Friday, July 23, 2010

All you trekkies and TV addicts. Don't mean to dis. Don't mean to bring static.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Finally a return to quality Sunday night programming. Thanks for nothing True Blood, Entourage and Hung.

--Sure Hakeem had more rings than all the “Joes” put together, but dammit did he really have to lose to T.O., McNabb and Antonio Gates?! Answer: No. But he had Kenny Smith and Rick Fox with him so what else was gonna happen? Kenny killed it in the fast break challenge because the Joes played the same stupid defense each time, but where were you Jet come game time? Rick Fox was pretty much a zero on offense and the Joes played Hack-a-Dream which is what the Pros should have done. Never thought I’d find myself getting nervous and excited about Pros vs. Joes and yet there I was yelling at T.O. as he knocked down shot after shot. Oh well, nice to see Dream again, especially in the one-on-one challenge. Oh and come August 18th Hakeem will be back on the show with Isaiah Rider and Brent Barry. Wait, Isaiah Rider?!

--Roy you’re still due another $7 million this season and $16 million next season do you really need the $14 million team option in 2012 picked up before a deal can go down? If it comes to pass that's why you are an Astro on August 1st then no one ever wants you to hear you complain about the team again.

--For those of you who’ve still yet to see Christopher Nolan’s excellent Following. It’s on Watch Instantly as well as On Demand from Comcast under IFC In Theaters. It’s Nolan’s first and no surprise it’s a good one.

--Weeds trailer is out, so there’s that. The last couple or three seasons have been progressively worse, but maybe this will give it the jump start it has needed for a while now.

--Amanda Palmer + ukulele + Radiohead covers = awesome. Love “Fake Plastic Trees” and “Exit Music (for a film)”

--How has The Situation not burned every copy of this awkward family photo.

--We are really starting to get close to football aren’t we? NCAA Football is out, new Phil Steele is out, Lance and John Harris are putting out their newsletter, the Astros are out of it, the mosquitoes are at their fattest, I’m starting to look at fantasy mock drafts, oh yeah, the time is drawing near.
Writing of, I’m very curious to see where Andre Johnson goes in drafts this year. I took him 8th overall last year over every other WR and this year everyone actually has him ranked #1 over every other receiver. The latest average draft position I’ve seen for him is 6th.
On another note, has anyone dropped further from Week 17 last season to right now than Jamaal Charles? At the end of last year he looked like he belonged in the RB tier right behind Peterson, Johnson, MJD and Rice. Now he’s looking like a mid to late 2nd, 3rd round pick with the additions of Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster to KC.
While I’m scatter shooting fantasy football…Two QBs I will avoid: Philip Rivers and Tom Brady. One QB I have no idea what the hell to expect from: Carson Palmer.

--Jimmy Johnson finally got his spot on Survivor and I actually may have to watch it for the first time ever. Maybe.

--Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough?! And of course she thought he was gay (NTTAWWT).

--Nice little spot for Nick Kroll (The League) on Children’s Hospital. Didn’t find myself laughing at Nick Offerman/Ron Swanson which was disappointing. I would prefer that the doctor with the brain tumor and her roommate do more disrobing and less sneezing into each other’s mouths, but that’s just me.

--Really Starz you’re going to pass on Party Down, but think hard about picking up Flash Forward?! I hate you.

--Until I read a blurb on WWTDD about it I hadn’t realized that the forger on Inception was Tom Hardy who killed it in Bronson. It was hard to recognize him without the Hungarian mustache, murderous eyes and hair trigger temper.

Second Inception viewing this weekend and I’m pretty sure I’ll have the answers to this movie and dreams, in general, by the end of it. Now if I can just convince my fiancée (just figured out that the guy is fiancé and the girl fiancée, thanks dictionary!) to put an image of the spinning top on our Save the Dates this will be a very successful weekend.

--Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down are your 9 o’ clock stops on Sundays come September 26th on HBO.

--Next season Olivia Munn will join the long line of lovely ladies who’ve appeared on Chuck. She’ll be in the premiere which will also have Mr. Dolph Lundgren. Also in for next season are Nicole Richie and Stone Cold Steve Austin who were great in the past.

--A Burn Notice prequel movie centering on Sam/Bruce Campbell?! Oh hell yeah!

--I’m going to continue to pay half-ass attention to Last Comic Standing as long as Jonathan Thymius remains on the show. When that guy makes contact the ball goes a very long way.

--If you want to vote on the My Table Houston Culinary Awards then here ya go.

--Good Wired look at Tron: Legacy at Comic-Con.

Tron Guy always gets the girls...and the plate of cold cuts.

--Always love Jayson Stark’s "Rumblings and Grumblings" and his trivia he throws out on Twitter like who are the two active players with 300 HRs and 200 SBs? I got Alex Rodriguez, but completely forgot about lil ol Alfonso Soriano.

--Honestly I’m surprised it took this long for some blue meth to hit the streets.

--Entrepreneur of the Week comes to us from California. ‘Twas there that Travis Kevie reopened Valencia Club. And by “reopened” I mean he broke into the shuttered bar, bought a 6-pack he then resold and then kept reselling alcohol for four days until the cops came a calling. Not bad going from homeless to barkeep at a historic spot in a matter of hours. In a matter of four days he found himself in jail.

--A couple episodes in and Pushing Daisies is one of the most oddly sweet, creative, pretty to look at shows I’ve ever seen. I can see where it might get tiresome, but as long as Kristin Chenoweth gets to sing at least one song per episode I think I’ll manage.

--The only NBA video games ever to be worth a damn were NBA Jam. Although NBA2K11 with 10 different versions of Jordan sounds pretty cool. All 10 of Jordan’s moments you can recreate are here including The Flu Game and The Shrug.

--Because nothing else was on I gave White Collar and Royal Pains a try this week and that probably won’t happen again. White Collar I can see being good and why people would like it. Maybe it was just an off week, but Royal Pains did nothing for me.

--Because CSI has a hard time getting ratings it’s bringing Justin Beiber on for its premiere.

--Ain’t no sting like a jellyfish sting. I found out the hard way once when I was a dumb kid thinking he saw a piece of plastic on the beach only to find out yeah, that’s a jellyfish and that thing you thought was a string, yeah that’s a tentacle with stingers. I don’t know what the record is among jellyfish for people stung in one outing, but this huge jellyfish in New Hampshire managed to sting 150 people. It was apparently as big as a “trash can cover” and started falling apart as it got closer to shore so everyone got themselves a little jelly. Jellyfish is how I would attempt to take down Sharktopus.

Questions, comments or if you watched Louie four days ago and you still can’t get that damn Louie, Louie, Louie Loui-eeeee, Louie, Louie, Louie, Lou-aaahhhh out of your head

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