Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yay!! Something Other Than The Texans

This is going to be one crazy ass Rockets season. Honestly you can see this bunch losing again in the first round, finally getting over that first round jinx only to lose in the 2nd, or the conference finals or they just might win the whole damn thing! The early schedule is brutal and there's on the road more often than at home this first month so i don't expect them to come out of the gates like the good ol' days. It's going to be a learning process with this offense and that's going to be painfully evident at times like it was on Tuesday. In that horrific 1st quarter they had one fewer turnover than made field goals. That's not good, but being down only 7 after playing like that was good. I've always been a Rafer guy and he had a great preseason, but dude, your thing is taking care of the ball and you didn't do that well enough. Don't make me bring in Steve, really, don't make me. Yao's 25 and 12 was nice, but I want to see more of him posting up especially if the likes of Andrew Bynum is on him. Tracy was Tracy and Shane was why the the f' is he shootin...holy sh** he made it! He made it! The way this team played Tuesday doesn't instill a lot of confidence for Thursday's game against the Jazz, but you never can tell, not with these guys.

--I wrote the above before the Jazz game, clearly what I meant to write was the Rockets are going to be your 2007-2008 NBA Champions.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--C’mon Heroes, you’re really dropping the ball this year. Note to Bennett/HRG: if you want to start shooting people let’s begin with copycat girl and move on to whoever thought it would be a good idea to drag out this cheerleading drama.
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--When the hell does Bee Movie come out so NBC will stop running these awful bits with Seinfeld?

--Ving Rhames as Sonny Liston in biopic, Phantom Punch?! Perfect casting and not just because both are black although that is a good start.

--Family Guy is gonna do an Empire Strikes Back episode?! Seriously, the chicken as Boba Fett?! Out-standing!
--Two more episodes for Larry to get Cheryl back. I don’t know about you, but when the Blacks started talking about moving out I thought we were gonna lose Leon for good and I died a little on the inside. He has to forever remain on the show.

--A live-action Akira?! Holy sh** how in the hell are they gonna pull that off?

--There’s a Marissa Miller fathead?! best thing we'll see from the Kings this year.

--Seriously Lance Armstrong, Ashley Olsen?! Really?!
This obviously the Olsen on Weeds, not on Lance.

----Shirt of the week comes to us from Silas whose shirt read:
I’m not a gardener,
I just like hos.

--Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson?!

--Dog The Bounty Hunter went Larry David with respect to a certain word starting with 'N' except Dog wasn't recounting what someone else said on the phone. Yeah, he's in trouble.

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