Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With my nose I knows and with my scopes I scope. What I live I write and that is strictly rope.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Just please, please no Mike Brown or Mike Woodson for that matter. I mean I’d rather have Clyde Dr…well maybe I'm just overreacting.

--Pretty opening credits. Some type of scary ass, mysterious enemy. Beheading. Nudity. Beheading. Nudity. Winter is coming. Incest. Nudity. Game of Thrones is off to a good start.
Nice little cheat sheet for the characters.

Only thing creepier would have been if she whispered, "It's. On. Me."

--The Borgias put its best foot forward last Sunday. Then again a good eye stabbing always seems to pick a show up. I think it also helps that we’re four episodes in now so you’re not thinking “okay, who is this character and his motivations?” nearly as much. We also had the Pope and Cardinal Rovere clearly laying out their plans which helped spell out the endgames for each. We simple-minded folk like having things spelled out for us. Well things except rape-y scenes. That was an uncomfortable ending.

--An understatement to say it doesn’t seem like much fun to be a female in Borgias or Game of Thrones.

--Hot in Cleveland spin-off with Cedric the Entertainer. I couldn’t think of a less funny sentence if I tried and even asked Dane Cook to help me out.

--It’s not like we didn’t know The Killing was going to toss out a lot of red herrings, but it was kind of a letdown to see how quickly those punk ass kids were let off the hook.
Always nice to see Alan Dale although any character he ever plays should be known as Charles Widmore.

--I’m going to assume the rest of this article doesn’t go on to rip Angel Sanchez, but you can't tell from the below blurb that appeared on the front of Chron.com’s sports page. Oh and Angel Sanchez plays shortstop for the Astros. Yes, baseball season started.
“Angel Sanchez wasn't the Astros' first choice at shortstop. He wasn’t anybody's first choice as a major league shortstop last season, either.”

--Chron.com Headline of the Week I saw on Tuesday: “Statistics show moms killing their children a problem.”
Hmmm, interesting. Wouldn’t have thought killing children would be considered a problem, but apparently I was mistaken.

--Link of the Week is to Cracked and its list of 8 Move Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI. Though its #8 probably would have been my #1.

--Dog The Bounty Hunter bailing Nicolas Cage out of jail was the least surprising news of the weekend. This GQ editor just happened to be at Stella! when Cage was just getting warmed up. Funny read.

--How only now am I coming across these outtakes from Abed and Troy at the Halloween party?

--Congratulations Shane Battier. On both accounts.

--I haven’t watched a lot of Iron Chef America lately, but looking at the names who will appear on season four sounds good. Michael Chiarello, Alex Guarna-the woman judge on Chopped, Marcus Samuelsson and Spike from Top Chef. Of course the new season doesn’t start until October so why we’re finding out the names now is beyond me.

--Nice stat that combined with the Spurs and Lakers losing sums up the first weekend of the NBA playoffs. Last postseason there were 11 games in which a team trailed by double-digits only to come back to win. This weekend alone it happened five times.

--My proudest moment of the weekend had to be when I wanted to click to the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Versus and immediately remembered what channel it was. Teemu Selanne still plays for the Mighty Ducks?!

--Best part of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is that you always have something to turn to when TNT goes to its Franklin & Bash and Falling Skies breaks.

--A restaurant that only serves Thanksgiving dinner 365 days a year? Awesome.

--Okay AMC you’ve been pretty much bulletproof as far as I’m concerned so do you really have to start making reality shows?

--Evangeline Lilly dated Dominic Monghan for about six years until around the time Charlie was killed off on Lost. Charlie’s loss was a Lost’s production assistant’s gain. Evangeline is expecting, and judging from the last picture I’ve seen of her, any moment now.

Sorry Charlie.

--I finished up Joshua Foer’s "Moonwalking With Einstein" over the weekend. Very interesting read on the declining role of memory in history. I’m intrigued enough to try to find the time to build some memory palaces and set up a system to attempt to memorize a deck of cards. Not that I will actually find that time. I would like to watch the U.S. or better yet the World Memory Championships so make that happen Versus.

--HBO Go for iPad? Do tell.

--Don’t go away mad Natalie Portman ballet double in Black Swan. Just go away.

--Twin Peaks on Netflix Watch Instantly? I’m down.

--Saturday was a helluva night for boxing that was simply expected to be nothing but one-sided affairs. Have to start with Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz. Ortiz opened the fight as aggressively as he could with zero regard for Berto’s power. Victor knocked him down twice in the 1st although the first knockdown wasn’t ruled so, though I think it was legit. Either way Berto was never the same in a slugfest that rarely slowed down. The 6th round Berto smacked Ortiz to the canvas and didn’t stop throwing haymakers until Ortiz countered with a few hooks to drop Berto with just seconds remaining in what is probably the round of the year thus far. Great stuff for 12 rounds with Victor Ortiz walking out of the ring the new champ.
Amir Khan faced some dude named McCloskey. He won via a stoppage due to the tiniest cut over McCloskey’s eye that wasn’t even bleeding into it. Weak.
Finally Showtime gave us Juan Manuel Lopez who like Berto went into the weekend undefeated and also like Berto did not leave that way. Juanma was doing his thing against Orlando Salido early on, but the Mexican didn’t go away and then started connecting. A lot. Juanma was still landing some nice punches of his own, but they didn’t have the starch behind them like Salido’s did. The referee agreed and stepped in for the defenseless Lopez. Really entertaining night of free boxing and bonus! Gus Johnson on the Showtime call.

Questions, concerns or if you were babysitting and enduring some Elmo’s World when out of the blue Bill Irwin (Hal Brennan from Lights Out) showed up as Mr. Noodle…


  1. First off i still haven't gotten to watch Game of Thrones due to my 4 yr old son always being around so i have to wait until he goes to sleep tonight(A little Nyquil in his juice should help.)As for boxing, this year there has been some good entertaining fights and there is no way Mosley vs Pac-man will live up to the hype, but who knows it is boxing. I will take fights like Berto vs Ortiz any day of the week over MMA, the 6th round was insane, that was crazy the way Ortiz knocked Berto down literally seconds before the end of the round no doubt its the fight of the year. I was rooting for Ortiz because i always pull for the Mexican fighters, but i knew this would be a dangerous fight for Berto simply because he was going up against a young strong good fighter who was hungry for the title shot, i know he had losses vs Maidana and one other but Adrenaline flows different when you have a shot at belts and going up against one of the top fighters.As for Berto who has he really beat that you would consider a good or one of the top fighters? I actually think Collazo beat him but as boxing will do every now and then, they decided to rob him blind. I like what Ortiz brings and am looking forward to his upcoming bouts. Great Blog post by the way and Keep swinging that sword high!

  2. When boxing is at its best like that fight I'll take it over MMA too. I was hoping Ortiz would win for the upset value and because he so frankly questioned whether boxing was for him after the Maidana fight. Much like that dude in Lights Out did after he lost the title fight. Berto has been protected by either his trainers, HBO or a combination. I think that's over though thankfully. Both guys impressed the hell out of me.

  3. Someone else may have the exact name as you, thats why i asked:

    Danny L. Vara
    Director of Safety

    Wyatt Field Service Company

  4. Yeah, I actually met him before at a Texans event. Small world.

  5. That was a fun fight. I didn't catch the Showtime fight though. I'll have to see if they're reshowing it this week.

    That Game of Thrones cheat sheet is going to be handy while writing reviews.

    That advertising reality show may make my wife stroke out.

  6. If I was watching Camelot there's no way I'd be able to keep track of all the names and faces between that, Borgias, and Thrones.


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