Thursday, July 31, 2008

If It's Gonna Be That Kind of Party I'm Gonna Stick My (ummm) Whistle in the Mashed Potatoes!!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--How'd that taste Pachuca!

--CBS is bringing back The Streets of San Francisco?!

--I was at Las Vegas' McCarran Airport last Friday, but dammit if I didn't see Jerry Lewis getting busted for having a firearm in his carry-on and here I was sweating the hand sanitizer I had in mine.

--Tim Donaghy's gambling problem started when he was playing $500 a hole in golf?! Yeah, you might have a gambling problem if you're playing for $500 a hole.

--Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong we hardly knew ye. Like I've said before is the most hilarious daily stop I make each day and this is what he had to say about these two:
"Hard to believe the passion burned out, what with all those bike races and such. Those drive women wild. The sidelines are packed with hot chicks, and you’ll often hear, "if that guy rides his bike up this hill, I’m fu**** him. I'm not kidding, he makes it to the top, I’m fu**** him right here and now."

----Aaron McCargo Jr. is your Next Food Network Star...who you will never see because his show will be on very early once every other weekend. Oh and Lisa was robbed.

--Freddie Prinze Jr. is going to start working for the WWE?!

--Aussie Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice broke up with her swimmer boyfriend. Just trying to give you reasons to watch the Olympics.

--It seemed like it was kinda taking a long time before someone dressed as The Joker started getting arrested giving us what I'm sure will be the Dumbass Joker of the Week. The wait is over. Spencer Taylor, 20, donned Joker makeup including a purple suit and green wig and headed to the cinema. Once there he thought he would be very inconspicuous and try to steal Dark Knight movie posters and other memorabilia. Yeah, he was arrested and didn't even get to perform the pencil trick. came out with a list of the 25 Greatest Game Shows and I have five minutes to write about them works out. At #25 we get Love Connection and if we're considering that a game show that has got to be higher. C'mon who doesn't still bust out the "two and two" Love Connection gang sign every once in a while? # 24 is Name That Tune and then we get Double Dare being robbed at # 23. Also being robbed of a rightful position in the top 10 is Press Your Luck at 22. Ridiculous. I still scream "No Whammies....and....stop" for no apparent reason other than I was dropped as a baby.

Something called Queen for a Day was 21. Number 20 is The Mole and now I can see we're about to hit the blurred lines of game show and reality television. What's next? Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Awesome maybe this list is in reverse order. Never seen Cash Cab, which is next. The Dating Game at 17. Really, Remote Control deserves top 10 honors and it's 16. Pyramid at 15 is strong. Donnie Osmond hosted it several years back?! When Kimmel was on it, Ben Stein's Money was gold. Stein at 14. The Newlywed Game at 13. Family Feud went downhill with each succeeding host after Richard Dawson. Good luck with that curse Al Roker. On the outside looking into the Top 10 is Let's Make A Deal at 11. At #10 I liked me some Password. Never liked Hollywood Squares (except when Alf was a square) and it's 9. Deal or No Deal is 8 and I will never understood those who watch more than one episode. Wheel of Fortune at 7 and just because it gave us The Pat Sajak Hour it's fine by me. Who Wants to be a Millionaire next with Match Game at 5. I've never had the desire to watch Survivor which is 4th. Same for # 3 Amazing Race. Jeopardy is my personal # 1, but # 2 is hard to argue when I'd imagine most everyone's # 1 is Price is Right. Love my Plinko.

--I have no idea if I get Style Network. Judging by my closet I assume I don't, but it's going to come out with a Soup-type show called The Dish. Who cares, except that Topanga/Danielle Fishel is hosting.

--If you're old school and want to watch Jacqueline Kennedy's entire White House Tour, here ya go.

--Debris from Shia's crash is on eBay?!

--Our Sex Tape (be it rumor or not) of the Week comes to us from Bill Belichick.

--I've been to Atlantic City. If you've ever been then you know I'm not bragging. At the Borgata the other day a guy from Brooklyn was on a gambling bender going for 17 hours straight until he was told to get the F out. Why? Because he stank. I've never been to the Borgata, but believe me "stink" isn't enough to get you ejected from a Boardwalk casino.

--I hate when lazy newspeople or sportscasters toss "gate" at the end of something and I heard an ESPNer drop the first "Favre-gate" I've heard yet. Awesome. Not as awesome as Dave and Emily Kinsaul who named their twins, and I kid you not, Brett and Favre. No, their third one is not going to be named Interception or Retire the F Already!. Parents, when naming twins please consult Nuno who has the coolest names for his new little ones.

--In New York a guy won $5 million in the lottery, but for whatever reason wanted to continue his job as a doorman. Of course the guy was fired with the reason being he wasn't showing up to work each of his scheduled shifts.

Questions, comments or if you watch CNN's American Morning to see what songs they bump back...

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