Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock shocking the mic as many times times the times tables. Rock well to tell dispel all of the old fables.

There's embarrassing and then there's......

Or maybe embarrassing is having Rick Adelman remain with the starters for the first 7 minutes of the second half. Or maybe embarrassing is giving up 124 points to a team which had two starters combine for zero points. Or maybe it's having four starters combine for five field goals. Or maybe embarrassing was every single thing about Monday night's beatdown at the hands of a Bucks team without Michael Redd, Andrew Bogut and Luke Ridnour. Can you imagine if the Rockets didn't have 43 free throw attempts?!? F'n pathetic! Not surprising, just extremely pathetic. Again.

--Seriously, Tracy has five freakin' games this season with fewer than 5 points?!

--The Rockets forgot how to play defense, but someone apparently has taught the Grizzlies. Two games in a row now Memphis has held its opponent to 29.5% shooting.

--Not a good week for the NBA losing Jameer Nelson, Andrew Bynum, Elton Brand, and Al Jefferson for most, if not all the rest of the season. Love watching Al.

--G-E-I-C-O is freakin' ridiculous.

--Boy, what a devastating blow to the Lakers losing Andrew Bynum. I mean only beating the Celtics by one in Boston and then handing the Cavaliers their first home loss of the season. Will L.A. even make the playoffs? Bynum was playing good ball, but he's not gonna determine winning it all or just getting there for that team. That's all up to Chris Mihm.

--It hasn't even been a week, but damn I'm sick of the A-Rod coverage. And how in the hell in these times does someone ask Barack about A-Rod?

--Baseball Prospectus released its 2009 won/loss projections. Don't worry the Astros are projected to finish a full game ahead of the 65-win Pirates for last place. They probably forgot about Mike Hampton and Russ Ortiz.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Great night of fights on Saturday with Joe Lauzon handling the bombs Jeremy Stephens kept throwing to get a submission victory. Apparently Lauzon wants TUF alum Nate Diaz next. Make it happen. Also a nice submission victory for Josh Neer over Mac Danzig. Matt Veach and Matt Grice was one of the best rounds of the year with Veach landing the last bomb. I do think with as much rope as the ref gave Veach the first time he got tagged Grice deserved a little bit more. Anthony Johnson continues to do nothing but impress and holy crap Luigi has to still be feeling those kicks.

--Important Things with Demetri Martin is Wednesday night and well worth a DVR. You won't be disappointed.

--Leo's girl, Bar Rafaeli, is your SI Swimsuit Cover Girl...

Brooklyn Decker, I assume, was runner-up.

--An NCIS spinoff with Chris O'Donell and LL Cool J?!

--Dwight and Jim = Best Party Planning Committee Ever. Is all of Michael's bad math every week really going to end up showing why his office's numbers are better than everyone else's?

--Seriously Jamal Anderson lines off a f'n toilet tank at 3 AM?!

--You'd think as a high school swimming coach that coming up with shirts that read, “Smashing the Competition, One Tree ... One Team at a Time” referring to a team member who fell into a coma after wrecking into a tree would get you fired. Nah. Maybe creating shirts for the girl's team that read, "The Wetter, The Better" would do it. Nah. It took calling out a student who quit because he wasn't named captain. "The Mascot is a quitter" was the shirt slogan that got Kevin Quill fired at the Connecticut area school.

--Chris Brown ain't coming back from this. No way.

--Leah is still on Top Chef how exactly? Oh yeah, Hosea.

--I'm sure student(ahem)-athletes enjoyed reading this from the NCAA regarding Vitamin Water: "Some flavors of the product contain impermissible or banned substances," and, "could result in a positive drug test."

--The new Dancing cast is out and let's see...we have the likes of LT, Lil Kim, Denise Richards, Steves O and Wozniak and some others including Julianne Hough's man, country singer, Chuck Wicks. I'm not sure what the betting lines say, but I think I'll go ahead and take whoever just competed in the Olympics. That'd be Shawn Johnson.

Over/under on episodes before she cries?

--Some lost bets stick with you for a day. Some for a lifetime. Washington has a player named Isaiah Thomas. Why? Because his father, a huge Lakers fan, made a bet with his friend, a Pistons fan, that if Detroit won he'd name his son after the team's best player.

--Obviously there are Gamers everywhere in the world, but some are more adept than others in throwing Double Rods. This cop in West Virginia hasn't quite gotten it down yet. His bad try did manage to get printed on 400 calendars. So how did the police department go about fixing this? That's right they sent cops out searching for the calendars armed with a Sharpie. They Sharpied out the mischievous fingers and redistributed the calendars. So thankfully West Virginians still have an idea what the date is.

