Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes, yes, y'all - you don't stop. You keep it on - and shockin' the place.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The most impressive team I saw this weekend was the Rockets whether it was a straight up bitch-slap of the Celtics or simply getting the job done against the Jazz. Kyle Lowry with his first triple-double was just icing on the cake for a guy who has made this team go and given us something to pay attention to these last 11 gamesKevin Martin is about as steady as they come and hit 18 of his 18 free throw attempts. He’s now 2nd all-time in number of games hitting 15 of 15 or more from the line. He’s done it eight times while Oscar Robertson has done it 11.

--I always tend to have Big East teams making deep runs and Big 10 teams out by the Sweet 16. Whoops. Seriously, who trusts their bracket to Scoop Jardine and Brandon Triche? This dumbass that’s who.
I loved having the four channel options over that first weekend, loved the March Madness app on my iPad, hated Charles Barkley and now have nightmares about Lesley Visser (not're welcome).

--In a shocking turn of events NBC showed logic and common sense last week renewing both Community and Parks and Recreation. Way to not f it up NBC. Wasn’t one of my favorite Communities, but it did let Troy speak the truth, “Ugh, girls are so un-desensitized.” Village Voice with a review of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino at SXSW. Can't wait to see him here in May.

--Parks and Rec didn’t wait until the season finale to give us the Harvest Festival and more importantly Li’l Sebastien!

First off it’s important to remember Leslie’s words, “The atrocities are in blue.”
Sepinwall had this little nugget in his review that the Indian was the guy, Jonathan Joss, who voiced John Redcorn on King of the Hill.
Ken Hotate – “There are two things I know about white people: they love Matchbox 20 and they are terrified of curses.”
Lots of great lines in this great episode, but none better than Andy’s reaction to April’s, “I love you.”
Andy – “Dude, shut up! That is awesome sauce.”
Not awesome sauce? Whatever they’re doing with Ann Perkins.

--Adrianne Palicki is...

well, I think it's obvious.

--Informative little read from Wired on a 5-year-old celebrating a birthday this week. Twitter.

--Jon Jones is a bad, bad man and I don’t know who’s going to beat that bad, bad man. It’s certainly not going to be Rashad Evans. For fun Jon Jones fights crime on fight days.
Oh and did Joe Rogan actually refer to Gabriel Gonzaga as a “legend?” with all the tournament teams ranked by their best drunk college food. Highlights include a calzone stuffed with chicken fingers courtesy of UConn. “The Fat Carnie” from Ohio State that includes cheese sticks, buffalo tenders, fries and of course bacon. Of course I’m going to mention ‘BBQ Tofu” from Memphis. “Six-Pound Frittata” from Syracuse? Yes, please. UTSA may not win on the court, but off the court it has a “La Costra Del Guero” which is basically a taco shell made entirely out of white cheese fondue with assorted fillings to complete a bundle of heaven.

I’ll pass on George Mason and its “Roasted Chicken Rectum.” Texas finishes atop this list with “Three Wise Fries,” basically cheese fries topped with various meets including short ribs and twice-cooked pork belly.

--I finally finished the book True Grit and I was shocked to see that it was written in 1968 by Charles Portis. It reads as if it was written late 19th century or early 20th century because that era, 100 years earlier than when written, was brought to life so vividly through the words of Mattie Ross. An incredible character with a sharp tongue who let everyone have it at one point or another. I highly recommend it especially because it’s a short, high-quality read. Like those.
Look forward to finally watching the movie when it comes out on DVD in June.

--Rest easy America, NBC has renewed Last Call with Carson Daly. It will now be at least 11 seasons of Carson Daly. My how time flies when nobody remembers why you got a show in the first place.

--It’s a Coke world and further proof is Diet Coke surpassing that awful tasting Pepsi as the second most popular soda. I don’t drink a lot of sodas, but when I do I prefer Sprite Zero.

--Don’t even joke about cancelling All My Children.

NOOOOOOOO!! Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!

--All seasons of Cheers on Netflix starting April 1st? Don’t mind if I do.

--Interesting stuff from regarding this guy named Tracy McGrady you may have heard of. You’ll never guess, but he says that he doesn’t see how going hard in practice would have made him a better player. The real surprise is that he sees himself playing another five years.

--And then there were three, but more importantly Padma in a bikini! Two more shows to go which means two more opportunities for Richard Blais to have an epic mental breakdown.

--You don’t need Thomas Keller to tell you how to make a helluva grilled cheese. But it doesn’t hurt. Two-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Potato Chips. Pimento Cheese Grilled Cheese.

--How did I not know that Mark Schlereth (like Colin Cowherd - shudder) is getting a pilot based on his life? It’ll be on CBS which is strike two. Rob Riggle as Schlereth? Aw crap, I might have to see if my DVR can record non-sports related programming on CBS. I think I paid extra to block that ability.

Now you know what a million and a half dollar dog looks like.

--First, of course, Jerry Glanville has a twitter account. Second, of course, he’s a head coach again. Hartford Colonials of the UFL will be where Jerry leaves two tickets for Elvis every game.

--Our Florida Dumbass of the Week comes to us from Florida. ‘Twas there that a guy decided that Chevy Equinox had to be his so he jumped in it and drove away while the driver was in the gas station. Smooth…except also in the back of the car were two passengers who were asleep. The whole stolen car thing woke them up though and they weren’t cool about it so the dumbass pulled over and got out of the car while his follow car picked him up. Thanks to Shameless I know to always have a follow car.

--Always have to link to Deadspin when it offers up Dead Wrestler of the Week. I suddenly feel the need to watch some old Rock ‘n’ Wrestling…or maybe not.

Questions, comments or if your Dobie Longhorns won your state academic decathlon bracket for you…

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