Monday, March 01, 2010

Fear and loathing across the country listening to my 8 track. I reached behind the seat and grabbed a Kool from the pack

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a hockey game like I looked forward to USA/Canada for the gold. And holy crap did it deliver. Amazing. Amazing stuff, but Canada has just too much talent and is too deep to be beaten 4 on 4 for 20 minutes.

--Damn it is good to have Chuck back.

--As far as health goes the Worst Fries in America according to Men’s Health are Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries with Jalapeno Ranch. Something about it having three day’s worth of saturated fat (63 grams). So 3,580 mg of sodium is a bad thing? Best Fast Food Fries in America goes to McDonald’s for its small order that will “only” cost you 11 grams of fat and 230 calories. Regardless of healthiness, agreed on McDonald’s.

--The baby episode of The Office is going to deliver (so to speak) this week right?

--Tracy Morgan may have just come up with one awful movie, but it's been worth it to see him in the talk show gauntlet. Daily Show was better, but this is pretty damn good...

--I’m surprised it took this long for Yelp to get sued.

--Why do I keep seeing the story on Carly Simon’s “I’m So Vain”? Who the hell cares who was so vain after almost 40 freakin years?

--Gotta love Memphis. So we have two 2nd graders and one spits on the other which of course leads to the other spitting on her. So Mama Price goes up to the school to talk to the other girl’s parents who weren’t there. After her arrival, “an employee reported a drunk woman was armed with a sword running through the hallways” or as it’s called in Memphis, Tuesday. Police eventually show up and see that Mama Price has a walking sword/cane and she confesses that she drank a 40 of Colt .45 before going up to the school because I guess that’s what good parents do.

--Dress Code Sign of the Week...

--As someone who waited table for far too long, I’m loving this story about a restaurant refusing to serve a woman who is a regular and notorious bad tipper.

--How the F was Blue Moutain State renewed?!

--Oh hell yeah, Boondocks returns May 2nd after what seems like a 20-year hiatus.

--Not that I'll watch more than a second of it, but Craig Robinson (Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) as host of the revived Last Comic Standing is a good choice.

--Nice try FlashForward, but bringing in Battlestar’s Baltar isn’t going to get me to give you another shot. Elsewhere Grace Park is joining Hawaii Five-O as the remakes keep coming whether you want them or not.

--Our Drunk of the Week comes to us from Bridgeton, New Jersey. ‘Twas there that a guy (name not released, which is always b.s.) got his drink on enough to cause someone to call the police on him for being disorderly. The police were actually going to be cool and just drive the drunkard home. That changed when said drunkard drunk dialed, yep, 911. He wanted to report that he was being kidnapped. That’s when the police just said screw it and arrested him.

--Comedy Central finally re-aired Aziz Ansari’s comedy special last week and ho-ly crap it was awesome. Nothing beats the thread count joke except for maybe anytime he talks about Kanye.

“If this was a drug deal I’d shoot Hotel Luxury Linens in the face!”

--That’s The Life and Times of Tim I was waiting for. Of course any episode that includes the priest is bound to be gold. Also an eerily accurate portrayal of Atlantic City.

--Likely the best piece I’ve ever read on Deadspin. Will Leitch offers up My Roger Ebert Story. Interesting story and you cringe to read an Ebert e-mail towards the end.

--Robin Lopez scores 30 and when asked what he’s going to do to celebrate he said, “I’m going to kill Bart Simpson.” Seriously? This happened? Nicely done, Robin.

--If you were wondering the Glee tour isn’t coming anywhere close to Texas.

--A Russian Jersey Shore type show set in Brighton Beach? Sure why not.

--Surprise, surprise Luke Scott isn’t a fan of the no guns in the clubhouse policy. The Shell station he references when he talks about that confrontation he had with that guy who brought a knife to a gun fight. Yeah, my record is going there one time in a row without being asked for money.

Questions, comments or if you still can’t believe you lost your iPhone over the weekend…


  1. Danny,

    This has to be one of Aziz Ansari's best parts ever. from observe and report i thought this ship was hilarious!!

  2. Chris in Spring10:04 AM

    If you haven't checked out Bill Burr yet, you need to immediately. I saw him for the second time at the Improv this weekend and I believe he is the funniest comedian out there.

  3. I've seen a little, but never a whole show or a YouTube marathon. Will do. Thanks


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