--I've talked about that crazy ass A-11 offense here before, but now you too can install it for your son's team for the low price $199.00. If you haven't heard of it, well that's why Google was invented. That and to search yourself to make sure those pictures didn't get out.

--Promising Drudge Headline of the Week: 'TVs in contact lenses' in 10 years.

--Yahoo came out with a list of the 7 video games that changed the world. Pong and Pac-man are no-brainers. As you might expect Doom is also there. World of Warcraft is there, which I can completely understand. I can't understand Dance Dance Revolution making it. I'm not sure how that annoying game changed the industry. The other two are Guitar Hero and Wii Sports. I'm thinking Wii Sports is just a little too new to be on a list like this and maybe it's just me, but I haven't seen a ton of growth in that area of gaming. How is Street Fighter 2 not on that list?

Your Chun-Li in the upcoming movie.
That game spawned so many more variances of video crack. And shouldn't a Mario Brothers or Super Mario or Donkey Kong be on this? Of course it was my strictly arcade list I'd be putting 720, Paperboy, Ikari Warriors, Cyberball, NBA Jam, 10-Yard Fight, Karate Champ and damn I need to hit an arcade.

--What took Lil Wayne so long to get on Around the Horn?

--Well yeah Freddie Mitchell uses FedEx to get 7 pound boxes o' pot delivered to the restaurant he co-owns. In his defense he claims it's all one big mistake. His attorney thinks the cops are "celebrity hunting" because you know how huge a celebrity Freddie Mitchum Mitchell is.

--I mean really? Eight arrests of people associated with the infamous Michael Phelps bong party? Is there nothing better for Columbia cops to do than go after people who were at a party months ago? And duh the bong was on eBay with the owner looking for a $100,000 payoff.

--We head to Peoria for our Hungry Robber of the Week. 'Twas there a guy came home on Saturday night and saw his window was broken. That should be the start of a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad Saturday. Instead it was just a broken window and a mess. Apparently the intruder looked through the window and saw the guy's steak defrosting. The intruder decided to help himself to it. Jerk didn't even bother to wash the dishes.

Questions, comments or if you think your girl saying, "Yeah, staying home and watching the dunk contest and HBO's boxing tripleheader will be the perfect way to spend Valentine's" is a trap...


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Haven't seen much growth in the Wii "area" of gaming? Checkout the sales numbers, Wii sports has already become gaming's all-time best selling title.

  2. Maybe "growth" isn't the right word, but I don't see other titles spinning off of it or Sports opening up a new road of games. Wii Fit hasn't really taken hold and I'm not sure if Sports is gonna be more than just a great novelty act. I've played other Wii games, but Sports is the only one that works for me.

  3. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I see your point.

    Just got the 1560 the Game newsletter. Congrats!! Great to see you'll be back on Houston's airwaves and with a station that isn't a corporate pile of dung.

  4. Yea, not a single fighting game on the list. Come on! As for the wii, I can't wait for wii Punch Out!! Looks to be fun as hell.

    Congrats on 1560! That's awesome.

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    RE: Phelps
    How'd the Columbia PD not place the bong under arrest as well? To me, it's like the handgun issue; get all the bongs off the street...er, out from behind the couch, and the problem will correct itself. Either way, Phelps always looked like a stoner to me; all the way back to his Head Coaching days at Notre Dame.

  6. you can't believe how good it is to get out from under that pile of dung.

    wii punch-out should be strong as long as we get the likes of glass joe and bald bull. i'm not a big fan of wii boxing, but it might be because i stand there thinking i'm pacquiao jumping all over the place.

    is digger phelps a pot type of stoner or smell his highlighter type of stoner?

  7. Cyberball is great. Got to play it at Joystix not too long ago though I think the cabinet has been bought since then.

  8. i need to get over to joystix. many a night "working" in the mall i took hour or two hour breaks to play cyberball against a tilt manager.

  9. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Danny, I watched "Important Things" last night and, well, I thought it was pretty lame.

  10. sorry i steered you wrong. between lost and the duke/unc game i dvr'd it for tonight. i've been a fan of demetri's for a long time so i'm pretty sure i'll like it no matter what. it certainly can't be any worse than some of comedy central's offerings in that spot before daily show lately i.e. lewis black and david alan grier's shows.

  11. Anonymous9:15 AM

    You didn't steer me wrong, I've seen his act on Comedy Central before and I was looking forward to it too. I liked his "gitboard" character in Flight of the Conchords. But really, the new show was just not real funny.


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