Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And When I Say Stupid I Mean Stupid Fresh

Happy Days

I don’t really need to write anything about that pathetic display on Sunday. You saw it and there’s no need to go through it. Let me say this though to David Carr, when you’re handing out apologies to your teammates, coaching staff, and Mr. McNair don’t forget about the freakin’ fans here in Houston many (I know it’s hard to believe) of whom have had your back despite you giving them nothing to smile about for 4 and a half years.
Hope I wasn't supposed to hang onto that.

--Not a lot of sports stuff today because I’m, well, I’m lazy. We’ll get some Rockets stuff working on Friday, but for now let’s just get to the rest of the crap.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--My first trip to Vegas is in the books and you know how the saying goes so I’ll leave it at that. Although I will tell you Jager and I are officially breaking up. We tried like hell to work out our differences, but in the end it’s better for both of us this way.
I could sit out there all day.

--The new preview for season six of 24 is out. Enjoy…

--I know you probably don’t care, but that was one great game between the Dynamo and Chivas USA on Sunday. Apparently Chivas is a bunch of thugs and one of their thugs got a red card. Houston scored its first goal on a penalty kick and then the second and series clinching goal in stoppage time. A nice little mini-brawl afterwards and Houston moves on to the conference final. Unfortunately it won’t have the chance to beat down Dallas in that one.

--Andre Agassi has good taste. Agassi asked Paula Deen if his charity could action off a personal cooking lesson with her. Of course, that was fine by the woman whose recipes begin with a stick of butter and end with a stick of butter. The lesson went for $210,000. Wow.
Paula's Lady and Sons in Savannah.

--Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe no more?!

--Note to celebrities: Never throw anything away or at least invest in a freakin’ shredder so you don’t face what Marcia Cross is facing right now. Apparently Bree/Kimberly tossed about 200 personal pictures including, of course, some nude outdoor shower pics in the garbage, very much to the garbage man’s delight. He’s now offering them up for sell through some Phoenix-based agent who says, "She looks absolutely gorgeous. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains." The classy agent also said that he has her tax returns, but because he’s a gentleman he won’t discuss how much she makes. She can have the pictures back…if…the price is right.

--Evidently a bidding war is breaking out over Sacha Baron Cohen’s next movie project since it looks like Borat is going to knock it out of the freakin’ park. The next movie will be Bruno’s.

--You’re never going to believe this, but two Kevin Federline shows had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I know, who would have thought? In his defense the shows were to be in that remote uninhabited outpost on the edge of the earth known as New York.

--A list of the safest and most dangerous cities in our great country was released using crime rates reported to the FBI. Nawlunz did not send any reports so it isn’t number one. The top spot for the most dangerous city honor goes to St. Louis. Detroit, Flint, and Compton close behind. Next up in places you don’t want to live is Birmingham, then Cleveland, Oakland and Youngstown. Dallas is 23 spots more dangerous than Houston, which is wedged between Columbus and Tacoma in the high 40’s. Round Rock is the 13th safest place to live. The safest is Brick, New Jersey, which may or may not be made up.

--Record low World Series ratings?! Shocking.

--Halloween is here and I know I’ve graded out candies in the past. Nice and sweet this time. Best- Spree. Worst- Chick-o-Stick.
Oh boy!!! Bite-size.

--A semi-amusing mash of Reservoir Dogs and A Clockwork Orange…

--That painting of Stephen Colbert that hangs above the fireplace on his set went for $50,605 on eBay. It was up for sale to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the show. The entire $50,605 went to Save the Children. Thankfully Colbert and Barry Manilow have signed a peace treaty. That could’ve ended ugly.

--iBreath?! Who doesn’t need an iPod accessory that acts as both a breathalyzer and an FM transmitter.

--You probably need to know the odds for the remaining stars on Dancing…Whoa is at 9/1 as is the flexible High School Musical girl. Emmitt is at 7/4 while Mario is the favorite at 5/6. I’ll take Emmitt.

--In a nice marketing move the Brewers’ racing sausages (even the chorizo?) will be visiting Milwaukee neighborhoods handing out free tickets for next season.

--Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace?!

--Simon Cowell is releasing his own fragrance?! (sounds like a fart joke doesn’t it?)

--In case my goddaughter is learning how to read by checking out the ‘Tribes…click here to make your own Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. By the way, IGN.com came out with a list of the top 10 Treehouse of Horror segments ever and absolutely nailed # 1 with The Shinning.

Questions, comments or if an airline has ever lost your luggage on both ways on your trip…

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