skills.

    I finally watched the JMM fight. Don't knock him down, it'll only make him mad and you won't like him when he's mad.

  4. Juan Manuel Marquez is a man. He shoulda played Salazar in SOA.

  5. The last episode of The Dead kinda sucked. I guess since I read the book and this is a BIG deviation from it. I think mainly is that it is not what made the book so good, people surviving in a zombie world.
    I quit watching SOA awhile ago but I think I was the only one that liked Stahl. She was evil, but Sherry Palmer evil that makes her good. I don't like how they went all pro wrestling with Jax pretending to work with Stahl but he told the club he was working with Stahl. Only Ric Flair can do a double cross like that.
    They need to go back to the 1st season story line with Jax's disillusion with the club and the club killing Opie's wife.
    Skeeter's is a great place for a breakfast buffet but a bad name for a baseball team. I still say Sugarland Express, plus we could have gotten Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel for the opening day.

  6. I'm glad I didn't read the books so stuff like that wouldn't get on my nerves.
    I loved to hate Stahl. But it was definitely her time. And it's definitely time to focus on the club again.
    Even the other choices besides Skeeters were terrible.

  7. Say it aint so Agent Van Alden, Say it aint so! Boardwalk Empire Finally left me wanting season 2 instantly. Damn it!


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