Friday, September 05, 2008

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed. Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--"Lem was family." Cue the bad ass f'n intro music and boom the final season of The Shield is underway.

--All-time greatest guest on Daily Show is now and forever will be the man, the myth, the Brian Williams?

--Police now have dogs that can sniff out pirated DVDs?!

--Your Best Attempted Bribe of the Week comes to us from Iowa City. 'Twas there that Mark Booth was pulled over for driving without his headlights on. Big surprise that Mark was a little tipsy. So Mark fails the breathalyzer and is getting arrested. Time to throw out a bribe. Money? Offer girlfriend up for relations? Foot massage? Nah, Mark offered the cop, "free Jimmy John's sandwiches if he was allowed to go home." Somehow the cop refused. By the way, offering an officer of the law a shout-out on the air also does not work.

--UFC 88 this weekend and it looks fantastic and I can't wait to see Dan Henderson against Rousimar Palhares. UFC 91 is taking shape and yeah, kind of a big deal that Randy Couture is back in the fold and will face Brock Lesnar. Amir Sadollah makes his return to the octagon at 91 as well.

--Some people just won't sit still...jerks...

--Because you're curious just how hot the chicks are that MMA guys pull...

--Novak Djokovic has denied any Olympic hook ups with Paraguay's finest, Miss Leryn Franco...

--Your Olympic-sized Oprah with the likes of Kobe, Nastia, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, and some Phelps guy is on Monday. Adjust your lives accordingly.

--Seriously Matt Millen you didn't first trade Shaun Rogers and then say: "Mark my words: If Shaun Rogers is healthy, he'll be the NFL defensive player of the year." I mean that would be kinda stupid to admit that you just traded the NFL defensive player of the year for Leigh Bodden and a pick, right?

--Congratulations to The Sun! Our orange bad boy went an entire month without a sunspot for the first time in over 100 years. High-Five Sun!

--Kanye and British Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt?!

--Hard Knocks is over and done with and it was just eh. Waaaay too much Jerry Jones and his son who creeps me out. How 'bout when Pacman got reinstated and that one idiot he was with said, "All that hard work paid off." Exactly what "hard work"? Not getting arrested? Not being accused of ordering a hit on someone? Going a few months without being charged with assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication? Not slamming a woman's head into the floor? Yeah, congratulations on that "hard work" musta been tough to act like a human being.

--I think the early leader for hottest chick to be birthed in prison is Leighton Meester. Apparently her mom was serving federal time for drug running.

--The movie voice guy, Don Lafontaine, passed away. You may have seen him in that Geico spot as well. Collapsed lung got him. Expect trailers to suck until someone who is below the age of 5 starts smoking 4 packs a day beginning now.

--Stupid lawsuits might have to make Watchmen wait to be released to us until 2010.

--There are lame TD celebrations then there's...

--Damn I love that Mercenaries song.

--Really I just wanted an excuse to post a pic of Anna Rawson, but the LPGAer told Men's Health:
"I have penis envy. I could never be with a woman (not even on film), because I'm just fascinated by what men can do with their bodies that we can't." She says this loudly, as if she's often asked about the lesbian subculture that exists in her line of work -- professional golf. Then she leans in conspiratorially, whispering, "This interview will definitely get me in trouble."

--There are probably better things to be known for than your ability to jump off of waterfalls. Ronald Brown has jumped off of his share and so when Looking Glass Falls got in his way he knew what to do. 70 foot water fall? No problem, I'm Ronald F'n Brown! Ronald F'n Brown jumped and 70 feet later hit the water. The water that was only 6 feet deep. Yeah, that didn't end in Ronald continuing to breathe.

--Big shock the new 90210 set a ratings record for CW or The CW or whatever it's called.

--Wait, Anthony Edwards will come back to ER?! I thought Goose already died on that show.

--Since I'm in Vegas I haven't seen it yet, but don't let me down Sons of Anarchy.

--A Kim K. album?! How will we ever survive the anticipation that is sweeping across the globe?

Questions, comments or if you can't believe that Swami crap is on its 30th year...

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