Saturday, May 14, 2011

I seen him get stabbed I watched the blood spill out. He had more cuts than my man Chuck Chillout.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Part two of Community’s season finale wasn’t as entertaining as part one, but it was a nice send off to a show that knows no boundaries. The Human Beings had their work cut out for them what with City College being “an unstoppable jugglenaut – juggernaut.” Jeff was reluctantly forced to lead this rag tag group and Troy made sure Jeff was on his toes.
Troy – “Jeff, every second counts. For Greendale on 2. 1!”

Jeff – “Squad B. Commencing operation: Actual Operation.”

I liked Abed’s Han Solo turn and I would’ve screwed up that kiss with Annie multiple times for more takes, but then I’m not a professional.

Britta to Jeff after he was painted – “See ya at Denny’s?”
Jeff – “Denny’s is for winners.”
Line of the Week goes to Troy after Magnitude sacrificed his paintball life for the good of Greendale. Magnitude attempts his last words as Troy starts going Troy hysterics with – “Pop?! Pop what, Magnitude?! Pop what?!?!?”
An enlightening interview from with creator Dan Harmon about this season and more importantly about Annie running.

--Well maybe Parks has finally figured out what to do with Ann. And maybe Parks should include more Snake Juice in the future as well because we need to see Ron dance more and Ben drunkenly say “Baba Booey.”
Ron as only Ron can say – “I want this night to get krazy. Get me a shot of Snake Juice. I hear it has a dope aftertaste.”
Andy and April are the most hilarious couple on television, but Leslie and Ben are the most sugary sweet. I’m glad those two crazy kids finally kissed.
Leslie – “The raccoon problem is under control. They have their part of the town and we have ours.”
Aubrey Plaza role playing, speaking Spanish or singing with Mouse Rat are all very, very good things.
You really can’t appreciate Ultimate Battle Smoothie until you’ve seen it in HD.
Greatest non-Alison Brie or Sofia Vergara GIF ever…

--Let’s go over what I liked about Modern Family this week. Phil Dunphy. That was easy.

--I read the first 88 pages of Game of Thrones (as much as downloading the sample provides) and damn I really want to read the books, but 1000 page books are a commitment greater than marriage.

--Chuck is gonna be back? As I’ve said before I like Chuck, but it really would be appropriate for it to end at Chuck and Sarah’s wedding. It would be even better if NBC would tell Chuck that it has 13 episodes left and that’s it. No more, no less. NBC has left that show up in the air on far too many occasions.

--I’m very happy to see Parenthood renewed. I watched the first season sporadically and it was okay. I semi-regularly watched the second season and it was pretty good. I’ll regularly watch the third season.

--I was just wondering the other day what Craigers was up to and apparently he’s signed a development deal with ABC for a show he’s going to write, produce and star in. Guess that whole talk show on Fox thing didn’t work out for him. I think the world is a better place with Craig Kilborn on television although it’s been so long I’m not completely sure.

--Obviously I watch a lot of food television and barely edging out Molto Mario for my favorite Food Network show of all-time is Good Eats. Alton Brown became my go-to for most cooking processes and useful tips. Yeah, sometimes his recipes go to too much trouble and you think it can’t be worth it, but it usually is.

--I was checking out the new G.I. Joe Renegades cartoon because I wanted to see how hot Baroness was (answer: not as much as she used to be). The more things change the more they stay the same. A good 30 years now of battling Cobra Commander and still not one person has ever died in this epic war. Just once I’d like to see an explosion with nobody parachuting to safety or a bullet/tracer or whatever the hell they shoot actually hit someone in the body and not their gun. I don’t need to see blood or a Spartacus-like beheading. I just need to know there are real stakes between the Joes and Cobras and this isn’t some sort of silly kids show.

--Make it 10 straight games for Joey Votto at Minute Maid in which he’s had at least one extra base hit. That’s nice, but it’s not like the Reds won all three games against the Astros. Clearly this will be the highlight of the homestand.

--Mark Rypien has a daughter playing QB in the Lingerie League?!

--I’ve already mentioned how I’m going to catch up on Six Feet Under during the upcoming dead period. Now I can add Sports Night to that list as a co-worker informed it’s now on Netflix Watch Instantly. I was told a million times to, but never did watch a single episode.

--If Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere can’t make it in this crazy world then I don’t know if there’s much hope for the rest of us.

--Chicago Code may be done, but Matt Lauria (forever Luke from FNL) has found a spot on Burn Notice. Nice.

--Surprise of the Week is that the following sentence from is not, I repeat NOT from Florida.
“Gardner, Kansas – A Johnson County woman is accused of leaving her baby in a car while she tried to enter a bar topless.”

--Go Canucks! Probably need to camp out at Maple Leaf Pub the night before a game to actually get a seat in there. Maybe I’ll even get a @SteveintheKT approved Caesar since this is as much as I’ve liked Canada since the glory days of The Hart Foundation.

Questions, comments or if you know your game ain’t that bad, have you ever made out with a Gap ad?


  1. I could watch Aubrey Plaza speaking spanish all day.

    My sister insists I've been too hard on Modern Family this season. I'll stick with my assessment that they got fat on rewards last year and lost their edge.

    I'm hoping B-Hop gets knocked the bleep out tonight.

  2. Modern Family has just been too predictable this season compared to last year's gold.

    I wish Jean Ralphio was in Jean Pascal's corner.

  3. Well you got your wish. NBC told Chuck that these will be the last 13 episodes. One of my goals this summer will be to catch up on it.

  4. Saw Sports Night on Netflix while browsing the new releases last night... definitely added to my queue.

  5. I loved Sports Night when it was on.

  6. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Nobody even comes close to Alton Brown. In a world of TV personalities simply cooking something while you watch Alton has actual knowledge to impart.

  7. Daniel5:12 PM

    You need to go ahead and read the books. Trust me on this, after the season finale no way are you going to be able to wait a full year for season 2. They are long, but SO worth it.

    Can't agree more on Alton Brown. The best thing about his show is he actually goes in to the how and why when it comes to different cooking methods. It is absolute genius, and I can't understand why no one took this approach before.

  8. I bought the first book and I'm about 200 pages in. Books are great and it makes me appreciate how difficult a task it is to put those books onto screen.


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