Monday, June 06, 2011

Sipping coffee playing keno in the casino. Want a lucky number? ask Mike Dino.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’m not sure what’s left to say about Game of Thrones except oh how I heart thee. I’ve been tearing through the book and before Sunday’s episode I actually read ahead a little bit for the first time and couldn’t wait for the Arya/Syrio scene and damn the show nailed it perfectly. A fantastic scene and I can’t imagine or rather refuse to accept that’ll be the last time we see Syrio. However the scene after that with Arya killing the stable boy was terrible and not just because it was vastly more effective in the book. This time it was just edited so oddly and lacked any punch like it should have.

So what Thrones is saying is do not f*** with Khal Drogo? Okay, got it. I mean at least Syrio had a wooden sword, Drogo had nothing. Damn fine action. There are only two episodes left so I’m thinking we won’t get much in the way of Dothraki vs. The Seven Kingdoms this season.
Some good scenes for Robb Stark as he gathers what banners he can to head to King’s Landing. I assume he told the spy false information to try and gain an element of surprise, but I don’t know. The Starks haven’t been the best at thinking things through. Either way I’m not going to shed a tear if the Vale of Arryn falls because then hopefully I’ll never have to see Robin tear at his mother’s blouse complaining he’s hungry.
I hope King Joffrey cuts himself on one of the swords that make up his throne.
Let’s see, am I forgetting anything…oh yeah, zombies at The Wall. Awesome sauce.

--The Killing came up with its most interesting episode of the season as it had microscopic advancement on the Rosie Larsen murder and instead dealt with Linden and Holder’s relationship as they searched for Jack. We finally got to know the characters away from the sometimes borderline ridiculous Larsen investigation, the Larsens themselves and the political front. It was needed, but it was needed earlier in the season. I mean we have just two episodes left and now is when they want to give us character depth on the leads? Umm, how about, oh I don’t know, some suspects?! Seems strange, but like I said an effective episode especially if we’re going to follow those same detectives for a second season.

I do wish they would lay off the overdramatic music occasionally. Is there really a need for it to crash through our speakers when Linden agrees to get back in Holder’s car?
And I’m pretty sure in Seattle people order burgers with no meat without getting attitude.

--I don’t know how many more Roger Federer/Rafael Nadal Grand Slam finals we’re going to get, but they are all must-see TV.

--Out of all the numbers to come out of the NBA Finals thus far this one is the most shocking to me. Through three games LeBron has a grand total of just 10 free-throw attempts.
I know finding Rosie Larsen’s killer is first and foremost, but at some point can we look into the strange disappearance of Peja Stojakovic between the Western Conference playoffs and the NBA Finals?

--OMG, OMG, OMG there is still hope for true love as now maybe A-Rod and Cameron HAVEN’T broken up! Stay tuned.
In a related note, how terrible does Bad Teacher look? In a related note to the related note I watched the first 20 minutes of Knight and Day and that’s on me and the lack of anything remotely interesting on Sunday afternoon.

--I’m about halfway through season one of Six Feet Under and really liking it. I’ve even stopped calling Dexter, David, I mean David, Dexter. The last couple of episodes had brief appearances by Dean Norris who plays Hank on Breaking Bad and was a cop once again here. Also Robert Foxworth who will always be Chase Gioberti from Falcon Crest to me. I had no idea he was a Lamar Redskin or that he voices Ratchet in the Transformer movies. More you know!

--I don’t see a lot of movies in theaters since they were usurped years ago by the most annoying teenagers in the world, but I’ll be making an exception for Super 8. I guess it’s too much to ask for Kyle Chandler’s character to bust out a “Clear Eyes…”?

--Interesting how the studio is rolling out that Tribe Called Quest documentary I’ve mentioned several times before. They’re doing it kind of like a concert tour with it coming out first in New York and LA on July 15th. Houston gets its show come July 29 at Edwards Greenway.

--Did not expect the Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer to make me want to hit a theater for it this summer, but it did.

