Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I thought watching the premiere of Spartacus I’d come up with some dog name ideas. Little did I know it wouldn’t be Spartacus or Gannicus, but Crassus as the favorite. Spartacus has a worthy foe indeed.
Gladiator – “You command me to kill you?”
Crassus – “I command you to try.”
Bloody damn fine start with the obligatory beheading in the first five minutes signaling the beginning of the season. I really liked the direction of this episode and transitions as we essentially got the Spartacus and Crassus tale of the tape. It is going to be f’n on! Like double-beheading type of on!
There just isn’t a more fun watch on television than Spartacus.

--Justified had to take a breath at some point and this week was it. Raylan’s girl and MMA boyfriend was a yawner to me, but it did provide some quality Rachel/Raylan time which was nice. I’m liking Ray-chel.
I’m going with Ellie May/Ellen May/Ella May being kidnapped by preacher’s sister.

--Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a fight? According to sources connected with Chris Brown it was Frank Ocean’s fault? Welp, guess there’s nothing to do here. Chris Brown is a victim again. Poor guy.

--I knew ever since I sat next to Ashley Judd at a Grand Prix of Houston press conference back in 2005 that she’d leave Dario Franchitti. You just don’t exchange pleasantries like we did without a sense of a real future being involved. I do find it odd she hasn’t contacted me yet though. Must be waiting for the press to calm down.

--I always get Jason and Jeremy London confused. Not anymore though. Jeremy was the one in Mallrats and 7th Heaven. Jason is the one who crapped in the back of a police cruiser after getting his ass kicked.
Woulda bet money it would have been the dude on the left.

--Yeah, maybe you’re just inviting trouble if you’re going to wear a shirt that has the words “prepare to die” on an airplane. But if those words are preceded by, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father.” Well that should take care of that. So yeah the Australian flight this guy got on with that shirt made him take it off which begs the question. How did we not export The Princess Bride to Australia?  Were we mad at them for the whole Yahoo Serious thing?

--Archer as Bob was great, but holy hell Gene as Bob was fantastic.
“At least you know your shoulders will never go bald.”
Lynn’s reactions to her “Muppet Baby Bob” were the best.
Grandpa Muenster Burger (10% senior discount).

--Well damn Downton. What’d Sybil ever do to you?

--Girls needed to change coke to ecstasy and then, well do something other than that with Marnie. Not the bad friend stuff, but the Booth Jonathan crap.
Why in the hell couldn’t the ex-junkie Laird kiss Hannah and then tell her she was going to get Jamm’d? Interesting character for that show. Hope we see him again.

--Christoph Waltz on SNL in February? Interesting.

--Demetrious Johnson Mighty Mouse >>>> Damon Stoudamire Mighty Mouse.  

I don't know what's what in his weight class.  All I know is Anthony Pettis needs a title shot.

--Yeah, I love eating in Vegas and all, but maybe not so much eating while dangling by a crane 180 feet up in the air.

--Under the headline “January Jones on Mad Men’s Sixth Season.”
“I’m in it more.”
Uh oh.

--There is crap for television on Mondays right now so I gave The Following a look. It was eh. Terrible dialogue. There is Natalie Zea, but really just terrible dialogue and a lot of suspension of belief.
     I don't know whether to laugh or be scared of those Poe masks.

--Real Husbands of Hollywood made me like Robin Thicke. Not that I disliked him. I just had no opinion of him. But damn, he and Kevin Hart are gold. Mix in JB Smoove and what looks like a cast of thousands and I’m watching BET for the first time since Video Soul. I can’t remember if it was Hart or Duane Martin when they were all hating each other, but someone told JB, “You’re the unintimidating black friend that the white lead’s girlfriends don’t wanna f***.” Show is stupid funny.

--Oh so now you don’t want flame retardants in your Gatorade?! Well excuse me your majesty. PepsiCo is taking the brominated vegetable oil out of your Gatorade because we're a bunch of wittle babies.

--Iran shot a monkey into space. Whoop-de-doo. Iran unveils a finger amputating machine for use on thieves. Okay, now you have my attention.

--The next batch of 30 for 30’s comes in March. Do we really need one on the ’82-’83 North Carolina State title team? What that one does have going for it is the same director as the Chris Herren and Marcus Dupree ones. No coincidence it’s airing the night the brackets are released. No coincidence two nights before the NFL draft a 30 for 30 on the ’83 draft class. Like the sound of that one.

--Remember the days of fire drills/free time in schools? So nice to stretch your legs and catch up with friends. Ah, the good ol’ days. Now schools are running shooting drills in case of gunmen attacks and at least one school is going the extra mile by having someone fire blanks in the hallways during the drills. That, my friends, is where we are.

--Showtime renewed its trio of current Sunday night shows. Don’t the people in Californication want Californication to end?

--I love you Killers, but $70 a ticket is asking a lot. A LOT. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll fork it over, but I won’t be happy…well until Eric Roberts jumps on the stage for Miss Atomic Bomb.

--The Office hasn’t been bad this year as I’ve somewhat paid attention, but I have zero interest in watching Roseanne Barr on it.

Questions, comments or if you’re a New Jack Ruzzler…

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