Monday, August 22, 2011

Phone is Ringing, Oh My God.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Walt – “A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who knocks.” Heisenberg laying the smacketh down.
Skyler - “Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.” Even the Sklyer haters have to give her a little credit for playing the hard ass “bitch mom” role for the good of the family. I mean, it is true. Walt opening his drunk mouth two weeks ago at Hank’s was stupid and buying a flashy car for Walt Jr. wasn’t too bright either. Always talking about being a professional, just go to work and do your job Walt. Stop being a delusional drama addict who constantly has to prove how important and hardcore he is. Marsellus Wallace would say that’s just pride f'n with you. Don’t let pride take you down.
You think we’ll see Jesse make one of those drug runs guarding the blue buckets of Pollos Hermanos? Jesse has always needed a father figure and as square peg-round hole as it seems Mike is filling the role nicely. Love the way Gus is manipulating Jesse and Walt’s relationship. Although his job is made infinitely easier by Walt’s actions.
Just a fantastic episode from beginning to end.
By now I’m sure you’re aware that after this season we’ll have 16 more episodes of Breaking Bad and that’ll be that. Perfect. Storylines like this can’t go on forever without becoming weak and/or stale.

--I liked the back-to-back Wilfred blasts we got last week. The first one we got a little like mother like son complete with mom’s humanized cat, Mittens. Wilfred – “Mittens? Seriously? Yeah, keep walking Mittens.” Wilfred also helped Ryan understand bonding, “I had a similar situation with my penis and a vacuum hose. I had to cut the tube just to break free…” We needed to understand a little more about how Ryan got to be Ryan and this helped.
Wilfred vs. the neighborhood warlock disguised as a kid was awesome. The tag at the end with Wilfred failing to mimic the fake throw was the biggest laugh I had all week.
Bonus: Eric Stoltz, Mary Steenburgen and Rhea Perlman.

--I would say something about the Anthony Bourdain vs. Paula Deen/Rachael Ray beef, but it’s everything we heard from Bourdain several months ago and what he’ll repeat several months from now.

--If Words With Friends Got Specific. Hilarious.

--Oh how I missed thee Leon. Leon dropping knowledge left and right, “Bats and balls run the f'n world. Gloves can’t catch gloves.” And I hope this week on Top Chef: Just Desserts we see @sugar_fairy make a croissant filled with champagne that we can simply call "The Leon."
The only other thing that worked for me was seeing David Canary as the performance enhancing dealer. His Adam and Stuart Chandler is a first ballot soap opera hall of famer.

--Apparently things are not going well for a couple of oldies, but goodies from the wrestling world. New Jack and Terri Runnels had something going on for over a year, but it ended with I presume a 187 from New Jack off of a balcony. Apparently Terri took offense to New Jack running smack on Facebook and he’s also got some nude photos he says he should be able to share with the class. Craziest part of the story is New Jack occasionally does stand-up. I had no idea. Also how is New Jack even still alive?

Happier times. Ms. Runnels with quite the spectrum between Goldust and New Jack

--After some furious reading over the past few months I’m finally caught up on "The Song of Ice & Fire." Now I wait for book six. And wait. And wait. And wait. I don’t know how you people waited for six years between books 4 and 5. "A Dance with Dragons" was good and I liked it more than "A Feast for Crows," but it was no "Storm of Swords." It’s just amazing how vast of a world George R.R. Martin has created.

--Look what you’ve done now America. A live tour of The Real Housewives. Hope you’re happy.

--Chynna Phillips and Tiffani Thiessen on Dancing With the Stars?! It’s like all my early to mid 90’s dreams come true. Kristin Cavallari also in and I assume will be the one with the obligatory “celebrity” that has more than a dancing relationship with her partner.

--I’ll give credit where credit is due. Just when you think Weeds could not make you care less about Shane’s storylines they come up with his this season.
Silas vs. rival pretty boy/girl pot dealers – more of this.

--Thanks to Falling Skies I know that hitting a flying target with an RPG with zero training is A LOT easier than you might think it is. Aliens best think twice before coming down to this motherf’n planet.

--This R2-D2 Planetarium is outstanding.

