Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go

Look, Words!

The good is that the Celtics have lost 5 of their last 7 including Tuesday against the freakin' Bobcats. The bad is that the Rockets have lost 6 out of their last 9 including 5 straight on the road. The ugly is Rick Adelman's decisions lately/Tracy McGrady's consistent inconsistency/Aaron Brooks' shooting/Artest and Battier missing more games, but hey Deke's back! It's pointless to look at the conference standings. It hasn't been the prettiest road to 21-15, but the Rockets are and will be one of the nine in contention for the final eight. Things could not have started much worse in these first 36 considering the multitude of injuries and road games. After this 5-game roadie Houston has just one 3-game trip left while staying at home for a 5-game stand and a 6-gamer in mid-February. The important thing is Tracy is gonna "have the last laugh." Of course, Tracy had to actually look at himself on video to realize he wasn't playing hard so...

--If the Bobcats can do it can't the Rockets?

--Really DeShawn Stevenson, you have to heckle LeBron when you're not even playing and you're sitting on the bench in street clothes? Really? By the way Cavaliers, I'm thinking you can stop with five different jerseys this season. Six may just be overkill. Maybe.

--Jose Calderon's recent injury in that Rockets game has kept him from going past Calvin Murphy for most consecutive free throws made. Calderon is at 72 while Murphy's record is 78. Calvin was dropped out of the record books by Sacramento's Kevin Martin. Martin is coming back after missing most of the season and he came back from the bench. Yeah, his first two outings were for 45 and 36 points. Those 81 points just 1 better than Calvin's record point total for most points in consecutive games off the bench. Oh and Martin is back in the starting lineup. Ya think?! Because you need to know this…the record for most points off the bench since the merger is fiddy from Nick Anderson back in '93.

--Congratulations to Kenny Thomas for getting minutes on Monday for the first time since December of the year 2007. He's a King in case you didn't know or forgot. Over 8 million dollars this season and next as well. God bless the NBA.

--The list of players with 5 interceptions in their first 3 playoff games includes an Oiler, so I list. Ed Reed, Aeneas Williams and Vernon Perry from the Luv Ya Blue days.

--Steve Smith an AP Offensive Player of the Year vote, but not the man, the myth, the Dre who led the league in receptions and receiving yardage?

--Asante Samuel set an NFL record last weekend with his fourth pick returned for a TD. As Elias points out Asante now has scored as many postseason TDs as Walter Payton and Marvin Harrison combined.

--Peyton Manning wasn't particularly good, but his sixth 300-yard passing game in the playoffs tied him with Joe Montana for the league's postseason record.

-- Steelers didn't allow a 100-yard rusher or 300-yard passer in 2008 and they ain't starting with Philip Rivers and Darren Sproles.

--Of course, division-winning teams shouldn't host a playoff game against a team with a better regular season record. But how jacked up is it also that the number 1 seed in each conference has to face the more dangerous wild card than the easier division winner. You think the Titans wouldn't rather be facing the Chargers than the Ravens? Or the Giants rather be facing the Cardinals than the Eagles?

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Carrie Underwood and Ottawa Senator (that's hockey) Mike Fisher?!

--Nitro from Gladiators is coming out with a memoir?! Get ready for a very surprising title....Gladiator: A True Story of 'Roids, Rage and Redemption.

--This is the Most Valuable Link of the New TV Season...

--The land of jorts gives us our Babysitting Tip O' The Week....When babysitting try not to step on the kid's foot. Some kids are like the 4-year-old Nathan Beavers had the misfortune of babysitting at an Ohio trailer park. Nathan stepped on the kid's foot. Kid cried. Kid went to the closet, got a shotgun and boom goes the shotgun. Fortunately for Nathan 4-year-olds who don't have a Wii aren't exactly masters at targeting so Nathan got off with some minor injuries.

--Maybe that 4-year-old can grow into a responsible 6-year-old like the one in Virginia. Little man missed the bus and moms was asleep. What to do? What to do? Little man grabbed the keys to the Taurus and took off. He had 11 and a half miles to get to school. He made it 10 miles running off the road pretty much the entire way until an embankment and a utility pole ended the ride to school. He had some minor injuries and the cops were nice enough to take him the rest of the way to school.

--Upset of the Year: Alyssa Milano engaged, but NOT to a baseball player.

--Is every new Food Network show hosted by either Guy or Ted Allen? The last line of Chopped really isn't "you have been chopped" is it? It's been a while since we've gotten new Top Chefs so just to refresh your memory...

--Usually it takes a Mother of the Year candidate months, if not years to put herself in contention for the coveted award. Allanah Earley of Tennes...Connecticut? Okay, Allanah Earley of Connecticut needed just three weeks to make her a contender. Allanah took her three-week-old to a bar for obvious reasons. Booze and breastfeeding. She told police (they got involved?) she had 7 drinks there before wandering out in the cold with the little one. She made her way to a friend's house for more drinks before the cops came a calling.

--I was very late on the Netflix bandwagon, but LG TVs are going to start producing models that will be able to stream Netflix without any other cables or boxes.

--Are you prepared for some absolutely shocking news? Researchers looked at 500 random MySpace profiles of 18-year-olds and 54% of those punks discuss sex, drugs and violence. 46% of those studied are apparently nerds who will soon make enough money to buy all the drugs, sex and mma ppvs they want.

--Versus is going with "Show Me Your V" as its slogan?! Tracy McGrady and Ron Artest will play three consecutive games together before I actually know where Versus is on my lineup.

Questions, comments, or if you learned on History Channel this week that Vainglory was the 8th sin, but that ol' crazy Pope Gregory I wanted to trim 8 sins to 7 because of 7's holy significance or he liked alliteration. One of those...


  1. Speaking of kids driving cars...


    He's a cheeky little bastard, yet I can't help, but love the line "Doing hoodrat stuff with my friends". Just freaking awesome.

    BTW, I really dig your blog in case you couldn't tell. I'm sorry that 610 is apparently becoming gradually more brain dead with each passing year. I hope you catch on with 1560 and maybe start a night show with them.

  2. a durango v. taurus face-off for pink slips between those kids would be strong. latarian owns the mic.

    thanks for the link and reading. i can't say anything bad about 610's management....i mean good.


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