Thursday, March 05, 2009

a lot of people they be Jonesin' just to hear me rock the mic. they'll be staring at the radio. staying up all night

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Your Father of the Year candidate comes to us from the holiest of places, yep, Bethlehem, PA. Steven Russo is the 36-year-old father in question. Russo has a 17-year-old son and they decided to throw a party the other day. For some reason the community is frowning upon Mr. Russo. Something about not liking that Russo's basement has a stripper pole and he was encouraging some of the cheerleaders, "Get on that pole." Sounds crazy, I know, but apparently pictures were taken that night and adults aren't finding them amusing. Apparently Mr. Russo was a gentleman enough to not hit on the girls, but he did, allegedly, encourage one girl to take her top off. One 14-year-old girl had some Red Bull and vodka and then snuck out because Rule 1 at Mr. Russo's house is 'if you drink, you're staying over' because Mr. Russo doesn't want to get in trouble. I'm sure having teenage sleepovers/hangovers won't get him in trouble. Mr. Russo also has a 4-year-old who during the party wet his bed and, of course, he was too busy entertaining to change the sheets, but some girls did. For good measure last October Mr. Russo was arrested for stalking his ex.

--Did not expect to see Art Garfunkel and Chloe/Mary Lynn Raskoub on Conchords last week. Seriously, Art Garfunkel?

--10pm March 13th on the Big 10 Network Eddie George's show, The Big Ten Quad, debuts. Adjust your DVRs accordingly or not at all.

--Former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley v. Ken Shamrock on a Roy Jones promoted MMA/boxing card? Yeah, that's about right. Apparently this will be part of the card headlined by Roy and Omar Sheika that happens later this month.

--I was worried about Important Things with Demetri Martin after the first episode, but it's been in a nice enough groove lately. "What separates man from animals? Reasoning. That and last names."

--I hate cats. Always have, always will. But I never thought about interesting ways to make them entertaining to me. Some 20-year-old in Omaha has a six-month-old cat that is as hyper as kid on a pixie stix binge at Chuck E. Cheese. So he did what most guys would do in that situation. He decided to make a homemade bong that would encase the cat to calm it the F down. Somehow this idiot did this in a spot that police could see while they were responding to an unrelated domestic disturbance call. It's as if the guy was high or something. Sgt. Andy Stebbing, "This cat was just dazed. It was a little strange when the cat leaned forward and asked 'you got a joint?' and then my partner said 'no' and the cat responded 'it'd be a lot cooler if you did'. That struck us as odd." Some of that quote may not be entirely accurate.

--As if Tron 2 couldn't get any more promising now Daft Punk may score it!

--Some things in life surprising and other things are less so like asking Darryl Strawberry if he would've done steroids:
"Hell, yeah, I would have used them! Are you kidding me? I mean, c'mon. Some things are part of what athletes go through, and they happen."

--Thankfully Daryl Morey didn't have to laid down the law on Shane Battier like ABC did with Rob Lowe. Apparently Mr. Lowe was told by ABC to stop tanning because it doesn't suit his character on whatever ABC show he is on.

--I'm close to bailing on Heroes and would have already if it wasn't for Sylar. Pretty please with a cherry on top kill the cheerleader, save the show.

--Wait, David Silver and Megan Fox didn't break up?!

--Unless I'm reading something wrong the Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction tour is skipping not only Houston, but the whole Republic of Texas. That's unfortunate.

--In addition to UFC 96 we get more HBO Boxing Saturday night. Headlining is San Antonio's James Kirkland against Joel Julio in a match-up of 24-year-olds. One of whom is rising, Kirkland, while the other, Julio, is trying to get back the momentum he had a few years ago. Kirkland is trained by noted crazy woman Ann Wolfe. Their story is a great one and her training techniques are unusual to say the least - have James backpedal and punch a bodybag that's attached to the front of a truck she's driving? If you never saw Wolfe knockout Voda Ward about five years ago, well you're not going to see a better "You just got KTFO!" than this one...

--New Super Dave episodes on Spike this summer?!

--The University of Florida wants to build a columbarium for its biggest fans. Really, you don't know what a columbarium is? Hold let me make sure I'm right....yeah, like I thought a columbarium is a vault with niches to store urns containing ashes of those dearly departed.

--Because you want to know everything about Michael Irvin's upcoming reality show's gonna be called 4th and Long, will be shot at The Cotton Bowl and will feature Joe Avezzano and Bill Bates as coaches.

--Autumn Reeser and Tom Brady on Entourage if you still watch.

--Stoned? Try this...

Questions, comments, or if you think you're about six weeks away from listening to anything other than No Line on the Horizon...


  1. - I like that you post pictures of Megan Fox in just about every post. She's kinda like the carne asada at Guadalajara, any time is a good time and it just never gets old.

    - I'm amazed you've been able to stomach Heroes up to this point. I had to ween myself off of it after about 3 episodes of this season and then all of a sudden: the air felt cleaner, food tasted better, and I discovered a little pep in my step.

    - Glad to hear you on 1560 consistently lately. Keep the good stuff comin'.

  2. very nice megan fox analogy.
    heroes is very close to being off. sylar can't carry it forever and a lot of the "good" heroes need to be whacked immediately.

  3. Anonymous8:33 AM

    have you seen this commercial?

  4. That is awesome and easily the best thing Laettner has done since that shot.

  5. Mary-Lynn went from being a nerdy hottie to nasty when the photos came out of her an Rush Limbaugh kissing. EWWW!!!
    I would not get too worried about the Jane's tour yet. There were 3 open dates in between the Georgia show and the one in New Mexico. I will drive to Dallas for that show.

  6. i didn't know about the rush kiss. i have zero interest in ever seeing that picture unless some foreigner uses it to blackmail chloe.
    i'll cross my fingers for the Jane/NIN tour and will even put up with all the cowboys shirts if they play in dallas.


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