Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Armed insurrection, popular election. Get paid every year like tax collection.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--It's baseball.  Not sure what you expected from a complete joke of a voting process?  
I've watched and enjoyed more classic games in the past two years than I've watched current games.  

--Raylan – “You ever hear the saying: You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole; you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole?”
Missed you Justified and my what a rare and gratuitous flashback to reintroduce yourself. Solid premiere with Raylan taking up a bounty that, of course, has complications. And we get our angles all set up with Raylan vs. Arlo and Boyd vs. Snake Dude from The Pacific. And damn Arlo! Here I thought you’d made a friend and then you go and slice him. It should be fun to see Raylan play more detective this season. I have a feeling it’s always going to be fun to see Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob. 
Good debut for the newbies as Boyd’s MP friend gives him some much needed muscle who takes care of people when asked though Boyd may need to be a little more specific with him.
Macadamia – “The most overrated of the nuts.”
Now if you’ll excuse I need to pack my “go bag.”

--I never got around to watching the first two seasons of Downton Abbey, but I’ve been to Heathrow before and once ordered fries as “chips” so I figured I could just jump right in this season. Not bad, but I have a feeling that may be because Shirley Maclaine so ably represented the US and A.

--When I couldn’t sleep last night I just thought of Oprah interviewing Lance Armstrong.

--Right now I think Royce White has a better chance of being in the Rockets rotation this season than I do of seeing the Rockets on my TV.

--The Soup introduced me to Killer Karaoke and now I must watch. Watching does require fast-forwarding through every non-Karaoke part.  This ended ups #12 on The Soup's Clips of the Year show.  This is one of the more tame stunts on the show.

--What? You never saw Goodwill Hunting? No. If you have here’s your oral history. Although why you’d read anything from Boston this week is beyond me.

--The best part about Facebook has to be the arrests that come from postings like:
“Drivin drunk…classic ;) but to whoever’s vehicle I hit I am sorry :P.”
Dumbass. Fortunately a couple of Jacob Fox-Brown’s friends or whatever sent his message to the cops who arrested him; just not for DWI which is a shame.

--Nothing says Rodeo Houston like Pitbull.

--A gym that requires its members to be at least 50 pounds overweight? Great idea.  No, seriously.  Did that come out sarcastic?  I can't help it, but no, great idea.

--Carmelo vs. KG? C’moooooon double KO.

--Breast? Leg? Brain? Kidney? What’s the difference, right KFC?

--Nothing compares to the panic of a lost iPhone. I left mine at a Rockets game once, but it had no dating profile app like Nadal Nirenberg’s did. Nadal left his in a cab in Brooklyn. Then he noticed that someone was using his dating profile so Nadal set up a fake female profile and the trap was set. Nadal set up a date at his apartment building and the Lothario showed up with a bottle of wine and the iPhone, which he did not leave with. Awesome.

--If you have the time and you’ll need some time there’s a fascinating and disgusting 1984 Rolling Stone piece by Richard Ben Cramer on Jerry Lee Lewis and the death of his fifth wife. I’d seen Richard Ben Cramer’s name on Twitter a lot after his death and after reading this I’ve got to go look at more of his work. Terrific writing. Tragic story.

--A college professor has posted blogs that the Newtown shootings may have been staged and employed crisis actors?!?!  A Florida Atlantic University professor. Oh. Well carry on.

--I was so-so about checking out The Following later this month until I found Natalie Zea was in it. Now it’s on my Top 10 List of Favorite Shows.
She and Raylan are going to have the most beautiful and stubborn baby in the history of mankind.

--The Mavericks signed Mike James?!

--If there’s ever cross promotion I don’t need to maintain my health it’s TV shows and alcohol. It’s bad enough I drink whiskey every time someone on Justified or Mad Men does, but now there’s going to be Game of Thrones beers and a Sunny beer called Dayman Coffee IPA. There isn’t one part of Dayman Coffee IPA I don’t absolutely love.

--Just when I think I’m not going to watch the next season of Awkward they bring in Anthony Michael Hall.

--Of course a Domino's in Japan has a U.S. equivalent $66 Kobe beef, potato, onion and deluxe steak sauce pizza.

--Linda on Bob’s Burgers - "Just shave up to the knee. Only strippers shave above the knee...the good ones anyway."

--I haven’t been enamored with Happy Endings this season, but liked this line from Max, “I guess no one will ever love me. Now I know how webisodes feel.”
I caught a little of 24 on a marathon of AUD whatever that is. It’s amazing how much smarter Elisha Cuthbert’s airhead character is on Happy Endings than on the show where she eventually worked at CTU.

--From Colbert’s open the other night - "My guest, Chris Kluwe, is an NFL punter and gay-rights advocate. Wow, that's pretty brave for an NFL player to admit he's a punter."

Questions, comments or if you’re scared you contracted lucky playoff shingles and maybe just to be sure you need them to last through Sunday…

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  1. I'll never forgive Boyd's MP friend for putting a stop to Al Pacino's Ferrari joyride in Scent of a Woman.


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