Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oowah oowah is my disco call. MCA - hu-huh - I'm gettin' rope y'all.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--If you don't blink you might see our boy (what you don't watch FNL?) Landry in the Observe & Report trailer?!

--All those fans who complain about Houston not getting enough national run, well gotta love the pub for one of our Rockets getting shot and some of our athletes being involved in a prostitution ring. Represent!

--I wasn't sure how it was gonna play out over an hour and a half, but Will Ferrell's HBO special, You're Welcome America, was worth the watch. Although every time you hear the word "penis" I suggest you look down immediately. Pia Glenn played Condi Rice in what I assume was very accurate fashion. By the way Salman Rushdie who somehow once convinced Padma Lakshmi to marry him is rumored to be dating Pia.

--Rihanna in a remake of The Bodyguard?! Really?

--Quote of the Week comes to us from Ms. Lisa Leslie who may or may not still play in the WNBA which may or may not be still in existence. Lisa met the Barack at the White House and she takes it from there: "I was truly feeling like a kid at a concert who got touched by Michael Jackson back in the day."

--Or maybe the quote of the week comes to us from Deke who said after the New Orleans win: "Just because a guy doesn't play, or the coaches don't give him a chance to play, that doesn't mean all those young kids can come in trying to find a way to dunk. I asked him (Julian Wright) one time, 'Don't you watch NBA Classic?'"

--In a sign of things to come an Idaho economics and history teacher has started selling ad space on his tests and worksheets. Apparently the school had to cut back on the amount of paper teachers were using so he sold the ad space to a local pizzeria and now has paid for his paper the rest of the year.

--A nice review of the best finishes in already a helluva year in the world of MMA. My personal favorite is Matt Hamill's kick.

--Gotta like how the D-League is deciding its first round playoff match-ups. The top record picks its first round opponent and then the next best record does and so on.

--Test passed away at the all too young age of 33, but any life that involved having relations with Stacy Keibler was a good life.

--Because you want to relive every detail of the U.S. National Pole Dance Championship.

--Henry Rollins joining Sons of Anarchy? What took so long.

--What? Can't you tell that's Larry Bird and Magic Johnson? Are you blind? When you have waaaay too much money you spend it on advertising like this I guess.

--Cinematical was at SWSW and apparently they played 20 minutes of Bruno footage. You'll never guess, but apparently it was f'n hilarious!

--If you need to read Anthony Bourdain's review of all things food television (and you do). Here ya go...

--Nothing like that first game on Thursday. I just can't believe we start with such a fantastic match-up! Last year's champ against a big underdog to begin the real season? I'm in. Nothing better than Seattle Sounders v. New York Red Bulls to kick off the MLS season! Too bad that's the only game of the day. I just wish there was something else to watch on Thursday besides this and The Office.

--Chevy Chase and Joel McHale in an NBC sitcom?!

--Because apparently it's never too early for a release date....Transformers 3 - July 1, 2011. Is that an excuse to see Megan Fox. Yes. Yes it is.

Questions, comments or if you spent last Saturday afternoon basking in the dreary cold and rain wondering how you haven't been electrocuted yet...


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    No idea who "Test" is or why he's fuckin' dead at age 33 but if you're telling me Vinny Testaverde nailed Stacy Kiebler...

  2. i think we all know vinny passed 33 a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

  3. Time for Sounders v. Red Bull!


  4. the ncaa has some big brass ones to schedule against mls opening day


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