--I’ll be writing longer reviews of Food Network Star for because frankly FN Star deserves as much attention as possible for all of its greatness. Greatness like:
“If Alton Brown and Ina Garten had a love child it would be me.”
“Not being cocky. I have a God given talent to cook.”
"I can't turn off the sex. What am I going to do?"
And we even got a pink chicken breast before the first commercial break!
Clearly this show is taking it to another level this season beyond axing the “Next” out of the show’s title. Smart money is going on Orchid and Whitney.

--Inside The Actors Studio will feature the Modern Family cast this week.

--Click here to get sick to your stomach at Guy Fieri’s yellow car collection.

--MTV still does Movie Awards. Cute.

--Obviously stealing wheelchairs should be a one-way ticket to hell, but stealing a dog’s wheelchair?! I mean WTF are you gonna do with a doggie wheelchair?
In other sad dog news the East Haven Police Department in Connecticut fired its only police dog due to budget concerns. You can call that dog next to you in the East Haven unemployment line Paro.

--You had me at HBO and World War I. You lost me at “love triangle.”

--I love a moonwalk/bouncy house as much as the next overgrown kid, but I’m not sure I’d like it if it went airborne.

--I like the oddity of this particular stat. Yankee pitcher David Robertson has struck out eight straight batters when the bases have been loaded.

--There’s domination and then there’s what Spain did to the U.S. over the weekend. Sad part is it could have been worse. Although if you’re a fan of seeing Tim Howard yell at his teammates this was the game for you. I don't know if Tim Howard is the Frank Martin of soccer or Frank Martin is the Tim Howard of college basketball.

--The most insane photos you'll look at all day courtesy of a Chilean volcano.

--I have never seen a UFC crowd less enthusiastic or maybe it’s just straight indifference about an Ultimate Fighter winner than when Tony Ferguson knocked Ramsey Nijem out.
Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping for seeing as how Pettis apparently has zero takedown defense. He did try every submission in the book seeing as he had three rounds to attempt them all.
Glad to see Ed Herman pick up a win after being out for so long.

Questions, comments or if your family had a “Wet Banana” instead of a “Slip ‘n’ Slide”…


  1. Game of Thrones has already moved up the charts as one of my all time favorites and its only season 1. I'll put it right below The Wire at #2, As for the Killing Eehh. I do not see any Real Champion potential in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Sergio Martinez will annihilate his ass. Zab Judah vs Kahn? Really? Mayweather turning down $65 mill is him pretty much flat out saying he is scared like the little Biaaa he is. I am still in Aww, How in the F*&% do you turn down $65,000,000.00??

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM


    Game of Thrones is turning out to be really good. I was a little skeptical at first just like I was with Boardwalk Empire.. but both have delivered.
    Memo to the Texans... if Khal Drago is draft eligible for defense I would say get him! That last episode when he decided to go to war was epic. I don't know of a more fiery passion filled.. spit flying speech ever. Hell I was ready to suit up and kick some ass after that rant. Oh and by the way...that is what a fatality should look like...hard way to lose a tongue...OUCH!
    While I agree with your assesment of the Killing..I am just trying to figure out where they could have had that chracter development come into play?? I mean we got bits and pieces of it with her wedding issues and Jack's typical coming of age problems.... and with the Indian Casino owners stalling... suppose they had some time to kill??...Not sure of the reasoning...but can see how might have unfolded that way. That lack of suspects is kind of telling...the police and we the viewer are stumped as to who the killer is. Last time they had a viable suspect...well we see where he ended up. It's kind of refreshing that for a murder mystery on tv... knowing who the killer is still a mystery.....

  3. I'm obviously loving every second of Thrones. I can't believe we have just two more episodes left.
    I've never been a big Chavez Jr. fan. He's just never impressed and he's been so ultra-protected until recently.Sergio Martinez would crush him Khol Drogo style.
    Floyd is Floyd.

  4. I had been seeing critics float the actor who plays Khal Drogo for some supporting awards and I was wondering how with as little as he's done acting wise, but he had delivered a lot lately. Guy knows how to make a kill and deliver a speech.
    I understand your point about where to fit this episode in, but I still think they could've done it earlier. Maybe they could've waited on giving us another red herring and plugged this in instead. We don't know who the killer is in part because these policemen run one crappy investigation. It just better not be someone we just get introduced to in these final two episodes


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