Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Expanding the horizons and expanding the parameters. Expanding the rhymes of sucker M.C. amateurs.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Fantastic episode of Breaking Bad this week and probably the best open before the credits the show has ever given us. Two words: Danny Trejo. Two more words: The Cousins. Wow. And the chess match between Skyler and Walt was great stuff with Walt a move ahead each time, well until the end of the episode. I didn’t notice until the next day that the title was “I.F.T.” Title burn! A well-deserved one at that. Hilarious when Walt was left with no choice, but to pee in the kitchen sink. We’ve all been there, am I right? And I’m pretty sure I’ll go this entire week without seeing anything as sad (Astros excluded) as Jesse calling Jane’s voicemail just to hear her voice.

Most effective substitute ever.

--And writing of Danny Trejo…he’s planning a The Blind Side type movie using Paul Millsap and his uncle/sports agent. So yeah, Danny Trejo and Paul Millsap. Pretty predictable if you ask me.

--What a freakin’ game! Thankfully it, at times, made you forget who was calling it. Bo-ring. “Duke is the king of the dance,” yawn. Seriously if CBS offered Gus Johnson and anyone other than Clark Kellogg on PPV for $5 or $10 you wouldn’t pay? I would like to comment on “One Shining Moment” except I heard the “The ball is tipped…” and then I saw Jennifer Hudson. Look CBS it’s bad enough you replaced Luther for really no reason at all, but the tip-off of the national championship is the first image once the vocals begin, no substitutions. Bad end to what was the greatest sporting event of the year. “Was” because we’re probably going to 96 teams and that’s just the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. About as stupid as having your player intentionally miss a free throw with 3.5 seconds left and you’re only up 2.

--May 23rd we get the Lost finale and we’ll also be getting a one-hour special Jimmy Kimmel Live after it. I’m ready for the finality, but I don’t want the show to end. If that makes any sense.

--Congratulations to the team behind Motherhood starring Uma Thurman. Its opening weekend in Britain reeled in a whopping $133. Honestly, how it pulled in that much is beyond me.

Those were some damn fun movies.

--The absolute best example of how to go on strike comes to us from Spain. Air Comet is a Spanish airline that was behind 9 months on its wages paid to its flight attendants. So what do the flight attendants do to try and raise some funds and get some attention? Two beautiful words: nude calendar. Genius.
Note to NFL players: It is not necessary for you to follow the flight attendants’ lead should there not be a season in two years.

--Of course the Rockets followed up the win of the year in Boston by giving up 133 and getting blown out by 31 to the Pacers.

--Talk about a crime deterrent. Texas leads the nation in prison sex abuse.

--One more week left America until you can get your fat fingers on a KFC Double Down. What’s not to love? Bacon and cheese between two pieces of fried chicken acting as the buns. To KFC’s credit they do present two versions in case you don’t want the full 32 grams of fat and 540 calories of the Original Recipe sandwich. The Grilled version is a mere 460 calories and 23 grams of fat, but you will add 50 more milligrams of sodium to get you over 1400mg.

I’m liking this potato skin sandwich from Cer Te…

--Did not expect that I would listen to Rockabye Baby lullabies instead of Muse on my road trip last weekend. But damn, I love those sleep-inducing songs. Now we just need Muse to get the Rockabye Baby treatment.

--Terrific episode of The Pacific this week with a great performance by James Badge Dale/Leckie. Dale is a dead ringer for Mr. Shu on Glee.

--How do you turn a Good Friday into a Great Friday? You sleep in, check your work email and realize you were wrong. You were supposed to work that day despite drinking the previous night like it was a holiday.

--Just when you think Sunday can’t get any better than the Pacific/Breaking Bad doubleheader. This Sunday marks the beginning of...

--I’ve never been much of a Sandra Bullock fan, but I’m loving the way she’s kicking Jesse to the curb. No b.s. rehab or counseling. Just straight up, you did what? Aight, here are the divorce papers. Sign here, here and here and here’s the pre-nup in case you forgot. That’s right you get jack from me. Okay, so uhhh, good luck with that whole Nazi, porn, tattoo thing you got going on…

Shoulda stuck with Keanu.

--Robot Chicken and Lucasfilm are teaming up for a new Star Wars animated series?!

--Thanks for all the years previous to the last one Kris Brown, but Neil Rackers will take it from here.

--I’m not sure where Spirit Airlines operates out of, but I know where they can stick their up to $45 for carry-on baggage fee.

--Bourdain’s best line on No Reservations this week: “I think that it should become sort of a right of passage that if you sleep with a virgin, whoever the most experienced person is should cook an omelette for the other. Wouldn’t that make the world a nicer place?”

--Solid list of the 10 newest or noteworthy restaurants in the area. Best meal I had anywhere last year was at Catalan and I don’t even eat beef or poultry. That’s saying something because I’m not even sure they let you in Catalan unless you eat the foie gras bon bons or pork belly.

Questions, comments or if Austin’s House Pizzeria had you at two kinds of potato pizzas…


  1. My fantasy football team this year will be named "Walt White's Tighty Whities".

    I did enjoy seeing guest star Danny Trejo during the opening credits even though there was little hope of seeing him again.

    I've never seen a second of Lost but I plan on starting it once I finish The Shield. I just finished the first disc of season 4 and watching Shane try to be the big man of the vice squad was a bit uncomfortable.

  2. Hey, thanks for noticing the flight attendant post on my Oddly Enough blog. Please come back often, and bring your friends.

    Bob Basler

  3. Like the name. And yeah it was great to see tortuga albeit brief.
    Let me know if you like Lost. It's probably my favorite show that I wouldn't give a blanket recommendation for. It's just not for everybody.
    Can't say anything about Shield without giving away too much.

  4. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Where is the love for justified? They are hitting it each week not homers but very consistent. Raylan is my favorite character out know save Ben Linus or smoke Locke. Great show to fill Tuesday void after lost ends.

  5. Very consistent doubles after homering in the opener. Unfortunately I missed last night's ep which I heard was pretty damn good. Hopefully I can find it online since I stupidly don't have it on season record.

  6. Uhhhh no love for Spartacus or V???
    What's up with that???

  7. You don't eat beef or poultry? So what do you eat? and if you don't mind me asking why not?

  8. I'm watching Spartacus tonight. I don't think there's a more despicable character on TV right now than Ilythia. Fn bit**
    I'm not going out of my way for V, but I'll check on it periodically. Just didn't this week.

  9. I eat seafood and a lot of Morningstar Farms veggie products. It was just something I wanted to try years ago to lose weight and the girl I was dating was a vegetarian. Pretty easy nowadays with so many veggie options. Wasn't like that back in the day which is why I didn't really lose weight since all I ate was cheese pizza.

  10. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Need some advice from like minded people. Been trying to see Jack White live for years. Now Dead Weather is here same night as PBF vs. Mosley. WTF! If Mosley pulls upset I'll hate myself for missing PBF 1st ass wippin.

  11. I'm embarrassed to admit I've barely listened to Dead Weather. Just never downloaded, butthanks for reminding me.
    Never, ever miss a chance to see Jack White live. Amazing peformer. You'd regret it after watching Floyd win a boring decision. Having said that, Go Sugar!!!


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