Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rico Suave

I'm tired/lazy from filling in for Jeremy on the morning flashes so nothing new until Friday. But I do have my bio that I had to create for my last boxing trip. So uhh, you got that going for you.....

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is...

--Born and raised in Houston from Dobie High School, home of the best “Burrito Friday” in Texas public schools to the University of Houston, which has this running gag with Danny where they send requests for alumni donations and he then rolls on the floor in laughter.

--Interned at Sports Radio 610 while it was starting to form its identity as Houston’s best sports talk station and so impressed management with how he answered the phones and typed at the same time (it’s a gift) that they hired him soon afterwards.

--Since being hired at 610 Danny has done it all from promotions to producing to engineering to reporting to blogging to show hosting to simply being a shoulder to cry on.

--For the past three years Danny has entertained Sports Radio 610’s audience with Sports Saturday and also on the aptly named SportsRadio610.com web site with “Danny V’s Diatribes.” The Diatribes (dannysdiatribe.blogspot.com) include quick sports takes and also random thoughts on pop culture and among other things the vending machine at the station (beef jerky?). Danny’s online audience includes Teri Hatcher’s oversensitive lawyers who threatened a lawsuit.

--Danny has covered all of the great events the city of Houston has hosted lately including the Super Bowl, World Series and the NBA All-Star Game. He has also appeared on NBA tv to discuss the Rockets, The Maury Povich Show, Dateline, and The Morton Downey Jr. Show to discuss, well, things other than the Rockets.

--Danny does not believe in MySpace.com or that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but does believe in the power of red wine,
The History Channel, good extra virgin olive oil, Lucha Libre, Molto Mario, both versions of The Office, outlet stores, the value of a dollar (radio makes you appreciate that), Ali G, Reggie Bush, Mexican beer,
that a fried egg makes everything better, the sweet science, U2, Shipley’s over Krispy Kreme, the smell of napalm in the morning,

parmesan reggiano is the undisputed king of cheeses, Tabasco on everything,
strong starting pitching, athletes trying to rap, Jessica Alba’s acting skills, sarcasm, opening presents on Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve, Pink Floyd laser light shows, Stephen Colbert, and obviously run-on sentences.

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