Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've got the D double O, D double O style. Here we go again because it's been awhile.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’m still not sure how Tosh was able to get half of that conversation with Chicago Al in the show. "Some guys act like they're eating oatmeal or something. That's not the right way." Insane stuff that made up for one of the weaker "Web Redemptions" lately. I remember watching that cheerleader fall live on channel 2 that morning. Scary. There is such a thing as too early to cheer.

--Jon Benjamin Has a Van is soon to be one of those shows Tosh names before going to commercial break. It just wasn’t all that funny though it did make me want to watch Bob's Burgers, which I did. Maybe if it was animated…
I did think the “You Can’t Shoot Here” is a keeper.

--Schweddy Balls ice cream? Nah, I’m good.

--I never watched, but if you’re keeping score at home it’s now two of the three Soul Daddy restaurants that have closed down barely a month after opening. These are the healthy soul food restaurants that won America’s Next Great Restaurant. Whoops.

--The same week his character literally gets axed Sean Bean has to defend the honor of his Playboy model companion suffering a gash in the process? Of course being Sean Bean once the scrap was over he refused medical attention, went back inside and ordered another drink.
I saw a headline on that read, “HBO defends Game of Thrones’ shocker.” Ummm, that should be pretty easy since, you know, Ned getting axed happened in the f’n book. What sense would it have made to stray that far from an insanely huge plot point? with an interview with the lovely Emilia Clarke.
Game of Thrones’ theme gets the 8-bit treatment. A f’n jam.

--Pretty sure the only book I’ll physically own a copy of this year and not just have on iBooks will be Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America.
RIP Lil Sebastian

--It got a little dusty in the room when Voltron formed for the first time on Voltron Force.

Ol’ boy still gots it.

--Our Florida Story of the Week comes to us from St. Petersburg. ‘Twas there that Christine King was going to take her 12 and 5-year-old children and their 11-year-old friend to The Pier. First though Momma had to drink some no-no juice. While at The Pier Christine decided she wasn’t quite drunk enough to drive kids around so she drank some more. Once satisfied they all piled in the car. The sober kids had a problem with the drunkard in the car so Christine gave one of them a smack and they all ran out. Fortunately a couple of gentleman stepped between the mom and the kids. Christine did the only thing she could do. Yep, pulled up her shirt and asked if they wanted to have sex. For some reason they declined and the police arrived. Christine knew her options were limited so she did what we would all do at that point. Yep, kick an officer and then pull down her pants and inquire about a search.

--It’s Always Sunny’s Rob McElhenney gained 50 pounds for this season?!

--AV Club takes a little tour of Dillon aka my heart.

--Love this new Dexter promo because a serial killing werewolf is pretty much unstoppable.

--Alan Sepinwall of is doing some rewind recaps on Deadwood and points out that Ian McShane was actually David Milch’s third choice to play Swearengen. Ed O’Neill was first and thank God that didn’t happen. I just can’t even remotely see him in that role. Milch also wanted Powers Boothe, but he got sick before the pilot so in stepped Ian McShane. Worked out beautifully because Booth and McShane were made for Cy Tolliver and Al Swearengen respectively.

--Nice try with Arianny Celeste, but you’re still Bud Light Lime.

--An interview from the LA Times with the actress who plays Rosie Larsen. She claims she gets recognized, but how much screen time has she actually had? 8 minutes? 10? Hopefully there’s more of her in season two….

--Six Feet Under’d
Nate – “Stop being such a drama queen.”
Dave – “Stop acting like your honorary mayor of West Hollywood all of a sudden.”

--Tim Redding signed a minor league deal with the Phillies which puts him on track to return to the Astros within two years. At the very least I’d expect him to sign a one-day contract to retire as an Astro.

--Jaromir Jagr interested in returning to the NHL?!

Questions, comments or if you think the clock is slow...


  1. I've been watching Deadwood again, 5 eps left, and it's full of holy shit that's the guy who plays _______ moments. The latest is Stan Larson as the guy running for sheriff against Bullock.

  2. I bet there are a lot of those in Deadwood. Can't wait to rewatch some of that.


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