Thursday, September 21, 2006

An M.C. to a Degree That You Can't Get In College

Now or Never…or Until Week 8

The Redskins blow. The Texans suck. That’s right it’s the classic Blow vs. Suck battle to determine once and for all which it’s worse to be labeled as. Washington has dropped 10 straight games against AFC opponents so that’s nice. It’s also nice that Washington has a grand total of one touchdown. The Redskins are also converting just 22% of their third downs. That’s better than only Carolina and Oakland. Of course, Houston is allowing a league-worst 68% of 3rd downs to be converted so something’s gotta give. It’s not going to be pretty, but it better be a win. Of course, Redskins fan is thinking the same thing. Texans and Redskins fans can agree on one thing though…the Cowboys both blow and suck.

--Mario’s teammate at N.C. State, Manny Lawson, has two sacks and nine tackles for the Niners. Of course, the Texans would’ve looked silly taking Lawson # 1.

--Michael Vick leads the league with 10 rushes of 10+ yards. Warrick Dunn is 2nd with 9. Oh yeah and Vick has outrushed 34% of NFL teams.

--Remember when Roy Williams wasn’t just another loudmouthed idiot wide receiver?

--These things should be separated, but Chris Brown needs 113 rushing yards to pass Allen Pinkett for 9th on the Titans franchise list.

--The Cardinals have the Rams at home on Sunday. It’s been 19 years since Arizona has started 2-0 at home. That’s just sad.

--Jamal Lewis has more touchdowns than any Raven in club history. Todd Heap needs one more TD to break the tie at 2nd with?? Derrick Alexander? Michael Jackson? Shannon Sharpe? No Heap is currently tied with none other than Jermaine Lewis.

--I put a link to this awhile back, but it never hurts to revisit Bo who is lucky Mario Williams wasn’t around back then.

--I think one of the many reasons Herm Edwards has been so successful is the confidence he displays in his players. For example, his comments on going from Trent Green to Damon Huard at quarterback, "It's kind of like when you get a flat. And you get that little tire they give you now - they don't give you a real tire anymore. And your driving your car with that. And you're thinking 'If can get another day before I get this other one fixed, right? (laughs) And then that one blows out on you and you go 'Oh boy, I'm in trouble'. You can't go very long. And your car kind of sits sideways a little bit. You don't want to ride around in a car like that."

The Season Keeps Going…and Going…and Going

Apparently the Astros are still playing. The only time I pay attention is when the man, the myth, the Rocket is on the mound. I can’t believe he’s going to pitch on Sunday on three days rest. That’s right Cardinals, you about to get no-hit (for 6 innings). Then the always reliable bullpen is going to shut you down completing the four-game sweep. Then the Astros will be just 3.5 and you will be scared and probably lose the rest of your games and Houston will win the division. Am I high? If I’m asking myself I guess I know the answer.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--How great was that version of Kriss Kross’ “Jump” on Dancing with the Stars? Is it just me or does Mario Lopez sound and have the exact same mannerisms as Oscar De La Hoya? It’s freaky.

--If you like your westerns in the style of Peckinpah and Leone then The Proposition is for you. If you like Guy Pearce and Ray Winstone then The Proposition is for you. If you like flies then The Proposition is for you.

--No, really Courtney Love has been called in to help Whitney Houston get cleaned up.

--Aaron Carter is engaged to Kari Ann Peniche. Nice choice, much better than Hilary or firecrotch Lindsey. And congratulations to Lindsey for making it six days now since she’s been photographed without knickers.

--In the easiest decision HBO has ever made it gave Entourage another season. The final eight new episodes of this season come early next year. New rule: new year = new season. I mean its going to be off the air for five or six months and they’re calling that the same season? Not just Entourage, but The Shield and Sopranos as well.

--A Reservoir Dogs video game coming out next month? Apparently Michael Madsen wanted the Mr. Pink role, but that, of course, went to Steve Buscemi thankfully. Madsen is Mr. Blonde. The razor that he used to ginsu Marvin’s ear was also used by Uma in Kill Bill. Reservoir Dogs is a top five for me that will never get knocked off.

--Best thing Russell Crowe has ever done.

--There’s going to be an Old School Dos?!

--Jay-Z had a party at the 40/40 club for 40/40 club member Alfonso Soriano?

--Blender interviewed Borat the other day. Among the highlights…
Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
It is a nice temperatures. I am very comfy. It is great honor to be in a room with a chairs and windows made from glass.
Paris Hilton: hot or not?
Who is this Paris Hilton, can you show me picture? [Borat is shown a photo of Paris Hilton.] No, I not familiar with this boy.
Hot sexual position?
The doggie. The man stand behind and the dog stand in front. It is naughty, but I like. Why not!?

--I’m sure you’ve been counting the minutes until Saturday Night Live returns. I’m not big on him, but for you Dane Cook lovers out there he’s hosting. More importantly The Killers are performing. If you didn’t know axed from SNL were Finesse Mitchell, Chris Parnell, and three years too late Horatio Sanz.

--Forty years ago this week Jimmy Hendrix was on a flight to London and decided Jimi looks better than Jimmy.

--Fifteen years ago this week "I Adore Mi Amor" hit # 1.

--Nothing to do here except reprint the headline from the Northwest Florida Daily News: Polygraph test to decide winner of fishing tournament.

--Jon, Stephen and Steve

--Concord High School is putting Baby in a corner. The school is going to cancel all remaining dances unless students stop “grinding.” Let’s hear from a senior girl, “We were raised to dance like that.” Okay.

--I had checked out by then, but Jennifer Love Hewitt on Kids Incorporated with Fergie and some big-nosed girl in the background.

Questions, comments, or if you got a new video iPod and don’t know how you lived without one…

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