Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--If you’re into a TV gangbang (and who isn’t?) then check out this roundtable of gentlemen who on Twitter go by the handles @SteveintheKT, @fidoz and @bcstagg. Among the topics discussed is why bad things happen to good TV. And on cue Terriers was cancelled. I watched the first several before I got behind one, then two, then three, then what’s the point, then crap everyone loves it I should have kept up, then I’ll wait until season is over, then now I’m ready to watch. So uhhh, my bad Terriers. That’s on me.

--Having the season finale of Boardwalk Empire air on the date prohibition was repealed was either a funny accident or purposefully ironic. Either way it was a strong way to end the first season of a show I had doubts about three episodes in. The acting was top-notch, the directing superb, the season long conflict between Nucky and Rothstein was resolved as Nucky made his upgrade from half a gangster and did I mention the acting? Steve Buscemi and Kelly MacDonald crushed their scenes. But hell everyone on this show does.

I’m glad to see Dabney Coleman actually has some color to his skin because they did a good job making him look like he was on death’s door while he was being poisoned. I’m just not glad his new lease on life is going is resulting in collaborating with Jimmy and Eli to screw over Nucky. You can see why each side feels the way it does and I can’t wait to see what happens as a result next season.
Just like the first episode we got our classic gangster murders scene except this time we got a little Richard Harrow and his shotgun thrown in. Love that character.
Also loved Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky and am interested to see if Rothstein has his own Nucky-like problems with his “family.”
Van Alden got his sign from God. I don’t think he liked it. My one minor complaint is there was no follow-up on Sebso’s death other than to say it was a heart attack.
I can’t imagine a scarier Halloween if I was a kid than walking through a candlelit cemetery with a priest.
Next season more Chalky (LA Times profiles Michael K. Williams) please. Nucky has to have someone on his side, right?

As someone who has spent some time on the Boardwalk I could watch this show go decade by decade and would be fascinated to see the transformation of what it once was to what it now is.

--CDC we hardly knew ye. The finale of the tease of the six-episode of The Walking Dead is in the books and now we wait a year until we find out how life goes for our survivors back on the outside. I wish they had spent more than just one episode in the CDC. Everything just seemed kind of rushed. I didn’t expect to end this season with the bang it started with, but I was hoping for a little bit more than a drunken night, some clunky dialogue, and back to the outside. And now we have what Dr. Jenner whispered to Grimes. I’m guessing Mrs. Grimes is preggers with who I can only hope is John Connor. As for who the father is I think we can rule out Kanye, but beyond that I don’t know.
The best part was the flashback to Shane trying to get Rick the hell out of the hospital. An entire episode of flashbacks of how this group came together in the first place would have been awesome, but I guess that’s what you get when someone orders just six episodes for a first season.

How much longer ‘til next Halloween?
Uhhh, I don’t need to see Charlie Sheen on The Walking Dead as some cameo zombie.

--Top Chef All-Stars is going to be fun. I missed watching Stephen from the first season be oblivious to everything around him and his befuddled look upon any criticism. I can’t imagine he’s long for the competition among these guys. Looking forward to seeing how Jen, Tre, Marcel and Richard all fare. I’ll take Tre to win it all just because I think he got jobbed last time around.

--Somebody please inform the Knicks they’re not supposed to be 13-9. Only four teams are five games over .500 on the road this season and New York is one of them.

--While UFC strung together a bunch of decisions, but not necessarily bad fights Saturday night Strikeforce was knocking fools out left and right. To be more precise knocking out overmatched fools who probably had no business facing that much superior competition. I mean who thought putting Matt Lindland against Robbie Lawler was a good or safe idea? Dan Henderson crushed Babalu Sobral. Scott Smith is tough as hell, but he’s been a punching bag in his last handful of fights and Paul Daley went Paul Daley on him. Daley calling out KJ Noons = hell yes.
With each passing event UFC fans are quicker and quicker to boo. We all knew Nam Phan beat Leonard Garcia yet the boos reigned while Garcia acknowledged as much with Joe Rogan.

--The Patriots have scored at least 30 points in four straight games and have committed exactly zero turnovers in the process. That’s pretty good.

--Well scratch everything I said about how I was looking forward to how the Liddy problem was going to get resolved. I hope that’s not all there is. All season you’ve turned Liddy into a threat and someone cunning enough to get Dexter in the predicament he was in and then just like that Liddy turns dumb and somehow gets his knife to his heart?! All that build-up for a 10-minute payoff?! Oh what, now Quinn really, REALLY suspects Dexter is hiding something?
Who is this Dexter anyway? The Dexter I thought I knew wouldn’t be holding hands and showing so much affection towards Lumen. I guess it’s emotional progress or Dexter maturing or whatever, but it strikes me as odd for the Dexter I’ve known for several seasons. Or maybe it’s odd because Lumen and Dexter have about as much chemistry as La Guerta and Batista.

What exactly was Jordan Chase’s plan with needing both Lumen AND Dexter go to the house? It didn’t look like he was armed or anything. Was he going to jump both of them?! Jordan is supposed to be some mastermind, but I have no idea how he thought he was going to kill Lumen AND Dexter if Dex had come over.
If I never have to see Deb and Quinn have a serious, emotional talk again I’ll die a happy man.
We ever going to get back to the Fuentes that got away? Because those ritual killings seemed like a pretty big deal at the time.
Dexter had a nuclear bomb of a season finale last year, but this year I’d be happy with a single black cat firecracker type of finale.

--If you’re keeping score at home the Titans have now gone 13 straight hilarious quarters without an offensive TD.

--Remember Mitchell Wiggins? Apparently he and his former Olympian sprinter wife have some athletic sons including 15-year-old Andrew who is nearly 6-8 and good at his dad’s sport.

--Paste Magazine listed its Top 10 Comedians of 2010. Aziz Ansari is #3 and Louis C.K. is #1 so yeah, the list works for me. Although no Kevin Hart?

--The last time a QB pulled a “Peyton Manning” (at least 10 INTs in 3 games) it was called a no, not a “Brett Favre”, it was called an “Aaron Brooks.” Oh the days of Willie Beamen in New Orleans. Good times.

--Kevin Love is leading the league in rebounding at 15.3 a game and already has 16 double-doubles. Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki combined have 14 double-doubles.
Landry (Lance?) Fields of the Knicks has as many double-doubles (6) as LeBron.

--Have you heard of this movie called Inception? It’s out on DVD this week. Wired with an infographic that clears everything up once and for all…or not.

--Nathan Fillion wants to do Glee?! I may have to watch another episode after all.

--Wait, Dominic Rhodes is back with the Colts?!

--Restrepo is out on Netflix this week and at least on U-verse’s On Demand until Wednesday. I highly recommend checking it out. It documents the U.S. soldiers in Battle Company and their 14-month tour in the Korangal Valley of Afghanistan a couple of years ago. It is a raw, straight-forward film that puts the soldiers’ daily lives on display from the fighting to the negotiating and everything in between. It mixes the day to day life there with interviews (a la Band of Brothers) from the soldiers who were fortunate enough to come back home. Helluva job by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger putting this together.

One thing I never knew about or struck me odd, apparently there are a lot of Afghanistan people who have red hair or at least dye their hair shock red.

--It’s the first week of December and Jacksonville is all alone the top of the AFC South with a sparkling point differential of -43 which is a point worse than the 4-8 Cowboys.
Seriously the Jaguars, Chiefs, and Rams/Seahawks are all atop their respective divisions.

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