Friday, October 16, 2009

Saw the convertible driving by. Loaded up the slingshot and let one fly.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Muse and U2 Wednesday night might have been the best concert I’ve ever experienced, at least out of the ones I can remember. Thankfully Houston got Muse’s last show before The Black Eyed Peas took over. I’ve listened to a little of Muse and liked it and after the live show I’ll be listening a lot more. U2 was U2 in all its over the top theatrical glory dotted with moments of reflective soul. No one can get a crowd in the palm of its hand like U2. An open roof made it all that much better. Incredible night from the floor at Reliant. Words can't really do it justice.

--No one in Houston’s history could point to second base or utilize a stopwatch like Cheo. NO ONE! Seriously Drayton and Tal, you just canned the first base coach what’s the point?

--Of course there are pink Snuggies for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By the way, nice use of the Snuggie on Californication last week.

--I did not think come Week 6 of the season that Kyle Orton (10) would be 9 spots higher in QB rating than Tom Brady (19).

--Aaron Rodgers already had his bye yet he still has a firm hold on the number of times sacked lead. He's been sacked 20 times. If you're wondering Matt Schaub has been sacked 8 times which is tied for 17th. Not only are the Mannings 1-2 in QB rating, but along with Matt Ryan they've been sacked the least amount of times (2).

--I hate you Darren McFadden.

--Damn you Balloon Boy! I believed in you. But I would have doubted it from the start if someone had just explained his family was once on Wife Swap. When a crazy almost unbelievable story breaks, can’t there automatically be a reality show history check. If your name comes up, can’t cops take care of real emergencies first?

--Cops at your front door because you just stole some beef jerky and a lighter from a convenience store? What do you do? What. Do. You. Do. If you’re Julia Laack of Sheboygan you refuse to answer the door and start blaming your children. Well, that’s until you get a bright idea. Julia had the brightest and went to the door and let the cops inside the house. Then with her children watching Julia stripped off her clothes to just her underwear. Then she told the cops sorry but you can’t arrest me because I’m naked. Yeah, they started to arrest her anyway and she resisted. At one point she spit in the mouth of an officer and that could not have tasted good. As she was being driven to jail she also mooned other cars because you can’t arrest someone if they moon other people or at least I think that’s what she thought.

--The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed had some interesting data the other day showing the median age for new fall television shows. Jay Leno Show = 55, I would have put that higher. Seriously who is watching this? I really would have thought Vampire Diaries would be like 25 or something instead of 32. Cougar Town is 46 which I guess makes sense. Two of my favorites Glee and Community both come in just under 40. I really need to catch up on Modern Family whose average viewer age is 47.

--How I had no idea about a book/website titled Get High Now I have no idea. Now I have the app. Get your headphones and have fun with this holophonic sound.

--Wait Fergie owns a piece of the Dolphins too now?!

--Of course a musical tour of Glee could happen. Soundtrack comes out November 3rd. Before that the cast will sing the National Anthem for Game 3 of the World Series.

--My man Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, is gonna be on Conan Friday night. They’ve been going at it a little so it should be some entertaining stuff.

--Indy has three players in the top 11 in receptions and just one of those is a WR. Ridiculous.

--Who has the most catches of at least 20 yards? Mario Manningham of course (8).

--If you can name just one of the top four yards-after-catch leaders you have problems. The top four in order are Darren Sproles, Dallas Clark, Fred Jackson and Tim Hightower.

--There’s a 16-DVD set of The Garry Shandling Show coming out?! Nice.

--Quote of the Week comes to us from that most progressive of States, Louisiana. There Keith Bardwell is a Justice of the Peace and denied an interracial couple a marriage license. But not because he’s a racist, no, it’s because he’s concerned for any children the couple might have because blacks and whites don’t accept mixed race children, according to him. And if he makes an exception with this couple he’ll have to make an exception for all mixed race couples. Mr. Bardwell, “I try to treat everyone equally.” Uhhhh…

--Cannot wait for Lost’s return.

--Oh no say it ain’t so…The Fox Reality Channel is going off the air early next year? Someone please tell me how Temptation Island 5 ends.

--“Are you ready for some tennis?” Nice to have 30 Rock back.

--Apparently something is in the water at Chicago’s Paul Robeson High School. And that something is vitamin baby-maker. 115 out of the school’s 800 girls are pregnant. No word on how many fathers.

--You can scratch Carla off of the new Scrubs. Ted is only in the first few episodes.

--RIP Captain Lou Albano.

Questions, comments or if you ever taped rubber bands to your face to look like Lou...


  1. Daniel3:06 PM

    With your taste in music I am shocked that you weren't in to Muse more before the show. Awesome, awesome band. Not playing Knights of Cydonia was unforgivable though.

    That stage was freaking ridiculous. My third time seeing U2, but the first time since the Popmart tour and needless to say they did not disappoint. Got to hear my fav U2 song (Until the End of the World) but Bono seemed to get a little lazy during With or Without You. Bullet the Blue Sky would have been appreciated.

    I can't yet say it was my favorite concert ever, only time and more reflection will tell on that. Don't know if it breaks into my top 2 of Queens of the Stone Age and NIN at Toyota or Ministry at Numbers.

  2. i just never made the time to listen to a lot of muse, but like i said i will now.
    one of my great concert regrets is never having seen NIN live. i can see Ministry at Numbers being at or near someone's top. so many wasted days of youth spent at Numbers.


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