Friday, January 07, 2011

Now I chill real ill when I start to chill. When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Modern Family is back, which is nice. Although it wasn’t one of its strongest episodes it did give Luke a chance to flex his water gun muscle which when directed at Sofia Vergara is nice. James Marsden and Jamie Gertz didn’t do anything for me. And the show needs to be wary of this one or two guest stars a week it’s been having. I know it can’t combine the three branches of the family all the time, but those are when the show is at its strongest.

--Only once in Texans history has Andre Johnson NOT led the team in receiving yards. What stud did that year? No, not Jermaine Lewis. We were looking for Corey Bradford in the franchise’s very first season. Franchise has come along from 4-12 to 6-10 hasn’t it?

--Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried?! Nicely done Ryan.

--I gave V another shot because I was starved for something new on television. It was better than its first new run, but not nearly good enough to be anything more than stumbling-drunk-cook-something-unhealthy-while-it’s-on viewing. Although I’m in favor of Laura Vandervoort spending more time in lingerie trying to get impregnated by, Taylor, a character who should have been on more Top 10 Annoying Characters of 2010 lists had anyone actually watched the show.

I love me some Morena Baccarin so she’s flawless and has quite a tail on her. I like Elizabeth Mitchell, but damn no one can save dialogue like this. Por ejemplo when Morris Chestnutt’s character explains the birth of his hybrid daughter to Diana:
“She was born by something you’ll never understand (wait for it…wait for it…) love.”
We did get to see old Diana who is new Diana’s mother, which was nice. I imagine next episode she’ll eat a rat and then maybe we’ll get Marc Singer and then I can reminisce about the good ol’ days that also included Robert Englund and Michael Ironside.

--Jim Carrey hosts SNL this weekend. I remember this one time he made me laugh. The Black Keys as the music guest is nice though.

--Summer Glau? Nice try The Cape, but I’m still not watching.

--Hey NBC you know what would be better than casting Vince Howard and Buddy Garritty Jr. on Parenthood? Yeah, you do f’n know! Putting Friday Night Lights on your network during the Fall!

--Guess who didn't like the way he was represented on 30 for 30. Did you say Reverend Kenneth Fairley from Marcus Dupree's story? Yep, the Rev. He wants ESPN to issue a retraction and blah, blah, blah.
The Two Escobars
was my favorite 30 for 30 so nice to see the Writer’s Guild of America and/or Association nominate Michael and Jeff Zimbalist for Documentary Screenplay.

--Wanna go to zombie school? The Walking Dead season one DVD has you covered.

--Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp? Sure, why not? She should have never messed up the good thing she had going with Dennis Quaid who I once served at Little Pappas on 45-South at Woodridge (Not really. I came in an hour late, but have since optioned that story and I’m sticking to it.) Nice guy, we talked about the challenges of Innerspace.

--Public Service Announcement: Louis CK's Hilarious concert comes on Comedy Central Sunday night. Saw it in Houston, yeah, you need to adjust the DVR accordingly.

--Didn’t you learn anything from Jamie, Casey? If you have inedible food just don’t freakin’ serve it or fake a splinter. I do think those chicken feet might be the single worst dish I’ve ever seen on any season of Top Chef.

--If you prefer your Jaime Pressly in Poison Ivy or My Name is Earl form then no need to click on her DUI arrest photo.

--Seven players have gone for 35 and 15 rebounds this season. Only one has done it twice and that's Kevin Love, of course. Among the other six players who've done it...Luis Scola. Love and Blake Griffin are at 22 straight double-doubles if you're keeping score at home.

--The most amazing thing about the butt-dialing from husband to wife as he listened to hip-hop which she interpreted as a hostage situation at his school so she called 911 and a SWAT team showed up at the school?......That it didn’t take place in Florida.

--It's okay America, TLC has picked up Extreme Couponing as a series. Whew.

--I don’t know why you’d want to watch more video of Bob McWTF talking about his decision-making process in retaining Smithiak, but here ya go anyway.
“Normally we’ve always won more than our share of close games…that I’ve been involved in.” – Umm, have there been Texans games you weren’t involved in? And by my quick calculations of the last four years you’ve lost two more games decided by 7 points or less than you’ve won. Not bad, but not exactly “more” than your share.
“That’s on us.” – F me gently with a chainsaw.
“This year he’s learned a lot. He’s a better coach than he was last year.” – Imagine how good a coach he’ll be if he goes 6-10 next year or man he could really get good by going 3-13.

Questions, comments or if Kata Robata bringing lunch up for Southbound Food made you anticipate your drunken, culinary, blackjack, football adventure in Vegas next week…


  1. This season of Top Chef has been brutal for eliminations. Usually, failures of concept that are otherwise well-prepared can usually survive in the first few weeks, because there's always someone who fails at a basic cooking task. There's none of that this season, and so risk-taking like Dale and Casey have is brutally punished when it comes up short.

  2. Pretty much. It's been an interesting season and I'm glad they went with this concept. It was crazy if not predictable to see all these all-stars in the absolute f'n weeds doing the dim sum challenge. "Caucasian dim sum" is best Top Chef phrase I've heard in a while.

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Dennis Quaid cheated on Meg Ryan for years. So they didn't have a good thing going at all. Not a nice man, but a cheater.

  4. I'm guessing they both cheated. Point is, Innerspace was awesome.


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