Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It started way back in history. With Adrock, M.C.A., and me - Mike D.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Kathy Griffin turned down Dancing with the Stars as have I. Lance Bass is on and may have a male dance partner?!

--Jim Brown is suing EA for putting him on the All-Browns team on Madden even though it's just a #32 who happens to be black and muscular. Basically his argument is that Sony and EA are using his likeness without permission and infringing upon his trademark. Back when he played contracts did not have provisions allowing for such usage like contracts do now and blah, blah, blah Madden comes out next Tuesday!!

--Wait, wait, wait, let me see if I can wrap my tiny little brain around this...John Edwards' mistress with whom he had a love child is now living in Eric Montross' house while Montross is the go-between for the $15,000 a month hush money payments to the mistress and $8,500 a month payments to Edwards' former campaign manager who is claiming to be the father of said love child? Yes, if reliable sources like The Enquirer are to be believed. That's amazing. Almost as amazing that Montross made $19 freakin' million during his "NBA career".

--Hazel Mae gonna be a part of MLB Network?!

--I don't know which is more incredibly unbelievable. That there wasn't an expired tag that Texas cops said there was in order to pull over Snoop's bus or that two of Snoop's were popped for possession of ganga.

--Justin Timberlake may host the Oscars?!

--If you're keeping track of who's gonna be on Life on Mars add Lisa Bonet (Angelheart anyone?), Gretchen Mol, and Harvey Keitel.

--Your Florida Dumbass of the Week comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida. There Reginald Peterson got himself a sammy at Subway. They supposedly messed it up. So as they're fixing it Reginald starts yelling at them and becoming a general a-hole. Then he decides to show those bastard sandwich makers by calling 911. So Reginald leaves to call the cops and the Jareds lock the door. Reginald then places ANOTHER call to 911 to complain about how slow the cops are in responding. So the cops finally get there and tell Reginald the proper uses of 911 and Reginald clearly believes sandwich mistakes should be among them. He was wrong and was arrested.

--The always reliable Sun says Jessica Simpson does dance routines via webcam for Tony. Please let Hard Knocks get to the bottom of this.

--I hope Peter and Nathan are ready for their dad, the excellent Robert Forster, to join Heroes next season.

--Last month a list of the highest paid TV actors came out. If you answered Steve Carell or anyone from The Office? You're wrong, just not in my mind. Charlie Sheen pulls down $825,000 per episode for Two and a Half Men that comes out to roughly $20 million per season. And when you put on that the price he's getting paid for making those still stupid MJ Hanes spots, well, Charlie Sheen can afford to have a nasty battle with his Denise Richards. I don't think she's getting paid nearly a million bucks per episode of It's Complicated. William Peterson is next at $600,000 per CSI. Mariska Hargitay is the highest paid actress at just over $425,000 per episode of whatever Law and Order she's on. Of course, ain't no one got a thing on Oprah who scrapes by with $385 million a year. Good luck living on just $385,000,000.

--Okay, so the two people who should not have beaten out Lisa for a show on Food Network on getting them. Big Daddy's House has already started, which means it's two shows from ending. The other guy finalist, Adam Gertler, is getting a show called Will Work for Food debuting late next month.

--Steven Keaton/Michael Gross is joining The Young and the Restless?! Big Pussy on General Hospital?!

--That was one of the best Mad Men ever. Just insane. Damn Joan, I thought you and I coulda been something and then...

--Since Mad Men and Breaking Bad have been outstanding and finally getting more and more run AMC is next gonna try a political thriller series that, considering recent past history, is going to be awesome.

--Writing of fantastic shows that you may have missed...FX is going with a Damages marathon beginning this Saturday morning. Damages was just barely behind Mad Men for me in Best New Shows last year. Great stuff and how could it not be with Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Rose Byrne and other recognizable, solid actors. Season Two looks promising what with William Hurt, Timothy Olyphant and Marcia Gay Harden joining the cast. Strong.

Questions, comments or if you went to four f'n gas stations Monday night before finding one that had some not because you were hurricane prepping, but because you were, you know, actually out of gas...

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