Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can I get a witness to testify. Open your eyes realize electrify.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Dude you are not crying about Tiger, really, I mean you’re not, right?

--Maybe it’s because I’m used to get something for nothing when it comes to the Rockets the past few seasons, but I wasn’t a fan of this deal initially. Of course, initially I got a text at 2 in the morning that woke me up so the only thing I focused on was Houston’s thin frontcourt losing what little explosiveness and athleticism it had in Carl Landry. And then of course the trade expanded to include the Knicks who I had to make sure still didn’t have Isiah at the helm. Yeah, Jared Jeffries’ contract isn’t a good one to have on the books, but he has size and can defend and comes with the size and potential of Jordan Hill and two protected picks? Sign me up every day of the week. It’s not quite something for nothing, but it’s A LOT for essentially Landry. Kevin Martin is the scorer at 2 this team has needed since McGrady went all McGrady. And yay Martin has a recent history of injuries! That said a career true shooting percentage of about 60% is nice to have. He should help Aaron and Trevor be more efficient scorers as well, hell Trevor can’t be much more inefficient. Hopefully Martin will make the difference in those close games that have been coming down to the last offensive possession or two. That he has a good history with Rick Adelman already is just gravy. This season was all about setting up for next season and now that’s take care of. A playoff spot is going to be very difficult to still achieve since the Suns didn’t jettison Amare and the Thunder is obviously for real. It’s going to be interesting to see how much time Jordan Hill gets and what he does with it. Oh yeah, how’s that “last laugh” working out for you Tracy?
March 3rd – Carl Landry and the Kings visit
March 21st – Rockets visit Tracy and the Knicks

That was fun.

--I think it’s safe to hand Locke/Terry O’Quinn an Emmy now as if it wasn’t after the premiere.
"John Locke was a...a believer. He was a man of faith. He was...a much better man than I will ever be. And I'm very sorry I murdered him."
Classic. I hope we get more of Ben being the Ben we knew before his meeting with Alex/Smokey. And it’s always nice to see Katey Sagal. How she didn’t win an award for Sons of Anarchy this past season is beyond me.

--I assumed incorrectly that Life and Times of Tim, The Ricky Gervais Show and Funny or Die Presents were going to be on Sunday. Friday it is. I haven't seen Funny or Die, but I'm sure it'll be better than Tim or Gervais this week. I was underwhelmed though Tim has always been big hit or miss.

--I’ve finally caught up and damn Damages Season Three looks ready to stand alongside Season One. There certainly is a familial theme they’re beating us over the head with. I just wish Patty Hewes was childless so we wouldn’t be forced to endure Michael’s awful “acting.”

--Disney is going to release Alice in Wonderland on DVD a mere three months after its theatrical release?! I’m liking that.

--Kevin Durant's streak of 25+ points sits at 26 games heading into the Thunder's Saturday night game. The last time he didn't break 25? Back on December 19th against the Rockets when he only had 13. The record is 40 straight games by a Michael something or other, Jordan, I think, don’t quote me on that.

--Black Dynamite is finally out on DVD this week although I think Small Wonder: The Complete First Season will be higher on everyone’s Netflix queue of course.

--Awards shows don’t make a lot of good decisions, but I’m down with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting the Oscars. Even better no Best Song performances. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll watch more than the opening anyway. And WTF, Sacha Baron Cohen was “considered” to host? Wouldn't want people to get too excited about the Oscars.

--Paula Deen is gonna do an episode of Idol?! Do they even have butter on that show?

--Duh, of course Snooki trademarked her name.

--No one has a lower cloth to skin ratio than Fi on Burn Notice. And that's a good thing.

--Wait, customers got angry that Burger King employees slipped hydrocodone pills into their burgers and fish sandwiches? Apparently the BKers weren’t happy with their jobs, but handing out medication seems like an odd way to show it.

--There are worse ways to waste time than play with Uncle Sam posters.

--Ain’t no domestic disturbance like a Natty-Light fueled domestic disturbance in a mobile home in Florida. Deanne and David Elsholz were having a Natty Light night when all of a sudden Deanne heard David relieving himself which is fine except he was missing the toilet by about 15 feet. So she asked WTF and he answered with five fingers to the face. So she responded with a glass fastball that hit its mark. Really just have to quote at this point. “Then Deanne ran into the bathroom and slipped on David’s pee.” David proceeded to kick her after she slipped into his trap. He got tired and wanted to sleep while she wanted to hit him with a glass again. She called 911 and went to jail for her troubles. He went to sleep.

--I love me some Doors so news of a new documentary is good news to me. When You’re Strange will be in select theaters (Anjelica?) come April 9th. It’s narrated by Johnny Depp.

--It’s not Dollar Beer or Dome Foam, but the Padres have lowered their 14-ounce domestic beer price by $3.50 to an even $5. Let it be the start of a trend (we can dream).

--You knew it has been bad in Chicago, but Rex Grossman is the Bears QB of the Decade?!

--I highly recommend catching up on Breaking Bad before Season Three starts a month from now. Now AMC gives you that chance. Adjust your DVRs accordingly.

--I didn't have high hopes for the Twitter-to-TV Sh** My Dad Says. Then it cast William Shatner. Brilliant.

Questions, comments or if this weekend you're going to try and get that crust right on your paella...


  1. Not sure if you seen the Epic Beard man on lances blog but that Shiznet was hilarious, " awww bring the amberlance" LoL, that dude is weak!

  2. You couldn't get online last week without seeing it. Of course it was awesome and of course you shouldn't mess with crazy looking senior citizens who survived Vietnam.

  3. Anonymous11:35 AM

    The correct term is "amberlamps"


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