Death Star included. Alderaan probably not.

--Disgusting Headline of Last Week: “So Many Flies at Burger King, Inspectors Wouldn’t Open Mouths.”
In happier Burger King-related news, the creepy BK King is dead.

--Always a big fan of the Camdens so I’m happy to see Stephen Collins get a role on The Office as Nard-dog’s dad.

--For the same reasons I waited to watch Waiting for Superman I kept putting off watching The Tillman Story. I knew it would just piss me off. Mission accomplished and that was only five minutes into it. By the time you work your way through the Jessica Lynch spin and the embarrassing display from the military brass in front of the timid House Oversight Committee you're . The truth. That’s all that was needed. The simple truth. And it would have been cool if you stuck with Army regulations and told the family as soon as you found out it was fratricide instead of waiting an additional 35 days. It wouldn’t have made Pat Tillman’s death any less meaningful. It would have given more of an ugly face to the war, but we’re big boys and girls. We know war isn’t pretty. So if you’re in the mood to get angry then I highly recommend The Tillman Story.

--Yeah, I think I’ll pass on the True Blood cookbook despite how tempting “Tara’s Bewitching Banana Souffle” sounds.

--Ridley Scott is going to take another run at Blade Runner?! Interesting. Equally as interesting is the prospect of Tony Scott at the helm for a remake of The Wild Bunch. It’s been far too long since I’ve revisited either of those.

--On the other side of the spectrum we have War Games being redone. There can be only one Joshua.

--I’ve barely followed the last few seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, but once it’s on FX and showing the preliminary fights live every Friday, well I’ll be back. I’m interested to see how UFC gets Fox-ified. Will that cartoon gopher Digger have a matcam? Dancing robot? Joe Buck? Okay, I’m sorry. It’s not cool to even joke like that.

--Former lingerie league football players are popping up everywhere. NASCAR has Maryeve Dufault who was also a former Price is Right model.

And Mikayla Wingle is from the upcoming season of Survivor.

Greatest #10 in LFL history? Debatable.

--Domino’s Artisan Pizza? Umm…am I supposed to be impressed each box is autographed?

--I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The new Thundercats is awesome.

--Awesome twitpic from New Orleans with Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo/Conan) and Michael Raymond James from Terriers.

--This sounds like some Final Destination stuff. A couple of NYC construction workers were doing their thing at the Staten Island hotel. The elevator they were using to haul construction supplies started going haywire perhaps because of the thunderstorm outside. If you are reading this in the state of Texas you may have to google “thunderstorm.” Eventually they got the elevator to go to the basement which unfortunately for them was filling up with water. Once the elevator hit the water it started to sink. Uh oh. The door wouldn’t open, water was rising, but they managed to call 911 except they weren’t sure of the exact address and then the, presumably AT&T, cell signal was lost. Sonuva! A couple of firefighters responded to the call and fortunately heard these guys screaming while they were standing on carts in neck-high water inside the elevator. Yeah, that wouldn’t be a good way to go.

Questions, comments or if your fantasy drafts centered around Ryan Williams in the late rounds…


  1. Nelson9:19 PM

    I agree on Thundercats but Panthro voice can't be ignored. He don't sound like a smoothed out pimp and that makes me a sad panda. Just started reading book one of fire and ice it's addicting. Firefly by time I am done it will be only a year or two for new book

  2. True on Panthro.
    Once you start Song of Ice and Fire it's hard to put down because you have to know how all the fates of all these characters or there are certain characters you want to see suffer horrible deaths.

  3. I just started A Storm of Swords yesterday. With as slow as I read, I'll probably finish Dance with Dragons the day before the next book comes out.

  4. I wish I could have been that slow because I need to know stuff now!

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    "It would have given more of an ugly face to the war, but we’re big boys and girls. We know war isn’t pretty."

    I think you're missing the point of war propaganda.....

  6. The Door Knockers just became the best fantasy football team name, right?

  7. That's a good one. I'm pretty sure I'm going with something Game of Thrones related.

  8. Anonymous2:23 PM

    @sugar_fairy did great! Top 2 in both challenges.

  9. Yeah she did. Posting a full recap on shortly


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